Long time readers know I repeatedly report the United States Congress should pay ZERO for printing national currency, versus paying its largest bill, the INTEREST on the NATIONAL DEBT to the FED. Why?

The FED is a private contract arranged by Contract with the FIRST NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. The FED was set up to regulate the bank and speculations. The FED “IS” the banks and speculation. So lets look at these fact sets and I hope you will pass this blog around to new folks who would enjoy subscribing and making a favorite they return to often:

  1. The FED “IS” a private stock firm owned since 1900 by the banks and no one knows WHO OWN’s FED Stock as that is part of the DEAL – privacy even from Congress.
  2. The FED has the appearance of political accountability but that is fraud. No one can hold the Fed accountable and no one can fire the FED CHAIRMAN but the Fed shareholders ( the banks ). Press never has reported a FED share holder meeting not EVER not once. Why is that do you think?
  3. The Fed created the housing bubble by allowing credit such that a school teacher could borrow to own ten homes at enormous leverage, say 90% with 10% down. The Fed allowed those bad mortgages BAD or HOT PAPER to be pooled such that banks sold the bad stuff into huge pools, than super pools than super duper pools until the market over leverage created a global financial CRASH.
  4. The Fed has fueled the market RECOVERY with FREE MONEY that their member banks can borrow for zero and lend to all of us at huge profits. In the end that creates a fools rally. Rather than invest in roads highways and damns ( Public works ) to fuel economics – the FED created the largest pile of USA Debt in history, and used the money to pay off the bad bets of its member banks.
  5. Today the Fed is going to raise interest so their member banks can make more money while at the same time they sell 5 trillion dollars of crap back into the world market they bought over the crash years to stabilize the market especially when China and the Gulf stopped buying USA debt – the Treasury bought the debt issued by – yes – the treasury. Making an illusion the USA debt market is A ok.

Meanwhile this week CHINA credit has been downgraded by Moody’s the credit rating agency due to its slowing growth and its massive rising soaring DEBT. Which we reported to you here. That is important because the FED owns a lot of THAT CRAP.

So now the Fed while China can’t and the Gulf won’t buy into the CRAP pile anymore – moves into its greatest experiment. All the while the public has no clue but the FINANCIAL MARKETS know all this and are far from amused. They have used ETF constructions and FREE MONEY to manipulate the PRICE OF EVERY ASSET CLASS via wild speculations that where in 1999 a felony but today the felony is legal due to their lobbies. Again the public paying this enormous cost has no clue. Which is OK because the FED has made a bad bet that will create world inflation as the SUPER SPECULATION BUBBLE AND ETF Market Shorts. The ETF MARKET is the largest opportunity to SHORT and make trillions in the history of modern world finance and many will follow my reports on these terrible market constructions.

So as ETF’s roar along and all the cash of the world pours into them ( except mine and my circles ) the FED is going to tighten monetary policy when:

  1. The market is so weak unlike reports of how all stocks are having record results – the BIG LIE
  2. That FREE MONEY which is making the fools rally as it goes away WILL HAVE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES and this is what KEEPS the FED who know all this UP AT NIGHT.

The Fed operates on confidence. If the illusion is stripped away the world see’s there is no magic there.

I have stated the FED is a criminal legal theft machine that needs to be merged back into the USA TREASURY because A) monetary policy for the largest economy on earth needs real over sight and B) the cost of printing currency should be zero – paying an outside NGO to print it for us and pay them interest is legal theft.

So now the greatest financial experiment in history begins. The Fed will re-sell its crap into the market as it removes FREE MONEY from the market. NO ONE and ESPECIALLY THE FED can predict this will go as intended or smoothly. The market dynamics of this double move at this TIME in the ECONOMICS we feel will create a potential far earlier then we would like for SUPER CRASH a WORLD DEPRESSION and real WORLD WAR due to the global financial collapse. Plus those with nukes will be forever tired of AMERICA fucking over the world system. But it is not America. it is a private gang of criminal bankers – once you see them like that every FED report is like from Tony Soprano’s. If you recall that television show. Tony IS the FED.

So the ability to lie cheat and steal goes on and Congress really is so unaware of the Fed legislation ( less than 100 pages ) and so unaware the FED is a PRIVATE INDEPENDENT STOCK COMPANY a NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION created by an act of congress – with autonomy and protection of non reporting or privacy under the idea of INDEPENDENCE which under the Fed we had the Great Depression of 1929 – we had 1907 just before that the crash of 1987, the crash called DOT.BOMB of 2000 and the 2008 Super Crash. The FED CAUSED all of them versus had any positive effect. WE DID SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE Congress contracted the silly idea of paying a third party interest to print our money.

I wish they would give ME THAT contract – I’d only charge 05% because I’m not greedy. But the FED is not only greedy the FED IS THE ULTIMATE GREED MACHINE.

America and China can not feed its own central banks any longer.

Its time to MERGE the FED INTO THE USA TREASURY and balancing the budget and restoring prosperity to America would occur in a single generation. If we don’t we won’t.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH held HIGH on the FED

PS: The Fed raising interest and at the same time diluting the markets by introducing 5 trillion dumps of their stuff back into the market is going to jam the breaks on the global speculators. Bam.



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Next the big news is the 110 BILLION DOLLAR deal the largest military single contract creating enormous American Job in the first day and first aspect of Trump’s visit over sea’s to world leaders this from Saudi. Deal done.

The Politics drive economics. The Iran LANDSLIDE for change defeated the hardliners by almost two to one – it was not even close. This LANDSLIDE for peace prosperity and world inclusion in Iran flies in the face of the minority – their leadership. A fact that can’t e lost on them as they invented MATH. This is a huge win for the Iranian PEOPLE. World wide.

Within that the market goes up. Both items.

The Politics lead the economics.

USA the beltway Trump Chump Train picks up speed as Comey the NUT JOB will testify as the most politically incorrect FBI leader in history. He broke confidence and sunk Hillary. Having no new attention he vented with TRUMP. Then got his nut ass fired. Now he wants a STAGE and the TRUMP CHUMP TRAIN that would like to kill him frankly, are hosting the stage for their own amusement. for the huge numbers that elected TRUMP and more swinging over every day as the Democrats fail to lead – fail to make deals and pass legislation AMERICA needs – with a business as usual attitude the American People have HAD IT – we think not only is the democratic strategy going to fail in the mid year the majority for republicans will rise. What would help the DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP is LEADERSHIP. LEAD. Represent the economics of our nation and pass legislation – as the nation needs:

  1. Health reform yesterday
  2. Tax reform sooner than that
  3. Stimulous to rebuild our country which is sinking from abuse
  4. You fiddle while Rome Burns congress
  5. America has HAD IT as politics lead economics

So the market soars up on actual math. No way.

The fools rally soars up on software speculations led by enormous debt on free money leverage. The public has no clue what is really going on inside unregulated casino capitalism.

The Fools rally goes down on political fears the TRUMP HOPE CHEST can not be opened and its rubies emeralds and diamonds will not be shared with everyone waiting with their hand out.

So we find it all very entertaining but not much for anything but lotto bets if your a lotto player – invest in the market. If your a real investor protect wealth by investing in diversified insurance investment we have for 18 months told you how to do, what to select and options to work out with your licensed broker professional who WILL tell you the same thing.

Personally todays market is worse than taking all your retirement funds all your nest egg all your wealth on all basis and placing your bets in VEGAS. I think you’d see some great shows get a VIP room comp and you would MAKE AS MUCH MONEY IN THE END.

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Crammer gets away with what no one with a security license in our opinion, could ever hope to do. Crammer in effect benefits financially from a HIT television radio and blog show that is entertainment but lack of enforcement creates this unintended consequence:

  1. Crammer tells the audience buy this sell that – stay in the market when the President gets impeached. ( What horse crap for investors silly enough to follow this circus performer )
  2. This very old man, then knowing what he will tell his audience, trades, in proportion to the impact of his manipulation of the market.
  3. He profits up and down from his own manipulation.
  4. This was illegal once upon a time.
  5. If a licensed player did this to benefit in his own circles inside trading they would be investigated and indicted and fined.

Not Crammer. He has an immunity we frankly see as a forever GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASS. Why do more not do it? Risk to their freedom is why. Only CRAMMER has the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE PASS.

So now  lets look at the idiot. Today with 10’s of millions reading and watching directly and indirectly world wide. Which is why I view Crammer as any investors  train derailment THE BEAT CHEAT  for investors and a CIRCUS ACT not to be taken seriously EVER.

  1. Crammer says don’t over react to the worst crash in 2017.
  2. Hold on through. Don’t sell ( I’ll sell ) you just hold . Hold.
  3. In fact hold on throw a special prosecutor and an indictment of the President no matter how much money your loosing holding while I sell and short my own positions. Check it out.
  4. Hold on  says my very  old man over 70 way over the hill circus act, as his  theory THAT ( Crammer tells us ) what if you sold Amazon during the impeachment of Clinton. Now this theory of why to hold if you check THAT OUT is past crazy and is looney bin insane for investors this week. Which is why I point out CRAMMER IS AN ENTERTAINER and as you watch his SIT COM – laugh don’t take anything seriously. ITS A CARTOON a COMEDIAN profiting from idiots who follow him like Moses.
  5. Oh I did during Clinton impeachment SELL AMAZON first instant at the HIGH OF HIGHS. At the high then or NOW. Then I bought back at the low after the enormous crash which is how smart intelligent money makes fortunes. YOU SELL HIGH and you BUY LOW. Crammer is a circus act. Hold THROUGH s pending SUPER CRASH –  SELL HIGH AND BUY LOW – which he profits from ( which was illegal ) and  why he and his tribe do just what I do…where my audience is power from hedge funds PE’s sovereign wealth regulatory agencies, and the PRESS and INVESTORS like YOU – but  without having a world wide audience of tens of millions of every day retirement plans,  following him like some Moses with Alzheimer’s? Personally I belly laugh at Crammer and fall off my sofa to the floor gripping my sides. see him through the eyes of Chairman of a global public investment banking firm with enormous numbers of STOCK BROKERS like Crammer. He’s just a stock broker with a following folks. Crammer is not an investment banker economist having run a global public brokerage firm globally. So I say to the regulatory folks – want a career maker an easy case – just investigate and indict CRAMMER which is the day the music ….DIED. Drive your agency to the levy and the laughter will stop cold.

Evidentially the SEC is no longer driving regulatory enforcement or the CFTC as Crammer is not under investigation or indicted.

My bad.

Berny Dohrmann – Telling YOU the Truth so you don’t read Crammer in the future without a giggle and a belly laugh.




My readers are all well prepared. They know to BUY low and SELL HIGH. I’d buy Apple if it goes up tomorrow – and if it goes down into Friday I’d buy Apple late Friday. Make a killing. Buy low SELL HIGH.

Many of my readers are out of the markets riding high guaranteed returns for retirement funds and nest eggs in diversified insurance high returns products. They are on the golf course and laughing at the markets. Those of my readers who READ but do not understand who READ but fail to HEED those who READ but fail to ACT you just lost a LOT OF MONEY. But of course it is all relative. If you hold your positions you’ll in the short term – say next 36 months lose say 60% MORE.

Smile. You’ll know we told you and told you and told you and we told you WHY when no one was saying anything like you read here. Now everyone is reporting on what you have been reading because the PRESS “IS” reading my blog all over the world. Eventually even the Press gets it.

So the Democrats was to impeach President Trump. We told you this is patrician hatred making the prejudice of the Obama administration look like a family wedding between a Christian and.a Jew. Today is more like a wedding between a wasabi and a sunni. The wedding cake may blow up.

Today the Democrats feel they have their smoking guns:

  1. Written documents Trump sought to influence and manipulate an on going FBI investigation by asking that his own head of security – have his investigation terminated. In writing.
  2. Putin has come out to protect his buddy saying HEY my buddy your President did NOT DO IT and I can give you documents, we who hack influence elections lie cheat and steal all over the world ( I kill people ) and I’ll send the data to the congress to prove out Trump is a GOOD GUY.

These two items infuriate democrats and Trump haters unite.

These two items and the union of trump HATE impact the very smart markets who BET ( wrong as our Blog has reported since the election in this FOOLS RALLY ) that Congress will pass Trumps agenda. Congress is NOT going to pass Trumps agenda.

Republicans get these two items will cost them the house and the senate in the mid terms coming up only next year. So they are in survival defecting in numbers giving the Democrats the majority in Congress. The MARKETS KNOW THIS. My GOD if I know it forget our CEO SPACE 15 year Beltway advocate  Mark Jones is in DC with this going on – he flew out today from Tampa and is STAYING given what this all means to our small business legislation. We have our hand on the pulse. ARE MY READERS GETTING THIS? Mark Jones is flying back for the end of CEO SPACE next week to tell hundreds of CEO’s across all 50 states – what is REALLY going on so they can plan properly.

SO the market as we said, will wobble around like a drunken sailor. With ever deeper troughs. The FEAR INDEX at a high last week plunged for the first time this week. Wall-street has had a MINI CRASH. But fasten your seat belt between now and Friday.

Keep in mind software not people are what panic. Its programing. one guy’s software trying to get OUT before the other guys software brings the price down in a GLOBAL MARKET that never closes as the sun moves around the planet. Software moves with the sun at dawn and market sun setting as we see twilight to this boom.

PROTECT YOURSELF is the new mantra.

Why again?

  1. This market is a fools rally forged on a HOPE CHEST of agenda’s from the Trump administration. Obama repeal and re-tooling. Tax reform. Stimulation and infrastructure legislation. Congress is passing NONE OF THAT.
  2. It is clear to investors there is NO HOPE of these drivers to market price ever occurring – it is foolish a fools rally to bet on such foolishness. Always was always has been. The fools get killed in such markets.
  3. The Congress is going to move to INVESTIGATE the President of the United States to an intention to impeach and remove Donald Trump.
  4. This move by congress will create a SUPER CRASH in the markets and a world wide recession.
  5. The FBI is winding up for a utter SHUT out for the President 1 on the score board for Trump – firing Comey and 1000 on the score board for the FBI – resignation of Trump as with Richard Nixon – precisely the same issues.

Nixon fired the Special Prosecutor  leading the FBI and department of justice for the US congress.

Trump fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for failing to DO what 100% of FBI Directors have done for 70 years – brief his boss the ATTORNEY General and Staff at the Presidents pleasure BEFORE he testified to the US senate. Comey said FUCK YOU TO the Attorney General smuggle and to the President and got fired for being fully INSUBORDINATE to the Boss. Trump wished to make a lesson for future Presidents.

However the FBI is now 80% united as all agencies think inward about their own powers and preservation of those powers, TO, teach the lesson to trump. The most powerful agency of Government is likely to allow a terror event in America as they divert resources from protecting us to IMPEACHING TRUMP. Now the FBI who was NOT INVESTIGATION TRUMP and who WAS INVESTIGATING RUSSIA is investigating ONLY TRUMP. The FBI is united and not loyal to the President and the FBI is leaking ( see Deep throat and water gate ) and these leaks are going to be endless. Trump’s team will be made important. Record number’s of Trump’s team are defecting and quitting – the Ambassador to IRAQ only yesterday.

The Trump Team has more OPEN UNFILLED POSITIONS than any President at the mid year in office in US HISTORY. The number now leaving is far greater than the TRUMP TEAM hiring. From the Supreme Court to the HEAD of the FBI, from Ambassadors to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, China, and critical nations we must have leadership in their most important job – our AMBASSADOR, Trump’s team can not even find anyone who wants the job. Their picks say – now with the hurricane of SHIT coming down on them from the FBI and the Press – as if we can write the truth the insiders all know the truth – say NO WAY JOSE.

They decline the TRUMP team offers. I mean REALLY? Who wants to be an apprentice for YOUR FIRED? If you blink wrong your fired. This is politics leading economics. This is of course not necessary.

We noted will Trump be mentored by the greats to LEARN and EARN political capital where he leaves CEO corporate world behind and LEARNS and INCREASES MONTHLY SKIN to become a truly EXTRAORDINARY DIPLOMATE in the world today. However Trump is failing to learn and unify and gather political capital and is without regard to his own bank account is squandering political capital. It is a shame for his agenda.

If President Trump is not teachable and we who could mentor him are not his teachers – how can anything forward in time be other than predicable? As we predicted in October November of LAST year where every single prediction has and is coming true to our own regret. WE NEVER HAD A HOPE CHEST.

Our fear is that this President put in a corner will distract the issues he has created by creating new issues. Issues in North Korea, Issues in Iran, Issues in Syria. THAT IS OUR NEXT BIG FEAR. Think on THAT prediction you have read what say FIVE times since last year? Predictable is not what Trump wishes to be but we have had his DIAL UP number his private wall safe combination when we wish we did not and he would surprise us. Like a child who will not learn how to use the box top rules before he plays the game, the prediction we hold is so far unwavering as the humility required to LEARN EARN AND RETURN to a FRESH START is missing entirely.

Berny Dohrmann – Monitoring the Market MINI Crash Weds
PS: Graduation for Son Daniel was a high point as the last two of my nine children at home Daniel age 19 – moving to earn 15,000 dollars this summer before college with his family in Tenn in construction – and Preston age 15 our last at home – will make us finally empty nesters as the G babies return.




The South Korea THAAD “IS” Operational now. THAAD detected the North Korea recent LAUNCH and is progressing much faster than the players believed. It is operational and working today.

Also you heard it FIRST HERE – today technical researchers have confirmed evidence links that the HUGE GLOBAL RANSOME ATTACK came from North Korea. Now hitting hospitals.

Trump says he’ll meet FAT BOY so that may work up some magic but who knows.

Everyone is focused on Trump discussing his alliance building with RUSSIA and China to DO MORE against terror – ISIS and lap top bombs on planes – along with intel on how to hit immediate threats. No one is discussing WHAT Russia shared back with President Trump which was equally considerable. The politics Trump as President made errors in his moving Russia back into an alliance – of trust – with his discretion is a distraction on nonsense.

The POLICY of the USA is working for North Korea ( a meeting between the two finally ) and with Russia at its low now bouncing back into WORLD Partnership – when does Congress support the momentum?

Doesn’t matter because Trump is NOT POLITICAL. Eventually everyone will see this fact of leadership.

Berny Dohrmann – Always Economic Never Party Politics