INDIA last year effectively went out with old money in with new. They wanted to control the outflow and inflow of currency which in free markets in digital space NEVER WORKS. The only thing that works is:

  1. Long term successful monetary policy clearly set forth
  2. Total and absolute transparency on the math modeling of the currency

When you have Central banks who are opaque and do not set 1 and 2 above in the market space the world speculation of 440 trillion leveraged bank dollars – works against your 200 Billion of bills in circulation. Never good given India nation like the USA today are all the tail and the dog is the unregulated speculators who control digital landscape trading The market is phony and spiral up in Debt.

India risk on factors, where ATM’s ran out of cash this weekend in a growing number of major cities, sends a market signal WE ARE FAILING IN POLICY EXECUTION and risk moves quick. Billions could run out of India investment and cash positions globally on Monday.

Yet another factor for your opening bell to consider.

Berny Dohrmann – How is your ATM Cash today?