Trump is famous for evolving team. When Comes refused to do what every FBI DIRECTOR has done forever – review with the boss’s expert team and Comey’s direct boss – his Senate Testimony before he gave it – refused – it was insubordinate. If you snub the PRESIDENT of the United States you go off the team – at least Trump’s team.

The firing had nothing to do with Russia. A GREAT TEAM REPLACEMENT will be put in place. A major competent player.

Trump is created a SUPER TEAM in America even the democrats can not degrade the quality of expert Trump is presenting to the Supreme Court or to his team everywhere. He is removing team mates faster than any prior President because HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT POLITICS. Why should HE. HE took the largest PAY CUT in history to take this job of any President.

Truly if his team, that work FOR HIM, snub him, their going to be out with that first decision to DISRESPECT the BOSS. It is NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL. It is accountability for actions.

Comey elected to SNUB the boss.

Come did something no FBI has done before.

He got fired for it.

The Politics want to write false fake news on WHY.

The Russian deal is evidence of which there is none the press has reported by opinion. None related to TRUMP.

Everyone wants to stop Russia from hacking and manipulations in America. It is going on for years and we have been doing the same for them for years. TIT FOR TAT so get real on that. We influence their elections they do ours. We both do it all over the world and is WRONG FOR BOTH OF US.

In my opinion.

But the firing – and I say this outside politics – its is a political shit storm. Eventually as their is no impeachment offense here or WATER GATE issue and you can not make one up – there is zero evidence – even COMEY said that TRUMP IS NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION RUSSIA IS.

Just before he was fired for the third time confirming that. THERE WAS NO TRUMP INVESTIGATION that is fake news.

So we need a GREAT FBI LEADER.

The FBI needs it.

We as a nation will get it because TRUMP creates GREAT TEAM.


Again Trump does not care about Politics and nothing will derail his moves to lead as President. Congress can be dysfunctional but that will not be Trumps fault and can’t be blamed on Trump. He will not play with Congress by tradition.

Get ready for a new day.

Trump is not like any prior President nor will he become like any past President. His voters who elected him are counting on just that and unspoken they to a voter are cheering for his decision which they felt is long over due.

Secretly Hillary is glad.

Trump phoned her you can count on that as not in the press they are life long friends.

So read the news. Its all entertainment.

And its all selling ads.

But folks the truth is in our blog space and you just read it. Not political just another view that is fact versus a bed time story.

I’m smiling reading it all today as they wind up their frenzy which is all a manufactured to do – about NOTHING. Nothing at all.

Washington DC – the Entertainment Sit Com of the Century. Stay tuned.

Berny Dohrmann – Giving you a smidgin of truth for your bed time tonight.

PS : Has any of the 100’s of millions of Apprentice Viewers failed to recall YOUR FIRED is Trumps INVENTION ..nothing new here. As always whatever THE AGENDA was Trump just changed it precisely as he desired. What is he really doing while everyone is looking left and he is off to the right?