In a land far far away, where the streets are paved with gold and all the street lamps are made of pure diamonds, and every personal home  yard was large with swings and all had magic flowers that talked to you, in a land out of all and any time, a place of and into itself alone, the world called AMERICA FIRST.

Yes children there really is a land called AMERICA FIRST which was created in the mind of an aging television former super star the world called President Donald Trump. When he was a little boy like you boys and girls Donald Trump was not the President of the magic land he created inside his own little boy mind, called AMERICA FIRST. No! He was a little boy just like you.

He started life just like every little boy. When gasoline was 25 cents at the pump his daddy lent him over one million dollars to put down on real estate. As time passed Donald Trump grew and grew his real estate empire in a world he called TRUMP FIRST. In the TRUMP FIRST WOLRD Donald got married and then got married again, and had children. He brought up his children reading them fairy tales about his magic world called TRUMP FIRST.

The children grew up to believe in TRUMP FIRST and helped their daddy to run his growing Trump WORLD where everything was magic and every revolved around the principles of TRUMP FIRST. The 11th commandment of THOU SHALL SCREW UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THOU ARE SCREWED UNTO was instructed to every child until they could pass the commandment on to their children from their own actions. Donald Trump was a good builder, a good real estate developer and a great father. His children loved him and they loved the TRUMP FIRST world that there were born into.

After reaching into his 70’s Donald Trump ran for President of the United States to “develop” his minds vision of AMERICA FIRST. Forged on the very principles of TRUMP FIRST. It was a small step for one man but it was an enormous leap for mankind.

So children the Fairy Tale man moved his fairy tale family into the fairy tale White House. Did life go on happily ever after. Well we don’t know of the fairy tale has a happy ending. Just as President Donald Trump was hiring and building a team who all believed in AMERICA FIRST, and President Donald Trumps “vision” of how America could be, a dark series of clouds with thunder lightening and enormous rains slammed into the White House.

This series of Storms was the worst to hit Washington DC in over 100 years. The storms were created by a group of powerful wizards and warlocks and witches, that President Trump called the Congress of the United States of AMERICA and their false Gods’ he called the Supreme Court OF THE United States and their high priests he called THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD.

President Donald Trump took his highest magic and his greatest wizards and knights of the holy round table President Trump called his ADMINISTRATION and the most trusted knights of AMERICA FIRST whom he called HIS CABINET and prepared for WAR with dark rain of the United States Congress and the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve Board.

President Trump ignoring that appointments for FEMA and Homeland security to manage hurricanes, earth quakes and bio terror were not appointed, nor where key nobles in AMERICA FIRST to take the great visions of President Trump to locations like China, Japan, Iraq and critical places that did not yet believe in the magic of President Donald Trump or the vision of AMERICA FIRST the President in war with his rain clouds gathering every higher winds, appointed Fed Board members and new justices to the Supreme Court. The entire family surrounded Donald Trump in the AMERICA FIRST vision and focused on the battles to come in Washington DC.

Was President Trump blinded to the other events taking place inside his fairy tale?

By June the magic kingdom had some rivers of slime ad sludge flowing into the mote around President Trumps magic castle the world called THE White House. This river of sludge included:

  1. Massive lay off’s with over 80,000 laid off in May alone from the retail store business.
  2. Record Mall default on loans with a trend of malls being turned back to the mortgage holder by the billions of dollars.
  3. Five months of falling auto sales with no end in sight.
  4. Manufacturing overall going down first time in 2017 and the drop in production was large.
  5. Shattered Consumer confidence calling like a brick.
  6. Home sales slowing and rising prices in new home sales hitting an absolute brick wall.
  7. Stock prices moving downward as oil prices plunge below 50 dollars ( again ) as unresolved economic deflation runs rampant through the lands of the world, and all the kings men and all the kings horses have failed to put the economy back together again.

Now the Emperor wearing no clothes paraded around the magic castle casting his magic wand up and down and stating AMERICA IS FIRST. He had many meetings with those from the dark cloud of CONGRESS to ask them to believe in his vision of AMERICA FIRST. The entire FIRST FAMILY surrounded each visitor with their AMERICAN FIRST chant which they chanted over and over when every they were asked to speak – AMERICA FIRST – AMERICA FIRST- AMERICA FIRST.

Boys and girls you could here those chants coming from the magic castle of the White House even while the chants from the crowds surrounding the large fence to keep WE THE PEOPLE out of the magic Kingdom chanted – DUMP TRUMP – DUMP TRUMP – DRUMP TRUMP and the more famous chant YOU ARE “NOT” MY PRESIDENT.

To this day the war of the two chants rises into the night of every full moon and no one knows the end of the fairy tale children. No one knows as they are still turning the pages every single day to the GREATEST HOW ON EARTH. The Greatest show on earth used to be the Circus but the circus was shut down in the first six months of the New Presidents residing in the magic castle, after more than 100 years. The new GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH with by far the highest ratings of any show in the world is now AMERICA FIRST staring PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and everyone is watching to see how the fairy tale ends. Because no one knows.

Those saying the emperor has no clothes where circling the wagons of darkness who did not believe in the vision of AMERICA FIRST. The crowd of the dark nights was growing. The dark nights had their own shields and war emblems the world media could film and see live and in color. The leading groups completely surrounding the magic castle of THE White House included the Committee Chairman of the Untied States Senate and House of Representatives, ( the majority of them ) , and the leaders of the knighted novels of THE FBI, THE CIA, THE NSA, THE HOME LAND SECURITY, AND THE United States Department of State. These dark knights used a first flaming weapon they caste far over the walls of the high castle, called LEAKS. These flaming leaks were almost daily and continued even when those the MAGIC CASTLE put those knights creating the leaks into jail. The leaks kept coming in fiery wave after wave over the castle walls.

Now children it is very late the is enough of the story for one single night. It is time for you all to tuck yourselves into bed and dream great dreams about AMERICA FIRST and the magic taking place inside the kingdom. Later we will open these pages and read more to you about the unfolding story of President Donald Trump and his grand vision for AMERICA first and the dark forces rallied against him.

No one knows the ending of this story children not even me.

Berny Dohrmann – Reading bed time stories to my readers today