Children love going into a three day line to get inside the building of Space Mountain. Once inside in the shade you realize as you look down five stories you are in the FIVE DAY LINE inside the building to actually get on the ride. Now once you fail to expire getting TO THE RIDE you get shoved back in your seats by the auto safety bars and enjoy a straight up ride for say so many stories I lose count. UP UP AND UP. Into total absolute darkness. In fact you are seeing stars like you are in EARTH ORBIT near the top. You hear noise near the top. A rumble like you have never heard. And of course the SCREAMINGS.

Now the children again love this ride. We grandparents – as Glen Beck so well coined the world new English phrase – NOT SO MUCH. Most children and grandparents in robotic lock step raise their hands over their heads near the top. Then some enormous numbers of stories into the air with enormous stories under the ground – you will go OVER THE TOP.

Then you warp drive – in total darkness with enormity of lasers slights and effects streaming by you as you fall more than you have ever fallen on any roller coaster and then spin to your side before you loop de loop and go upside down more than once – at a speed that wakes Walt up in the night. Space Mountain exists are lined with children racing to get back into the 20 day line to DO IT AGAIN. While the planets along that exit hall hold the grandparents who are not puking – as they catch their breadth restore their heart rates and wave their grand kids ever forward noting – we’ll watch this time – as if the could SEE SPACE MOUNTAIN.

So that is the MARKET TODAY. Get the picture.

Put your money into the multi day line of record breaking peaks. Buy high and buy ever higher? I guess that is what your grandpappy told you? Mine said buy LOW and SELL high. He would never ride Space Mountain either. I only went once then stayed with him while my eight siblings damaged their brains forever.

So put your money on the roller coaster of the century. Put yours arms up. I hope you enjoy the ride. I’ll listen for the roar and the screams. Personally I’ll just watch you take the ride of your investment lifetime. Today you invest in SPACE MARKETS. Good Luck. This is Disney land for the damned. The ride leads right to hell. If your investing that is.


I write all the time to protect CEO SPACE leadership at the Board room level from harm. What amazes economists and investment bankers when you find BOTH as that is the higher expertise – is the Alzheimers everyone seems to have as their condition – related to FINANCIAL HISTORY. You can bet on the future and you have no clue what the past repeating means to YOUR MONEY and YOUR INVESTMENT.

Patterns are important because patterns repeat.

SPACE MOUNTAIN has one consistent ride in its thrill a minute – the ride never varies. Your market your investing in is the same. Your on a roller coaster track – your money can not get off – and the ride is going to be exactly like the last ride right into SUPER CRASH ( the big loop de loop when you throw up ) and to the ride end when you think your having a investment stroke or heart attack. All those warnings DO NOT ENTER THIS RIDE IF YOU chew bubble gum, snap your fineries, walk with a limp, or have any of these 1100 conditions. Take this ride at YOUR OWN RISK. Today investors think they are banking when their bank may less safe than the market space. No really. Hold your hands up. Enjoy the ride.

So back to YEILD CURVE and a little financial investment history. Here it is for those who love charts like I love them – as they always repeat pattern if you know how to read the financial tea leaves and you do now KNOW from this unique blog in the world today.

The Yield Curve:

  1. When bond Yields in short term bonds pay MORE than long term bonds – we have an INVERSION.
  2. In 2000 and 2006 we had an INVERSION.
  3. Recessions always follow the inversion.
  4. The YEILD CURVE inversion is an investor stop red light to get off the roller coaster – when the yield curve approaches.
  5. This is important because as the STUPID FAILED POLICY FED ignores their DEFLATION CYCLE they have FAILED TO BREAK – now chills economic growth with a double whammy – raising cost and interest and taking away market liquidity – by ceasing buying crap bonds – and now selling out their 5 trillion dollars of crap investments into the almost paralyzed market space. SO the YEILD CURVE INVERTS in late 2017 – and a great recession will follow that inversion.

You just passed your Alzheimers EXAM and have some SAFE INVESTING like SAFE SEX – is to invest with this blog giving you data and you make better more informed choices than your average broker has at their disposal. Most of the brokers are trained to sell their channel crap down the pipe with STORIES the push down marketing gives them week to week to peak VELOCITY AND TRADING which is how they and their firms get paid. If you lose money your stupid. If you make money they are smart. It is a SPACE MOUNTAIN RIDE and your pushed back into the cart for safety but you can’t get out while you vomit your losses up. Your stupid for getting in the roller coaster car in the first place. No?

Spread the data point. Research the YEILD CURVE on line and read about it from others. You’ll seem them pop up from this blog.

The YIELD CURVE INVERSION is a 100% predictor of that a recession and Super Crash IS coming within a short period after that inversion. The market may go UP like it did within insane ways in 2007 from the late 2006 last INVERSION on YIELD CURVE. It is a 100% indicator. Charts matter. History matters. Tracking what is REALLY GOING ON matters.

We hope this helps you. And those you share with. Care for. Suggest they read this URL and blog. Thanks for any sharing we so appreciate that you all do that step for us.


Is a little OIL RICH country in the South of Saudi and touches Bahrain. 40% of Qatar FOOD comes from its close neighbors -but they can get all that from Israel Jordon and others. Today major neighbors led by SAUDI have acted to cut off QATAR as.a roque state using its oil wealth to foster terrorism camps for ISIS and others in their tiny nation. The Qatar rulers state this is FALSE and impossibly political as they have no such thing going on in their borders. Qatar today stopped its state run airline from flying to Egypt – Saudi and related involved nations. The division of the Arab community over this rising NEW DRAMA in the Middle East is enormous. As OIL is involved. QATAR is certain to now not abide by OPEC cut backs as they turn on their pumps.

Will war break out? IT MIGHT. Can this be solved by diplomacy? It might?

Trump just met with the leadership and must be well informed. What is the real intelligence? Saudi and in region nations have leading intel and they KNOW what is taking place. The border nations being attacked by terror have far more at risk than the USA and they are NOT FOOLING around with the death and mayhem these terror groups bring. Today nations that foster terror patronize terror or sponsor terror are going to isolated in economic ways that evoke the entire world rising up against them – until there is NO PLACE for insanity to vomit their venom remaining. Real Estate for TERROR is shrinking so that the economics of terror dry up. Tearing the CASH from TERROR is what is taking place on numerous battle fronts behind the actual fighting. Terror is no longer able to pay their bills in their failed model – insanity.

The sane are intolerant of fiscal harboring for terror. Qatar need to effect rapid policy change to avoid a war they frankly can not win with their own military neighbors with enormous military might and powers.


The markets went down today. We told you the markets would remain UNSTABLE moving around like a drunken sailor. We anticipate free of third party geo default events and contagion – an upward marketing into 2018. Totally manipulated by software in mega wealth investing. UP and down making profits.

The USA is near recession now. A 1% is as high with ever lie possible they can crank today’s growth and numbers slashed so much from January expectations when President Trump’s team came in.

Congress is the reason. The Congress is focused upon:

  1. Destroying and impeaching Trump.
  2. Dysfunction in party divisions like worse than with Obama.
  3. An inability to pass budgets, fiscal policy, tax policy or medical plan revision policy.

As time passes and Congress recesses to go home for the summer, the legislation required to RESET AMERICA ECONOMICS is not passing.

This creates an inability for industry to invest. For investors to invest. For hedge funds and private equity to invest with safety in their risk taking. No one knows nor can any expert including me – and CEO SPACE lobbies in Washington for small business – WHAT the future will bring. We see no relief. No direction. No break through in legislation. No way forward as to a pattern.

We are residing in one scandal after another one tweet from the next one. We have suggested here can President Trump grow the skill required to be a great DIPLOMATIC leader versus a great corporate leader? That is the unknown to command a different congress environment.

We feel the division of White House thinking – between the ultra radical agenda of some and the more practical agenda of President Trumps own brilliant family – are at odd’s. The winner here will define the future. We suspect. The culture of the White House Team needs some upgrading. Trump himself is GREAT at that one thing and we believe this will sort out but it takes time politically and practically.

The first thought – we will fulfill our mandate to reform the beltway broken system has been fully REJECTED by the system itself. Today agencies like the FBI in our opinion are united to DESTROY TRUMP as pay back for impacting agency independence in firing Director Comey for a relatively unimportant breach of chain of command protocol. Again this is historic. It has taken place before but the Trump team has not learned or considered the history. Can it be repaired? We don’t see how right now? The leaks are coming FROM the FBI and its enormous resources and we don’t see that agency united against Trump doing anything to revise focus now dead bullseye UPON TRUMP himself.

As with Nixon the Boss we feel has a view of the situation that is a reality that is not accurate. He fails to SEE how large this building wave against him truly is. So this dysfunction from decisions of his own making have a cost that are draining any political capital to bankruptcy.

How can AMERICA rebuild and lead as it must and will eventually succeed in this political climate? Anyone have answers?

We see only a bleak move into recession that could be prevented but is not hostage to POLITICS running ECONOMICS always horrible for the people of the entire world. If ECONOMICS would run politics we could all win.

So thats the news as the COSBY TRIAL is buried in the news taking place from the White House to the UK and to the GULF. Today.