The leaders in North Korea that can take over power and kill FAT BOY in their own military ultimately are bought and paid for by elites – which elites are not FAT BOY. Fat Boy serves at their pleasure but fails to know that. The brutal sociopaths that carry out FAT BOYS temper tantrums, do not wish to die or have power taken out of their control. If it comes down to FAT BOY or them you will see FAT BOY Disappear.

Today we have the entire world telling FAT BOY if you cause a war the nation will be hydrogen bombed into non existence in ten minutes, with 10,000 years before any rebuilding takes place. TEN MINUTES.

The ARMADA from the USA is on site. The Subs with their over kill ordinance aimed across this tiny spit of land, are ready to go, TEN MINUTES may be too long actually.

TEN MINUTES and there is NO REMAINING North Korea. Trump will not hesitate. Trump will protect American lives if threatened in less than ten minutes. BAM.

Even FAT BOY is getting the new lay of the land.

Since the ARMADA has arrived on site:

  1. No new missile tests – noting at tens of. millions a blow up – its a big waste to them )
  2. No new atomic tests
  3. No new verbal threats

North Korea is waiting for the election with their favorite sure to win. North Korea is hoping the first act of the new leadership will be to vacate the American relationship and the missile shield they have OPERATIONAL NOW – which protects South Korea from the worst damage from the North. Soon all damage from the North marginalizing their threats.

Said another way, with Trump and China on the SAME PAGE related to North Korea the message to FAT BOY IS….hey son your surrounded.

FAT BOY could change his policy, meet Trump, make a deal, and step his nation and himself into prosperity the like of which he and his family have never experienced in 100 years in 100 months. PROSPERITY or oblivion?

Even the circle around FAT BOY is getting the new box top rules.

So it is not the CIA and some secret plan that will kill FAT BOY. No way.

It will be the CHINESE. If FAT BOY continues to INSULT the CHINESE then the Chinese will remove FAT BOY and it will be quick. The Chinese control FAT BOY only FAT BOY is way too stupid to understand reality. Delusion requires therapy.

Reality is: FAT BOY listens to the Chinese who control North Korea like a check book, and make a deal with Trump and stop all this threat and war talk that simply evaporates his people and his delusion once and for all – TEN MINUTES – OR Fat Boy becomes a vapor in the memory of history. And the world gets – the one SUPER POWER who invented SUPER POWERS is the only one and will remain the first to USE IT’S OWN SUPER POWER with weapons the world has never experienced before. Which will elevate the regard the world has for SUPER POWERS all at the gifting of a delusional FAT BOY.

So the divine ruler of North Korea, in its cult nation, remains the most isolated, poor nation matching Haiti, out of 270 sovereign nations – give or take – on earth – where FAT BOY amidst his impoverished and starting populations and prison populations – collects his Organized Criminal Enterprise Profits, lives in wealth and splendor, and deludes himself to believe in his national decline, that he is himself a SUPER POWER. His military would run out of ammunition and China would make sure in less than two weeks in a conventional war, and in anything else, and it would be ELSE, TEN MINUTES to VAPOR.

Ten Minutes.

North Korea may be backing up from TEN MINUTES because FAT BOY is arriving at prosperity and on going powers, versus removal and elimination. If he remains inside his delusion China will remove FAT BOY mark my words on this prophecy.

Trump and China and the World are done playing games with FAT BOY.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH ON North Korea Just for YOU