As the markets report the following in late April 2017:


  1. All time record high stocks and NASDAQ
  2. All time robust and rising bond markets
  3. All time high real estate sales and pricing
  4. Lowest interest rates in decades
  5. Rising output and earnings EU-Asia and the USA


We have told you to buy low – which the market is super high – and to sell HIGH. Now.

We have told you there is more downside risk today and why then there remains upside high side delights.

We have told you the BEST PLACE TO INVEST as CEO SPACE is the world’s largest small business owner community and network serving professionals in practice and small business owners with 1000 or less employee’s who wish to grow faster – though we get FORTUNE EXECUTIVES who desire our core skill advanced training.

We suggest that INVESTING now in your forward growth during this boom period is your priority. We believe you will all look backward and not too long from now – at the last greatest expansion period your this generation. Not to be repeated in our adult lifetime.

I would not worry too much about geopolitical events right yet. They will unfold as they always do and we can expect volatility from a software digital casino capitalism up and down and back up again. It is all new frontier. New history. No past precedent to predict how it all turns out. No one knows.

This right now IS THE BOOM TIME.

If you miss the BOOM you miss the opportunity of your adult lifetime.

To maximize the boom the TOOLS and TACTICS your missing must be acquired. That is new mental software for the owner of the business. Your upgrade. To become fully current in the super change market space your venture must adapt to.

CEO SPACE May 22nd as the prior blog defines – upgrades the boss – so the missing tools and tactics are now in your possession. Opportunities that were right in front of you are now acquired in the second half of 2017 versus missed out on forever. The BOOM is more fully harvested just as 72 % of all spending in the second half of 2017 unfolds. A sling shot effect is unfolding. You want to be inside that momentum in your business.

If you believe you need to upgrade a few core skills to vastly accelerate profit growth for your venture space – we would like you to reduce June tax payouts with a CEO SPACE membership “one-time” asset purchase for a LIFETIME of benefits from that asset that pay huge returns on the tax dollar saved. May we prove that to you? May we show you WHY we are ranked # 1 by Forbes and Inc as the SINGLE CONFERENCE A BUSINESS OWNER CAN “NOT AFFORD” TO MISS IN 2017?

Two-minute film clip that will educate any reader who owns a business or knows someone who does how MUCH MONEY they can make with CEO SPACE May 22nd at Disney World in Orlando. Over 20 nations will be attending and you should as well.

Acceleration in your business is our primary work. Helping our membership keep their money and avoid loss in the forward markets with hard data is the other service we provide. We know we spit in the wind by telling you the future has a SUPER CRASH inside it – but you know that. Meanwhile, the market will roll around global events like a drunken sailor and you can make money if you like legal gambling in that casino. Or you can sit on the side in lifetime safely diversified insurance investment assets with fully guaranteed nest eggs making the highest returns and always liquid and avoid the forward market risk.

In the end, the BEST INVESTMENT in 2017 and 2018 is GROWTH OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Sell out HIGH and invest in advertising, promotion, sales, CEO SPACE and related acceleration steps to hyper-grow during these boom times.

I would not miss the BOOM of 2017 in growing your dreams for anything.

That is my message and me”m sticking to it. Read my prior blog on CEO SPACE or my Facebook and Linked articles online.

Have the BEST WEEK we ARE – Berny Dohrmann _ Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL