I was 22 years an investment banker CEO of a larger investment banking public firm with offices in the Twin Towers and San Francisco in the 1960’s 1970s into early 1980’s. I sold the firm to care for my famous father in corporate training Alan G Dohrmann and that institution became CEO SPACE the past 30 years. In 2017 Forbes and Inc Magazine’s on line ranking of the # 1 Business Conference of 2017 Business owners in their ranking CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS. This is the highest ranking in our industry world wide and CEO SPACE serves members in a 140 nations today that own business. I’ve.been founder and Chairman of CEO SPACE now for thirty years working increasingly with heads of state and larger corporations in advising them on a host of challenge issues they face.

May 23rd Tuesday to Saturday CEO SPACE hosts in Orlando its famous BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE. You can see this work by clicking¬†¬†make a favorite of that link and see a video in your category. We accelerate customers and growth for small business owners. At CEO SPACE billionaires mentor millionaires who all mentor you as well. It is always magic and I just can’t wait.

I’m speaking later next week on the West Coast at the world premier TRUST and WEALTH estate planning annual Conference for equally world famous LAUGHLIN USA one of our faculty and graduates members. I”m so proud to be included. Then back to Florida to another members advanced REAL ESTATE EVENT on how to make a FORTUNE in todays booming real estate opportunity market place. Again so proud to be included on these stages.

I next produce and DELIVER CEO SPACE to CEO’s coming from the EU and Asia and world wide. It is profit making unlike seminars and workshops as a business growth machine. The CEO’s love that 70% is transaction deal making using processes that keep us # 1 in the world by third party press at the top.

I wanted you to know as I report trends and conclusions on financial markets for my readers to THINK ABOUT our CEO SPACE gives us input from all over the world that makes our information a bit unique.

I’ll keep you posted as I travel and thank you all for both reading as you do and for sharing.

Berny Dohrmann – I Live for you guys and hope it all helps you