My readers are all well prepared. They know to BUY low and SELL HIGH. I’d buy Apple if it goes up tomorrow – and if it goes down into Friday I’d buy Apple late Friday. Make a killing. Buy low SELL HIGH.

Many of my readers are out of the markets riding high guaranteed returns for retirement funds and nest eggs in diversified insurance high returns products. They are on the golf course and laughing at the markets. Those of my readers who READ but do not understand who READ but fail to HEED those who READ but fail to ACT you just lost a LOT OF MONEY. But of course it is all relative. If you hold your positions you’ll in the short term – say next 36 months lose say 60% MORE.

Smile. You’ll know we told you and told you and told you and we told you WHY when no one was saying anything like you read here. Now everyone is reporting on what you have been reading because the PRESS “IS” reading my blog all over the world. Eventually even the Press gets it.

So the Democrats was to impeach President Trump. We told you this is patrician hatred making the prejudice of the Obama administration look like a family wedding between a Christian and.a Jew. Today is more like a wedding between a wasabi and a sunni. The wedding cake may blow up.

Today the Democrats feel they have their smoking guns:

  1. Written documents Trump sought to influence and manipulate an on going FBI investigation by asking that his own head of security – have his investigation terminated. In writing.
  2. Putin has come out to protect his buddy saying HEY my buddy your President did NOT DO IT and I can give you documents, we who hack influence elections lie cheat and steal all over the world ( I kill people ) and I’ll send the data to the congress to prove out Trump is a GOOD GUY.

These two items infuriate democrats and Trump haters unite.

These two items and the union of trump HATE impact the very smart markets who BET ( wrong as our Blog has reported since the election in this FOOLS RALLY ) that Congress will pass Trumps agenda. Congress is NOT going to pass Trumps agenda.

Republicans get these two items will cost them the house and the senate in the mid terms coming up only next year. So they are in survival defecting in numbers giving the Democrats the majority in Congress. The MARKETS KNOW THIS. My GOD if I know it forget our CEO SPACE 15 year Beltway advocate  Mark Jones is in DC with this going on – he flew out today from Tampa and is STAYING given what this all means to our small business legislation. We have our hand on the pulse. ARE MY READERS GETTING THIS? Mark Jones is flying back for the end of CEO SPACE next week to tell hundreds of CEO’s across all 50 states – what is REALLY going on so they can plan properly.

SO the market as we said, will wobble around like a drunken sailor. With ever deeper troughs. The FEAR INDEX at a high last week plunged for the first time this week. Wall-street has had a MINI CRASH. But fasten your seat belt between now and Friday.

Keep in mind software not people are what panic. Its programing. one guy’s software trying to get OUT before the other guys software brings the price down in a GLOBAL MARKET that never closes as the sun moves around the planet. Software moves with the sun at dawn and market sun setting as we see twilight to this boom.

PROTECT YOURSELF is the new mantra.

Why again?

  1. This market is a fools rally forged on a HOPE CHEST of agenda’s from the Trump administration. Obama repeal and re-tooling. Tax reform. Stimulation and infrastructure legislation. Congress is passing NONE OF THAT.
  2. It is clear to investors there is NO HOPE of these drivers to market price ever occurring – it is foolish a fools rally to bet on such foolishness. Always was always has been. The fools get killed in such markets.
  3. The Congress is going to move to INVESTIGATE the President of the United States to an intention to impeach and remove Donald Trump.
  4. This move by congress will create a SUPER CRASH in the markets and a world wide recession.
  5. The FBI is winding up for a utter SHUT out for the President 1 on the score board for Trump – firing Comey and 1000 on the score board for the FBI – resignation of Trump as with Richard Nixon – precisely the same issues.

Nixon fired the Special Prosecutor  leading the FBI and department of justice for the US congress.

Trump fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for failing to DO what 100% of FBI Directors have done for 70 years – brief his boss the ATTORNEY General and Staff at the Presidents pleasure BEFORE he testified to the US senate. Comey said FUCK YOU TO the Attorney General smuggle and to the President and got fired for being fully INSUBORDINATE to the Boss. Trump wished to make a lesson for future Presidents.

However the FBI is now 80% united as all agencies think inward about their own powers and preservation of those powers, TO, teach the lesson to trump. The most powerful agency of Government is likely to allow a terror event in America as they divert resources from protecting us to IMPEACHING TRUMP. Now the FBI who was NOT INVESTIGATION TRUMP and who WAS INVESTIGATING RUSSIA is investigating ONLY TRUMP. The FBI is united and not loyal to the President and the FBI is leaking ( see Deep throat and water gate ) and these leaks are going to be endless. Trump’s team will be made important. Record number’s of Trump’s team are defecting and quitting – the Ambassador to IRAQ only yesterday.

The Trump Team has more OPEN UNFILLED POSITIONS than any President at the mid year in office in US HISTORY. The number now leaving is far greater than the TRUMP TEAM hiring. From the Supreme Court to the HEAD of the FBI, from Ambassadors to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, China, and critical nations we must have leadership in their most important job – our AMBASSADOR, Trump’s team can not even find anyone who wants the job. Their picks say – now with the hurricane of SHIT coming down on them from the FBI and the Press – as if we can write the truth the insiders all know the truth – say NO WAY JOSE.

They decline the TRUMP team offers. I mean REALLY? Who wants to be an apprentice for YOUR FIRED? If you blink wrong your fired. This is politics leading economics. This is of course not necessary.

We noted will Trump be mentored by the greats to LEARN and EARN political capital where he leaves CEO corporate world behind and LEARNS and INCREASES MONTHLY SKIN to become a truly EXTRAORDINARY DIPLOMATE in the world today. However Trump is failing to learn and unify and gather political capital and is without regard to his own bank account is squandering political capital. It is a shame for his agenda.

If President Trump is not teachable and we who could mentor him are not his teachers – how can anything forward in time be other than predicable? As we predicted in October November of LAST year where every single prediction has and is coming true to our own regret. WE NEVER HAD A HOPE CHEST.

Our fear is that this President put in a corner will distract the issues he has created by creating new issues. Issues in North Korea, Issues in Iran, Issues in Syria. THAT IS OUR NEXT BIG FEAR. Think on THAT prediction you have read what say FIVE times since last year? Predictable is not what Trump wishes to be but we have had his DIAL UP number his private wall safe combination when we wish we did not and he would surprise us. Like a child who will not learn how to use the box top rules before he plays the game, the prediction we hold is so far unwavering as the humility required to LEARN EARN AND RETURN to a FRESH START is missing entirely.

Berny Dohrmann – Monitoring the Market MINI Crash Weds
PS: Graduation for Son Daniel was a high point as the last two of my nine children at home Daniel age 19 – moving to earn 15,000 dollars this summer before college with his family in Tenn in construction – and Preston age 15 our last at home – will make us finally empty nesters as the G babies return.