Financial jargon is fun for we economist investment bankers so I’ve read everything on the SEC approval to TRADE the two ForceShare leveraged new mortgage funds. What I can say with expertise – is how could any regulatory read the disclosures and approve this for TRADING as a new ETF.

ETF’s are structured assets without regulatory oversight really.

ETC’s are high velocity trading markets with software not human driving market price manipulations the world has not seen since 1928 before the world depression Super Crash. The Last big Crash was 2011 after the well you remember.

Anyway – FORCE-SHARES ( today ) is now trading these new leveraged mortgage backed securities rebalancing the ten to one and greater leverage daily. MOVE OVER SUB PRIME AS THIS IS Mount Everest TO SUB PRIME WHICH WAS AN ECONOMIC SPEED BUMP TO what ForceShares puts into the market.

We anticipate a trillion dollars moving into these instruments now legal at an SEC Pen stroke. This new market of HIGHLY LEVERAGE FLASH TRADED MORTGAGE BACKED SUPER DUPER POOLS OF MORTGAGES will pay for traders higher returns than almost anything with the illusion that your investment is mortgage backed and safe. In fact your betting on side bets within leverage so fantastic that holding these assets makes no sense. These assets are not real profits or real assets at all. They are not for buying and holding like real assets. These assets are taking mortgages from those who buy and hold mortgages as real assets – paying the asset holder a discount so they are liquid and go buy and pool and package ever more – filling demand for the LEVERAGE FALSE MARKET FORCE – SHARE IS CREATING AND OTHERS WILL COPY NOW AND FAST  – where the SUPER DUPER POOLS of mortgages being held – at such fantastic leverage within total crap along side a small percentage of good mortgages – which can only make the pool losses over time – but no one tells you ENOUGH ABOUT HOW NEW THIS IS HOW ETF THIS IS HOW PHONY THIS MARKET IS OR WHAT DEPTH OF RISK THERE IS ( Oh its in the disclosure no one understands fully or reads in real full clarity but economists do )  and with the new SUPER leveraged in an entirely new asset class invented out thin air to look like diskless risk when it is the highest risk possible – they then  buy in FORCE-SHARES traded new ETF’s which creates for these new asset classes of THE HIGHEST LEVERAGE MORTGAGE SUPER DUPER POOLS EVER CREATED IN HISTORY ( with SEC blessing ) the mortgage industry now has RISK-LESS RISK ( as a appearance wrapper to the highest risk asset class ever made  ) and ultimately another SUPER BUBBLE in all REAL ESTATE ASSET CLASSES WORLD WIDE is born –  that when the forward real estate  markets crash – which they will – when the SUPER BUBBLE much worse than 2008 bursts – the SUPER DUPER POOLS and all the investors from pension funds to nations to sovereign wealth funds and PE and Hedge funds and grandma’s will LOSE MORE THAN THEY PUT UP IN CASH  as the margin calls come in. THEY WILL LOSE MORE THAN EVERYTHING. The biggest melt down since 1928. Congress may retool the SEC when this all unravels. In our opinion. It will be THAT BAD and we love the SEC staff. We think they having lost control of digital markets just missed the runway on this landing – they got it wrong but this one is huge. They should revisit this and put a HOLD on it for say – 100 years while they think it over.

What is clear is investors can LOSE MORE THAN EVERYTHING. We have a new FORCE-SHARES asset class that speeds you into that theory model while telling you that riskless risk for 10% returns is here  with SEC APPROVAL annually – when in fact – you are betting on the highest SUPER DUPER RISK of all time. As the trading velocity in this new asset class makes issuer FORCE-SHARES the highest yield themselves in ETF trading you can appreciate the run to market on this is going to become a stampede.

So the new asset class is born at an SEC PEN STROKE.

We say to the bloodbath you will see unfold over time – in this single ETF market distortion  – to all players…..will be worse than the crash of 2008 and we suggest so much worse a world depression and world war will result from this alone. I know I’m ahead of everyone in calling this but regulatory agencies world wide – this is what short of a regulatory RE-THINK THREE YEAR ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION BY THE G 100 – antique regulatory approaches to the digital trading market space – deliver. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE THAT CAN BY SYSTEM FATAL GLOBALLY.

SHAME ON YOU. Just SHAME ON YOU. For making this insane market open for taking Grandma’s retirement money.

Casino capitalism is alive and well as the cancer explodes to the systemic bone marrow.

Remember we told you first ( as always ) what you just won’t find in the news. Yet. First and the day it happened and loud – when the news is with global press reporting on the most trivial items that have no threat to the world order and miss the one item that does threaten the entire system. Why? Because financial jargon is its own language and without interpretation like I”m giving my readers you just DO NOT GET “IT” and “IT” is everything. Bone marrow. Source.

( As always where is the PRESS ON THIS SUPER RISK COMING TO GRANDMA? ) Under performing and owned by the financial folks who profit form the new asset class who control their ads and revenue. SO NO PRESS ON THIS HOLY GRAIL.

Berny Dohrmann – Protecting my readers from the CASINO


PS: Do NOT let your broker put you into this ETF or any ETF asset class. Now we are talking.