Toshiba is a brand – that like SONY and Toyota define Japan as a nation. Also defined as a nation is the culture to support and subsidize operations of core industrial firms that never earn a profit. These industries are NEVER allowed to fail and unwind. Their debts rise and their failures become system catastrophic. Japan has thousands upon thousands of Toshiba’s.  The ZOMBIE FIRMS have drained innovation, re-invention -and leadership from Japan. The result is Japan is entering a THIRD DECADE rising to 30 years of stagflation and no real strategic game plan to advance – their economic resurgence under a real master plan.

The EU and China have tens of thousands of zombie firms. The USA is building their first generation of them. This trend is a failed economic model which occurs when politics drive economics versus economics drive the politics.

Toshiba risks being de-listed on its public exchanges in Japan. Toshiba has informed the world they may not survive as a going business concern. The ripple effects of this outcome upon the Japanese Economy are so immediate politicians scramble to extend the time for the ZOMBIE.

Economically it is always better to let the system rebalance than to delay rebalancing – as those costs become system threatening.

In 2008 the financial institutions that needed to fail should have failed for making bad bets. Zero money should have been moved from taxpayers – via massive public debt – to secure bad debts for leaders of financial institutions who made fortunes making those bad bets. Taxpayer investments should have been placed on public works and economic infrastructure investment – versus paying off bad debt for AIG or any financial institution. Fines and penalties from the world’s largest gang of public organized crime in human history – worst than the 1920’s and Al Capone ever was and worse than all the MAFIA movie myths could ever present – remain the robber baron investment banks and financial CABAL stitched together globally.

Samsung steals American Patents from Apple and Chinese Patents from China. Why does the public buy anything from Samsung? They are crooks.

VW and its brands criminally executed cheating nations on environmental standards. Why does anyone buy from them?

Almost all major banks globally have stolen trillions of dollars from the public paid tens of billions in criminal fines as their get out of jail free card – and we still bank and deposit with the criminals like Wells Fargo Bank? If your management creates millions of phony accounts to make a bonus check is it time to STOP BANKING WITH THE CROOKS?

If Wyatt had told the Clanton’s at the OK Coral – don’t step over this red line – and when they did step over – Wyatt and Doc Holiday backed up 100 yards and said – well now certainly do not cross this second red line – and this goes on endlessly – and the public thinks a SYSTEM IS IN PLACE THAT IS FIXING THINGS?

Folks the Crooks now there IS NO PENALTY just a legal bribe to make the charges go away from their next ripoff.

Any economic system built on trillions of bad debt carried as good assets on financial books is a con. Any economic system that has 100 trillion in bad debt supporting 1,000,000′ s of zombie firms that have no profits and reality in their business modeling – are living in fools economics. Economics is unforgiving for abuse. As the debt explosion spirals to its fatal end, the world will SUPER CRASH.

Nations could cooperate and fix all this. It would take several years.

Nations are competing – every nation for itself – and today no one wants to fix the core system because they are paid to preserve it so the crooks can perform their legal thefts.

The economic system of the world is a GIGANTIC SUPER BUBBLE in all asset classes and is a criminal Ponzi scheme taking the wealth of nations from its own people.

The DIGITAL LEVERAGING has created the LARGEST SUPER BUBBLE in recorded human history.

The system abuse taking place within a set of core modeling can take a time to reach the point of SUPER CRASH. The point of SUPER CRASH will come however and accounts will rebalance. A fantastic domino of ZOMBIE firms will utterly collapse global trade and liquidity and jobs. The debt BUBBLE will finally once and for all explode.

Everyone is playing musical chairs. It is like being at the LAST SUPPER before Easter.

Of the leading G 12 nations – to the Lord Economist –

“IS IT “I” LORD… “I” the one betraying you?

In the end, the one who causes it all will betray with a kiss so remember Ceasar saying “and you too Brutus “. Things are not what they seem.

The financial market in unraveling faster and faster because POLITICS controls the economics versus economics controlling the politics – and as one Super Pack said – today these son’s ah bitches just won’t STAY BOUGHT” – they have no integrity when they take OUR MONEY?

( Takes one to know one when you’re all crooks  stealing the wealth of nations ).

The crises in are the following priority deficits:

1. The CRISES OF COOPERATION vs Competition

2. The Crises of INTEGRITY for without core integrity cooperation is impossible.

3. The Crises of Leadership – real leadership embraces principle 1 and principle 2 and leads to secure stable economic outcomes.


The Milton Freidman false failed model of economics – that any entity exists solely to make a mindless profit at all cost has cost the world a generation of prosperity.

The true motto is any entity exists to maximize its social contribution to its constituent community maximally while making a profit. ( See Amazon  and Bezos shareholder letter on this site scroll ).

COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is the only self correcting, fully transparent and corrected form of economics the entire world is rapidly embracing. The issue is will the utter collapse happen before the collaborations can prevent it?


Nations fostering zombie firms make world war and utter collapse into SUPER CRASH ever so much more likely – speaking economically not politically.

Think about it.

Berny Dohrmann – On Toshiba Easter 2017 – THEY HAVE NOT RISEN