BUSINESS OWNERS from all over the world will join together in Orlando Florida in one month. The Ceospace BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE ranked # 1 in the World in 2017:





Produces the BEST OF ITS SERIES at the MID-YEAR when half the year is gone. As 72 % of all global consumer spending occurs in the second half of the year – business owners are encouraged to:

  1. Develop new skills and currency in the fast pacing super change market place
  2. To improve plans teams and resources for second half profit making
  3. To grow trading networks and customer base accelerating sales immediately
  4. To map out better results for the second half than the first half
  5. To use Fortune Mentorship not available one on one anywhere else

Films on our website: define our value to every industry and business category or professional in practice. CEO SPACE accelerates growth. CEO SPACE lowers time and lowers cost to reach higher profits. Members make money. That is why they become members. One price exchanges for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ASSET where the member CEO who owns the business or practice can return to give GROWTH CONFERENCES over any rolling 12 months of time – for life – for FREE – forever. A tax dollar returns a huge profit on investment to own the asset. Prices are unchanged since 1988.

CEO SPACE serves business owners who address the questions:

  1. Yes, I want to accelerate my growth and Yes I know I need HELP to complete that acceleration process.
  2. Yes, I want the oldest largest and most highly ranked # 1 in that space to help me.
  3. Yes I see CEO SPACE as a business building machine, not a seminar or workshop
  4. Yes I get I have unlimited one on one expert mentor time on site 5 x a year
  5. Yes, I get I leave with better plans improved teams and resources and customers I lacked when I came in the door. I make money AT CEO SPACE which is transactional, not educational. It is a new model of a trade show to get business completed.

Any business owner  or professional who wishes to accelerate growth faster will in ONE MONTH wish to consider being registered and a new member with CEO SPACE. Leaders who wish to grow core skills, to acquire hard tools and tactics to overcome challenge lists, and to not have to delay higher pay – chose CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE is the world’s leading business accelerator. We grow the business faster.

A one-time fee provides a lifetime asset of membership value inside a process that grows with your business in stages and phases. We help you resell or go public. CEO SPACE is also the largest one stop SUPER STORE for everything the business owner requires or desires. Say you desire branding improvement – online sale velocity improvement – IP protection – capital raising – contract legal advice – administration system improvement – key personnel – outlets globally – access to Fortune outlets or B to B – it’s all present inside one SUPER STORE for the business OWNERS. 30 years of asset building to make sure your needs are inside the store and addressed. Our films online define the value more clearly.

CEO SPACE is not similar or like anything else you have ever associated with. CEO SPACE delivers:

  1. New customer base
  2. New Markets
  3. New Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
  4. System-wide improvements across your own challenge list
  5. You just don’t have to wait to lower time and cost to reach growth goals

Our promise is that we WILL NOT QUIT until YOU ( our customer-owners ) WIN. And we don’t and we won’t.

We operate in the COOPERATION CULTURES where all our business owners help one another without condition – itself making a fluid dynamic global market space in which to conduct business. Our skills transfer leaders from IVY league Universities state is superior to what they received in post-graduate work. Our skill shares immediate boss upgrades and are used and put to work for profit.

All who own ventures need to invest in CURRENCY becoming more current in the SUPER CHANGE market space.

CEO SPACE is the fun place where owners come together and at the mid-year – make sure the second half is better than the first.

If you know a business owner who should be aware of CEO SPACE – share this message with them. You will change their journey to be so much richer.



PS: THE Best back to back two programs of any year are to join for the May 22nd Program – learn how to use it and mid year correct – then return for the even larger Teen Feast Program in August largest of any year with wealthy parents world wide on site – now knowing how it works just slamming growth in May and August back to back. Call 256 850 4717 and ask Meg to help you Enroll anytime.