I just spoke to great applause at Laughlin USA, at Dana Point Inn not the water with their experts to the WEALTH CROWD. You want to attend in November – go to their web site and phone them on it if:

  1. You want to meet the wealthiest contacts to network with
  2. You wish to learn from the SUPER BOWL how to protect your assets absolutely

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And call them up and ask them about their corporate VAIL service – tell them Berny sent you buy and they will VIP you thinking your with CEO SPACE. But we use the VAIL service on all our corporations. Laughlin carries our highest customer service, lowest time lines – to incorporate or protect your corporation during its entire life ( THE VAIL SERVICE ) and only Laughlin offers THE VAIL the others suck. Frankly as we have used them all. Folks – call them if you own a corporation in the USA or wish to. They will incorporate you by the way in five minutes in any of our 50 states for off shore or on shore owners. Call them. You WILL thank ME.

Next the big news is the 110 BILLION DOLLAR deal the largest military single contract creating enormous American Job in the first day and first aspect of Trump’s visit over sea’s to world leaders this from Saudi. Deal done.

The Politics drive economics. The Iran LANDSLIDE for change defeated the hardliners by almost two to one – it was not even close. This LANDSLIDE for peace prosperity and world inclusion in Iran flies in the face of the minority – their leadership. A fact that can’t e lost on them as they invented MATH. This is a huge win for the Iranian PEOPLE. World wide.

Within that the market goes up. Both items.

The Politics lead the economics.

USA the beltway Trump Chump Train picks up speed as Comey the NUT JOB will testify as the most politically incorrect FBI leader in history. He broke confidence and sunk Hillary. Having no new attention he vented with TRUMP. Then got his nut ass fired. Now he wants a STAGE and the TRUMP CHUMP TRAIN that would like to kill him frankly, are hosting the stage for their own amusement. for the huge numbers that elected TRUMP and more swinging over every day as the Democrats fail to lead – fail to make deals and pass legislation AMERICA needs – with a business as usual attitude the American People have HAD IT – we think not only is the democratic strategy going to fail in the mid year the majority for republicans will rise. What would help the DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP is LEADERSHIP. LEAD. Represent the economics of our nation and pass legislation – as the nation needs:

  1. Health reform yesterday
  2. Tax reform sooner than that
  3. Stimulous to rebuild our country which is sinking from abuse
  4. You fiddle while Rome Burns congress
  5. America has HAD IT as politics lead economics

So the market soars up on actual math. No way.

The fools rally soars up on software speculations led by enormous debt on free money leverage. The public has no clue what is really going on inside unregulated casino capitalism.

The Fools rally goes down on political fears the TRUMP HOPE CHEST can not be opened and its rubies emeralds and diamonds will not be shared with everyone waiting with their hand out.

So we find it all very entertaining but not much for anything but lotto bets if your a lotto player – invest in the market. If your a real investor protect wealth by investing in diversified insurance investment we have for 18 months told you how to do, what to select and options to work out with your licensed broker professional who WILL tell you the same thing.

Personally todays market is worse than taking all your retirement funds all your nest egg all your wealth on all basis and placing your bets in VEGAS. I think you’d see some great shows get a VIP room comp and you would MAKE AS MUCH MONEY IN THE END.

Play on folks play on. Remember you learned about global casino capital here. Now do your self a favor and PHONE LAUGHLIN and ask anyone with a corporation you know to EXPLORE THE VAIL SERVICE to protect yourself as I do. If you want to KEEP YOUR MONEY free of any law suits ask them about their WEALTH ESTATE CONFERENCE IN NOVEMBER I speak at. Come meet me live.

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