This weekend the millionaire confidence index dropped 17 points the largest drop since the index was created decades ago. Further 39% of the millionaires and this number is soaring right now – stated they would NOT INVEST IN THE MARKETS OR IN ANYTHING in the coming 30 days or month. Their concern to fear factor is simply also soaring upward. Why?


The Congress dysfunction we told you would stop all Trump agenda’s cold – and kill off the HOPE AND PROMISE RALLY – where the policy failure of congress will crippled any recovery for America. Politics are leading economics. Until economics lead policy you are unlikely to have the Super Wealth invest. Untold billions in circulation are now drying up from the summer markets. Use caution folks.

The Super Wealth are not financially illiterate and they can read and appreciate the message in the financial tea leaves ..which state:

  1. The expansion is the worst expansion by math and numbers in any recovery EVER.
  2. The expansion is the longest expansion by next summer in recorded history – there has never been a longer expansion.
  3. The wealth markets are at record high’s against record debt exceeding in all categories 2008 – with soaring defaults in student loans and commercial real estate and car loans rising to 100’s of billions of dollars no one is talking bout.
  4. Retail is caving in with record mall closures and banks having no clue what to do with 100s of failed malls they are about to own as the Private Equity owners turn over the keys and walk away from the pain letting the banks own a plunging asset class.
  5. A Super Crash is likely historically any time moving forward and millionaires are into protecting wealth selling high and waiting to buy low. Greed works in today’s system.

The fools in the fools software rally will experience a future ( who can say when ) total  collapse of ETF liquidity and pricing and utter collapse of the ETF market space. The ETF market is the next SUB PRIME and you heard this first starting in 2016 as this blog is always right and always so far ahead in the core economics. Lets just see if we are right again.

So the big boys and girls are going on a vacation cashing out at the high’s and moving into hold – and watching all of you take the blood bath while they are on big boats in the med.

They use the roman phrase for you foolish investors –

You who are about to die ( financially ) we salute you……