Since last summer, we have suggested the market is ramping into insane value. We suggested all year after the Trump swearing in that our readers protect their nest egg, under the BUY LOW SELL HIGH theory of all investing – and sell out at the all time record high for stocks and bonds and wait out the down cycle, inside safe warm high return and guaranteed diversified insurance investments.

We have warned in calling the SPRING CORRECTION ( our 97th since 1988 correct forecasting so many of our readers rely on today ) on:

  1. Trump agenda would stall  in Congress. Its stalling now.
  2. Congress would be dysfunctional as a prediction
  3. Trump and the Fed would duke it out – that IS  coming
  4. The world economic was weak fragile and within a debt spiral
  5. Assets were manipulated into a SUPER BUBBLE on price
  6. Oil was not going back up and world rebalancing was a RISK on due to that fact
  7. Opec is Saudi paying untold billions to lose its own market share
  8. The world is stuck in TRADE WAR with every nation for itself
  9. Debt bombs would likely go off and contagion would foster a SUPER CRASH
  10. ETF’s remain the largest risk when THAT takes place which is not yet

So the trillion dollar question this Spring. As those who read, acted and protected themselves lose nothing and gain so much – and those who delay may pay – remains – is this a 5% traditional market CORRECTION or is this the start of something far more dire?

All the news reports as if they read my blog today – 180 degrees from where they all reported two weeks ag0. Weird if you’re tracking it.

Sears closing over 100 stores along with Macy’s as anchor stores, making all those calls return their loans to banks is a commercial crisis in development.

Then today Sears suggests warning the market WE MAY NOT EVEN STAY IN BUSINESS AT ALL – what would that do to hundreds of additional malls?

Looking at the weak USA GNP falling, the weak economic reality, the rising interest, the soaring inflation, how would investors take comfort in forwarding risk on bets at the all time high within insane multiples?

When do investor groups controlling trillions run for safe harbor? As they first begin to do so the software triggers make new history. We have never seen a world software market like this – not ever.

So no one can predict outcome anymore from old history. The regulatory framework has failed the marketplace. The speculators are upsetting balancing trade globally and fiscally.

Within all this the diversified USA economy, of 35 small business owners, with over 1,000,000 new business’s opened each year, remains the financial SHOCK ABOSROBER other economies lack.

We suggest you consider these new details of the political landscape:


1. If a SUPER CRASH unfolds, it may be likely Trump will not bail out bad beds for financial institutions this time with taxpayer economic insanity.

2. It is far more likely as with the Depression model Trump will massively invest in infrastructure and jobs which dysfunctional congress may be far more likely to pass within a down bubble in general world financials.

What has been history we predict will not BE FORWARD HISTORY?

What is coming is going to be NEW.

No one can predict. Not when. Not what.

No one.

We can guide you and GPS you and we will.

Within data. Economic not political data.

And we WILL do our best.

Just for you.

Today confirmed earlier Spring predictions no surprise to our tens of thousands of readers who track the GPS of news with a Blog check during your week.

Thank you for sharing my blog with your lists and walls I appreciate that.