A growing industry of billions upon billions of dollars ( US ) annually  surrounds proving man is influencing the environment of the planet earth. This is actually fake news.


First lets look at all the data not the fake data the interest collecting all the money from are reporting. Which includes these stats:

  1. Mankind has lived on the earth for a finger snap of time geologically speaking.
  2. Mankind resides on 1/4 of the earth called land
  3. Mankind resides on 10% of that one quarter of the above water land mass
  4. The earth puts out more pollution itself than mankind every could equal
  5. The earth cycles climate to super warm periods and ice ages without man

Just over 100 years ago, a finger snap in EARTH TIME, Mount Tambora in 1816. This single explosion with a crater four miles across and a sound heard 1,000 miles away. Hurricanes of ash blew nearby town homes and vegetation away completely. The lava engulfed the town and 8,000 islanders. Downwind islands were covered with a layer of ash two feet thick. 82,000 people died of starvation and epidemics in the MONTHS following the eruption.

In 1816 it rained almost daily. Over one million and half ton of degree’s had covered the entire earth. Solar radiation was 20% reduced world wide. There was no summer that year. Not anywhere. New England reported it’s coldest season in 200 years. The explosion was equal to ONE BILLION TONS OF TNT or 60,000 times the bombs dropped on Japan. Mother Nature trumps Man by a margin that is mind staggering. The EARTH WINTER was global and temperature dropped and stayed lower for decade after decade. Man during the industrial revolution had nothing to do with any of that. Nor can we. One event moving forward from the earth itself and the earth RESETS the EARTH entirely.

We have lived through a rare period of geological quiet. The normal geological active period is returning. You see it. You feel it. You know it. See Mount St Helen’s.

Nearby Kratkaoa erupted with similar effects world wide to global cooling, in 1883. Again a 20% decline. Present thinking is the prior eruption was closer to 30% cooling of the earth. Dropped temperatures for decades.

These events which are recent to the earth, represented more pollution in 72 hours than mankind has put into the biosphere in 1 million years. Mankind is not influencing the earth. The Earth is a ginormous bio machine that operates with mankind. It is warming now. It will cool later.

Every 34 million years we experienced an earth extinction event. This event is typically a bio period of activity in which SUPER VOLANCO’s such as Yellowstone become active or the Super Cell in the Mongolian Steps. More commonly an incoming strike from comets. Every 34 million years the Solar System moves vertically in its path and dips into the rock zone – and we fly through rock blizzards for a bit ( a few million years ). This is where we are NOW precisely.

We could build a DETECT AND DEFLECTION system to protect our planet. But we are insane. We are the only animal that kills one another as a species because we are SUNNI WAHBIE OR SHITE. We kill each other because we are Buddist or Hindu. We racially cleanse each other due to our birth tribes. All of which displays a form of human insanity. Competition is insanity. Competition is a source of all insanity.

Cooperation is the cure.

Should we compete with the planet earth ( insanity ) or should we care for the mother planet earth ( sanity )? We can also terra form the earth. We can move the moon back closer effecting climate. We can use solar mirrors in space to effect earth temperature up or down. We can install giant scrubbers that suck in CO2 and release oxygen back to the air mix.we desire and capture the carbon to make graphene and other products. But we are insane so we don’t.

In the end unless we TARA FORM the Earth will warm to release the METHANE TRAPS ( which occurs over 36 months and the air is no longer acceptable for most of us save for insects. This will cool the earth eventually and a new ICE AGE will come. The pools may flip a bit adding 4000 mile winds to the extinction self cleansing cycle.


We only survive as a specifies in these well known EARTH CYCLES if we:

  1. Tera Form climate
  2. Populate the stars and take the earth variety to other locations as earth seeds
  3. Build a DETECT and DEFLECT system as earth children to protect our mother
  4. Restore Earth balances via cooperation with earth mother
  5. Apply unlimited resources without harm to earth mother in the future

Without both we as a specifies are a temporary life form that went extinct with the far far over due impact event.

In the end it is not HUMANS that create earth warm and cooling cycles. It is the EARTH normal way. The money pouring into cooperation ( environment ) for the planet is not going to stop the EARTH from warming. Only TARA FORMING will. However the next impact event will do that to. We just will not survive to see it.

Unless the insane become sane, and we the intelligent earth seed and child – use our intelligence wisely to construct in our first moment to do so – a DETECT AND DEFLECT system to protect the species and home planet – we have zero future and it matters now what we DO. The Earth will raise up a higher life forms that will defend our mothers honor. Not insane like we are.

If we fail to become sane and we compete versus cooperate as a species we will perish. There is no future. If we come together in sanity remove the insane and invest in priorities for humanity:

  1. Detect and Deflect
  2. Oxygen replenishment CO2 removal in all nations and cities world wide
  3. Earth friendly industrial development from here forward
  4. Tara Form technologies
  5. Populate cities in space and the stars

We win.

If we don’t. We won’t.

Now you have the ball game ….my readers.

Berny Dohrmann – Cutting through the FAKE to the REAL with the TRUTH