The South Korea THAAD “IS” Operational now. THAAD detected the North Korea recent LAUNCH and is progressing much faster than the players believed. It is operational and working today.

Also you heard it FIRST HERE – today technical researchers have confirmed evidence links that the HUGE GLOBAL RANSOME ATTACK came from North Korea. Now hitting hospitals.

Trump says he’ll meet FAT BOY so that may work up some magic but who knows.

Everyone is focused on Trump discussing his alliance building with RUSSIA and China to DO MORE against terror – ISIS and lap top bombs on planes – along with intel on how to hit immediate threats. No one is discussing WHAT Russia shared back with President Trump which was equally considerable. The politics Trump as President made errors in his moving Russia back into an alliance – of trust – with his discretion is a distraction on nonsense.

The POLICY of the USA is working for North Korea ( a meeting between the two finally ) and with Russia at its low now bouncing back into WORLD Partnership – when does Congress support the momentum?

Doesn’t matter because Trump is NOT POLITICAL. Eventually everyone will see this fact of leadership.

Berny Dohrmann – Always Economic Never Party Politics