When one talks about China as a world power one must keep in mind, China is less than 20% of the USA Economic machine. China is a third world nation.  China is a tie in GNP and economic output with Japan India and Indonesia. Together the combined economics do not rival the USA. China is chump change to the USA and Russia is way way behind China in GNP. When one talks about the number two or number three economy to the USA one must keep two notions in their mind:

  • Number two is almost 80% less than the USA
  • Number 20 is 80% dependent upon the USA to enjoy even THAT

There is only one real Super Power today. There is only one nation that with zero imports can feed all its people and still export enough FOOD to feed the entire world – only one nation has the raw capacity to DO THAT.  The USA energy self-sufficiency and the USA food self-sufficiency makes AMERICA  without any other base of minerals and assets the wealthiest nation by far upon the earth. The USA is so diversified, so educated, so productive, so inventive, so wealthy, that no other power or nation is in the same Super Power category – other economies  – are  more like ants in the grass off 1,000 miles from Mount Everest economically.

For example, the Gulf nations, now in the red and spending more than they earn, might cut the USA for fuel. The result would be the bankruptcy of the Gulf nations. There is no way to challenge the USA economically in a model that is succesful. North Korea with 47% of its population being UNDERNOURISHED in food expands its wealth not in food for its people but in a war course for weapons of mass destruction. Why? When could they join all nations and be so prosperous and welcome? INSANITY. Insane leadership. This taxes everyone else but in the end the sane win and the insane lose. The insane always lose.

U.S. Factories cranked out more auto’s  steel and computers more dryers freezers and refrigerators, more hard goods, as a SIXTH CONSECUTIVE MONTH OF FACTORY OUTPUT GROWTH late last year and in the first quarter of this year. No nation is showing that result. China is in a meltdown over the same six months, a factory FREE FALL down bubble. The USA is showing the strongest economic machine worldwide at a time when others are having an enomrous challenge. Markets have gone up to all time records. The output is soaring. The USA can’t even get enough workers other nations average 40% youth unemployment. The USA can’t get enough of those workers.

Mining output in the USA rose 2.7 % in the first quarter. No nations match this output. Oil output is soaring and the USA not only has stockpiles just exploding in surplus – we are also producing 1.2 million barrels a day taking market share from other producers in a rising wealth bubble of energy trades like the world always saw AMERICA leading within. We are leading again. A

The USA has in a nation and under control more oil and energy than all the related nations of the earth. The Debt of the USA against these assets is like a 12% home loan. There is no nation in superior fiscal position. Or matching fiscal position.

The USA has almost 37% millennial buyers in their markets more than the 65 age group and up category who are younger and spending more than any older group ever. America has more young switched on turned on workers in the work force and by % than seniors, which is the opposite of the many of the top ten nations who have far more seniors than young workers – this is DEMOGRAPHIC WEALTH. Unlike any nation on the earth, the demographics are not what China faces with their upside down pyramid of seven elderly to every younger worker  DEMOGRAPHIC BANKRUPTCY and the care COST for this elderly as required is the largest cost to the national output in China and many others. DEMOGRAPHIC BANKRUPTCY is a growing global economic model that is not sustainable in debt or in raw data on demographics. Some villages in Italy the average age is 87. America has DEMOGRAPHIC REAL WEALTH vs Demographic bankruptcy of so many nations. A trap that they can not get out of given their debt loads against no asset base to offset such debts.

None of that applies in the USA which has both POPULATION WEALTH and immigration asset values no other nation possess. DEMOGRAPHIC WEALTH is significant as the economic, productivity, food, energy and mineral wealth America has at a % ratio no other nation on earth possesses. Our military economics to protect this asset rich nation is 85% greater than China or Russia -again the significance of the size of the SUPER POWERS is enormous in ratio. America has weapons the world has never seen before. Nano swarms of bio atomic and related weapons. EMP and-and advanced nano weapons the world has no clue about. To attack the USA ( really ) is to commit suicide. The 9/11 math was basically kill one of ours and we kill 100,000 of yours and wound and injure twice that number. If you DO THE MATH the attack on the 911 center was the most costly event in modern history for the powers and nations that permitted such attack. The Recent attacks by ISIS on the WEST are so insane ISIS is being WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH in 24 months. DO THE MATH. It is really insanity vesus sanity when the economics and math are looked at. AMERICA ? An old TV add used to state …its not NICE to mess with MOTHER NATURE…..and the same applies to THE USA. Today. Tomororw and forever.

The US Dollar?

The US Dollars is the systemic trading foundation of the entire world for economic trade settlement.  The currency of final resort. The currency of ABSOLUTE TRUST for all the correct reasons. Nothing else comes close to the circulation, velocity, momentum, confidence, asset backing, economic backing, not even close. A basket of very bad currencies does not make a fraction of the one very good world currency the US DOLLAR. Not econommically. There is not enough currency of any other nation or basket of nations that has the core confidence to settle a single day of global economic  trades by the trillions world wide daily. The system to manage world economics, within the dollar clearing model, is mature and flawless century old system  and holds the confidence of the world and its nations for all the economic right reasons. Everything less is so much less is remains unworthy of discusison. THE USA is the CUSTODIAN OF MANAGEMENT FOR THE WORLD TRADING SYSTEM IN OUR GENEERATION OF TIME. No other economic system has the strength the model the crediblity the vision the clearning the circulation the strength of core assets that AMERICA brings to world stability in the dollar clearing system for world trade.

No other currency has the core economics, asset value, maturity of system modeling, the volume of currency in circulation nor the % of global trade settlements ( almost 100% ) that the dollar commands since World War II, which was won BECAUASE  of the USA.

How strong is the USA economy and the USA Dollar?

So strong no nation has to worry about the future as to the WORLD  system, capacity, leadership, stability, or asset base or economic base, as the engine of the entire world, remains the USA. Those who would challenge the stability and the integrity of the existing system, are economically speaking, a joke.

Keep these economic details in mind when you sort through 287 nations steering a single space  ship, EARTH.