TRUMP is making of threatening international order gigantic. In Syria, the new red line suggests if you use gas weapons prohibited by all nations – it will cost your team a cold billion dollars in destruction and lost toys and ammo. Big cost to consider for no gain.

Trump has said if you threaten your neighbors with Nuclear Weapons as North Korea is doing, you better run for cover and he means business. The cost to North Korea is everything. Their leaders all lose. That is the real outcome and they know that. So they blinked so far this weekend.

I always suggest that you plan that insane leaders like North Korea’s over steroid FAT BOY, a delusional paranoid must never be predicted to act in HIS OWN BEST INTEREST. If he had sanity he would be so prosperous and included as THE GLOBAL PEACE maker of this century. But nope insanity rules and they limp along budgeting all the resources into a fear punishment driven nation of total exploitation of its own people. A failed system utterly. Yet if you’re insane you think your winning and successful. You also know you just know you have zero consequence for your rogue state actions which actually is a permission of the rest of the world and only that – due to allowances your insane.

Monday digital global markets open weighing in on risk. The risk includes:

1. SO desperate is Aramco on Oil supplies the head in Saudi made the alarm bell that oil would in terribly short supply in 20 years. Oh Really. Demand is crashing. Supply is surging. There a surplus of oil and gas to demand. Your manipulation of price days is come and gone. Oil is going to drop into the 30’s before its done. When they come out like this it’s the last jaw bone to offset their trillions of rising deficits to their own forward economic planning which has proven all incorrect Stay long in oil and see what a blood bath that will be for you. Oil is going DOWN.

2. Interest is going up. The result is a recession worldwide.

3. War is looming in greater numbers of spots and political instability in the EU to Asia to Russia to the USA is rising. Instability and unknown future outcomes shrink markets and dry up liquidity and investment.

4. Consumer buying dropped two months in a row in the USA shocked experts last week.

5. Unemployment is soaring and the lagging numbers do not YET show how far back up it is rising.

6.  The USA may close down as it does not have a legal budget and congress can not agree on one. Emergency measures won’t cut it. As they raise the debt ceiling to over 20 trillion will the USA credit rating go up or down and the cost of money? What do you think?

7. What is the safe currency of the world even with all this? The Dollar. The only safe currency. Trump is talking the dollar down to make our exports including oil cheaper so our sellers can grab market share which they are doing.  But other nations are manipulating their currency seeing NO CONSEQUENCE from the Trump Administration for doing so but talking the dollar down which is temporary. The dollar is going to soar. Perhaps Monday.


The digital markets will digest this news at Easter and I do not think HE HAS RISEN is the bell tome for opening bell.

Think about – but Happy Holidays world wide to all my readers.

Berny Dohrmann – Easter Sunday in sunny paradise of Florida stay tuned


PS: Tweet to Trump – FAT BOY BLINKED good job .