We told you that the TRUMP rally was a fools rally based on politics not economics. The Price Earnings Ratio’s are not sustainable long term. We told you the market would move into volatility in the spring and roll around like a Dunker Sailor until it super crashes. These predictions have proved spot on in the fact of no one else agreeing – though a growing army are agreeing now after the truth is proven out. Its reporting the truth early that is really important.

The news is reporting nothing important – like the fall of Bill Riley. TV Hosts come and they go folks. Riley attacked a NEW YORK TIMES reporter personally and massively at the peak of his show ratings in 2014. That same reporter got Bill Riley fired and disgraced. His loyal fans will follow him on line for sure. But his days being Bill Cosby as Bill Cosby are now over.

What is important in the news is OPEC. The 2000 % annual inflation in Venezuela and the day to day riots because millions lack food clothes shelter and medicine. They can’t repair their oil infrastructure which is leaking. Ships are lined up for days to be cleaned of leaking oil by hand – these are huge tankers – to enable them to port into other nations meeting environmental standards. Venezuela needs $ 100 oil like a blood transfusion. It is a nation so in the red its economy is crashing entirely.

Their production will eventually come back when and as the political course changes take place from the failed communist model to the improved model the people of the nation themselves select. It is a horrible police state mess today a failed state really – a failed oil state. Misery is what the people are suffering as if in prison.

Saudi is a nation in big red ink. At today’s prices, Saudi can not pay its bills. So why is it cutting back on oil and allowing America and other nations to take those customers away with their ever-rising production? Think about the game plan here. Saudi has always been able over history to make policy, give an announcement, and jaw bone oil prices to where they wished to MANIPULATE¬†oil prices for their own economy, as a hidden false tax upon the entire world. For a very short time, such monopolies work. Then they no longer work. Why? The oil market is now so diversified OPEC doesn’t matter anymore to the price. Their policy and efforts are costing the House of FAUD billions and billions of dollars that are costing them a trillion over time in market share.

It is not longer about price Saudi. It is about MARKET SHARE WARS. You are losing market share. Forever. Fast. If you extend the cuts you may gain a few short periods of a range of oil 45 to 55. Your notion speculators who can read the same supply demand numbers that I and every economist are reading as well – and then go LONG at 60 dollars or higher or oil is a side bet that will sink a trillion dollars faster than you can say BUCK ROGERS.

Folks the market for oil is going to sea saw and slide into the thirties. And likely stay in a lower trading range for a much more protracted period than anyone suspects – providing war does not intrude its ugly head affecting supply balances due to conflict.

In fact, PEACE is breaking out and all over the Gulf, the next two years look like ever rising supply against every sinking demand. The projections SAUDI makes suggesting demand will be x y and z-fail to consider the energy reforms taking place globally with sufficient counsel. The old models are BROKEN. The new correct models are not completed yet. The truth is OIL is plentiful and cheap and the cost of oil as a market item can not be driven by outside phony influencers today. That day has come and that day is over.

SO OPEC is losing market share. They all know THAT. How long will they PAY to transfer their markets to others?

That is what is important in the news today because OIL is the COST OF EVERYTHING ! Over 11,000 products for which we have zero replacements.

Berny Dohrmann – FOUNDER CEO SPACE