Long time readers know I repeatedly report the United States Congress should pay ZERO for printing national currency, versus paying its largest bill, the INTEREST on the NATIONAL DEBT to the FED. Why?

The FED is a private contract arranged by Contract with the FIRST NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. The FED was set up to regulate the bank and speculations. The FED “IS” the banks and speculation. So lets look at these fact sets and I hope you will pass this blog around to new folks who would enjoy subscribing and making a favorite they return to often:

  1. The FED “IS” a private stock firm owned since 1900 by the banks and no one knows WHO OWN’s FED Stock as that is part of the DEAL – privacy even from Congress.
  2. The FED has the appearance of political accountability but that is fraud. No one can hold the Fed accountable and no one can fire the FED CHAIRMAN but the Fed shareholders ( the banks ). Press never has reported a FED share holder meeting not EVER not once. Why is that do you think?
  3. The Fed created the housing bubble by allowing credit such that a school teacher could borrow to own ten homes at enormous leverage, say 90% with 10% down. The Fed allowed those bad mortgages BAD or HOT PAPER to be pooled such that banks sold the bad stuff into huge pools, than super pools than super duper pools until the market over leverage created a global financial CRASH.
  4. The Fed has fueled the market RECOVERY with FREE MONEY that their member banks can borrow for zero and lend to all of us at huge profits. In the end that creates a fools rally. Rather than invest in roads highways and damns ( Public works ) to fuel economics – the FED created the largest pile of USA Debt in history, and used the money to pay off the bad bets of its member banks.
  5. Today the Fed is going to raise interest so their member banks can make more money while at the same time they sell 5 trillion dollars of crap back into the world market they bought over the crash years to stabilize the market especially when China and the Gulf stopped buying USA debt – the Treasury bought the debt issued by – yes – the treasury. Making an illusion the USA debt market is A ok.

Meanwhile this week CHINA credit has been downgraded by Moody’s the credit rating agency due to its slowing growth and its massive rising soaring DEBT. Which we reported to you here. That is important because the FED owns a lot of THAT CRAP.

So now the Fed while China can’t and the Gulf won’t buy into the CRAP pile anymore – moves into its greatest experiment. All the while the public has no clue but the FINANCIAL MARKETS know all this and are far from amused. They have used ETF constructions and FREE MONEY to manipulate the PRICE OF EVERY ASSET CLASS via wild speculations that where in 1999 a felony but today the felony is legal due to their lobbies. Again the public paying this enormous cost has no clue. Which is OK because the FED has made a bad bet that will create world inflation as the SUPER SPECULATION BUBBLE AND ETF Market Shorts. The ETF MARKET is the largest opportunity to SHORT and make trillions in the history of modern world finance and many will follow my reports on these terrible market constructions.

So as ETF’s roar along and all the cash of the world pours into them ( except mine and my circles ) the FED is going to tighten monetary policy when:

  1. The market is so weak unlike reports of how all stocks are having record results – the BIG LIE
  2. That FREE MONEY which is making the fools rally as it goes away WILL HAVE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES and this is what KEEPS the FED who know all this UP AT NIGHT.

The Fed operates on confidence. If the illusion is stripped away the world see’s there is no magic there.

I have stated the FED is a criminal legal theft machine that needs to be merged back into the USA TREASURY because A) monetary policy for the largest economy on earth needs real over sight and B) the cost of printing currency should be zero – paying an outside NGO to print it for us and pay them interest is legal theft.

So now the greatest financial experiment in history begins. The Fed will re-sell its crap into the market as it removes FREE MONEY from the market. NO ONE and ESPECIALLY THE FED can predict this will go as intended or smoothly. The market dynamics of this double move at this TIME in the ECONOMICS we feel will create a potential far earlier then we would like for SUPER CRASH a WORLD DEPRESSION and real WORLD WAR due to the global financial collapse. Plus those with nukes will be forever tired of AMERICA fucking over the world system. But it is not America. it is a private gang of criminal bankers – once you see them like that every FED report is like from Tony Soprano’s. If you recall that television show. Tony IS the FED.

So the ability to lie cheat and steal goes on and Congress really is so unaware of the Fed legislation ( less than 100 pages ) and so unaware the FED is a PRIVATE INDEPENDENT STOCK COMPANY a NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION created by an act of congress – with autonomy and protection of non reporting or privacy under the idea of INDEPENDENCE which under the Fed we had the Great Depression of 1929 – we had 1907 just before that the crash of 1987, the crash called DOT.BOMB of 2000 and the 2008 Super Crash. The FED CAUSED all of them versus had any positive effect. WE DID SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE Congress contracted the silly idea of paying a third party interest to print our money.

I wish they would give ME THAT contract – I’d only charge 05% because I’m not greedy. But the FED is not only greedy the FED IS THE ULTIMATE GREED MACHINE.

America and China can not feed its own central banks any longer.

Its time to MERGE the FED INTO THE USA TREASURY and balancing the budget and restoring prosperity to America would occur in a single generation. If we don’t we won’t.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH held HIGH on the FED

PS: The Fed raising interest and at the same time diluting the markets by introducing 5 trillion dumps of their stuff back into the market is going to jam the breaks on the global speculators. Bam.