World news is occupied with Vanilla. The BIG drama lies ahead. During this first period when Presidents are TESTED by global events we have seen none of it.

The news of the Gulf is so repeated – endless secular bombings – and the war in Syria. The death the refugee’s are becoming a yawn to the world community when the largest tragedy since World War II is unfolding.

Famine has returned to NORTH AFRICA with the largest threat to millions dying in United Nations history swamping their budgets and manpower completely. Yet the news reports on this tsunami compared to EBOLA as if it was not even present in the sound bite world.

Attention is focused on Trump and the wiretap as if that was important as we approach the second quarter of the year. In fact, Trump controls the agenda since he ran and steers the media as no other MEDIA MASTER in history ever has since Hilter – not that I’m comparing the two-  I’m just reporting the vanilla press news. Hitler was the first mass media leader who got the power of media upon the mass agenda. Trump is the world’s first digital media president. Trump does more with a tweet than all prior leaders in history to manipulate media reporting. IT works. Folks.

It is our opinion that President Trump will be tested soon by events around the world as the DRAMA returns in full bloom. We also suggest these new tests always taking place to define the new leadership of the world’s leading SUPER POWER will also define:

  1. The trends in the investment markets globally
  2. The trends in oil pricing globally

To be sure terror is on the defensive. Their money is drying up. They are fighting to survive as their leadership and core trained personnel are increasingly killed off. The core engine of terror has been destroyed and there is no end in sight in that. To suggest 9/11 did not pay is to fail to do the math from the folks who invented Math in the Gulf. We kill one of yours and we kill 100,000 of yours doesn’t seem to register with them. We cost you a dollar we cost generations untold fortunes and political capital doesn’t seem to register. Terror was far better off leaving the USA alone. That is a fact. Do the math. Muslims who unite as the majority and end terror in their own community is how it will ultimately end. We are in the middle of a generational CIVIL WAR in the MUSLIM community and no outsider will influence the outcome. In the end, the sane Muslims ( my friends and brothers who lead really ) will win this civil war against the insane.

The wealth of humanity expanded lopsided to kill each other over our human diversity of faith and politics defines humanity. Why do we not CELEBRATE all human diversity as interesting versus PUNISH IT as a mandate for all education? What could we do with that wealth redeployed for health prosperity and full partnership for all of us? I’m just suggesting a thought here. CELEBRATING HUMAN DIVERSITY in faith and politics is sane and punishing diversity is a form of insanity. Think on that.

The period from October to now has been world huge event and drama free as a time frame I can’t remember. Obama had constant challenges in the USA with violence and terror. Trump has had nothing by comparison. From natural disasters and tsunami’s in Japan to atomic testing in North Korea we just have not seen any BIG ONE.

Trump rules by Tweet and that new digital policy is a first and can’t be challenged. Trump gets more media from a tweet than a speech.

The one fact of Trump the world has never known before is – they can’t figure this guy out. He promised to remain UNPREDICTABLE. He has and he IS. No one has his policy number which remains his forward constant. They are all reactive to his proactive. President Trump has the world agenda as no leader in modern history has at this level. When he takes the heat he dials a new channel with a tweet and attention shifts. He is the MEDIA MASTER OF ALL TIME – there should be some award. You have to admit THAT.

The Vanilla media is a surprise.

The lack of a global test to a new leadership is a surprise.

Heck, it’s all a surprise. The world is IN surprise if you’re honest.

Ahead lies an overpriced market. The massive investor buyer group is selling out. The middle class has been dumping since mid-2016 100’s of billions. They know the market is over priced. They read my blog and sell high waiting to buy low. Smart.

The chart looks like this:

  1. The CRAP table charts demonstrate a model for massive correction to the current earnings price levels – not seen in history we are passing 1928. Way past 2007.
  2. The buyer participation index is the lowest in history. Imagine an upside down pyramid. The market is supported by massive leverage ( borrowing ) to buy equities inside software controlled market manipulation platforms all new since the crash known as ETF’s. These distortions to the marketplace trade at fantastic volumes of capital, increasingly leveraged highly, maximally, with the fewest participants at the bottom of the market pyramid controlling all that money.
  3. In vibrant markets, the pyramid participation index is reversed with the massive base to the population owning equities long term and bonds.With the distortion of the participation index, the Super Crash becomes unknown as ETF markets are untested as to liquidity and learning in massive market reversal. WE are about to experience new history economically.

This new history folk will be BIG NEWS. We suspect we will all hear once again, the blame game of the blame shedding dance – woe is us woe is us how or HOW did this ever happen – how could this have happened – why did this happen – and so forth.

All the while the IMF and WORLD BANK and leading economists ( including myself ) have labored to draw attention to the RISK VARIANT and request the most massive RE-THINK of truly GLOBAL REGULATIONS of markets. Without this, the system moves to collapse and world war. Many say that is the only trend taking place today. We all feel it but we don’t know how to influence real change upon it.

WE have written endlessly that the laws are all local and the trades are now all in the unregulated cloud. The laws were written for paper markets and clearing of the decades before the digital age. The digital modeling that has taken over all markets in only ten years has distorted free markets, fallen outside all regulatory platforms, and now with manipulation and pure greed, threatens the entire global system at its very core.

Now add in the cause of all global depressions and all past system cave in’s ultimately. ABUSE OF CREDIT and the system via bad debt,  as regulations failed to stop speculative investing with leverage that created the pile of bad nonperforming loans. As nations from new digital trading sovereign wealth funds, to trade war in digital cyberspace, to their own advantage advance without regulatory global frameworks for the digital economies, they move into impossible never seen in history piles of bad debt. More than half the EU is technically bankrupt in debt. The EU leaders France and Germany have seen their GNP fall since the crash and never recover the road backup. They can’t pay the bad debts of the rest of the EU no one can.

Africa is drowning in Debt. Asia is the worst in the world but under-reported.

America lost its top credit rating under President Obama a historic modern history first. Due to debt abuse of the core system in the USA. The US FED has accumulated the largest balance sheet in Fed history and it can’t dump those assets ( mostly troubled ) back into the marketplace without further distortion. Everyone is unable to predict outcome moving forward. The crash of 2007 has never been truly fixed folks. Kicking the political can down the road has seen banks like Wells Fargo cheat criminally millions of their own customers – no one goes to jail and their CEO got a huge multi-million dollar bonus for his work last year after it all got covered up. He was paid for the cover up like VW and Deutsch bank.

We the people just sit behind endless system corruption and super money. The Super money paying off a small number of political leaders to do nothing but keep the SUPER MONEY safe in a system flawed and modeled as the FEW AGAINST THE MANY for profit and greed. System reform is the only way forward – global cooperation to do just that but no one is DOING THAT in any way. The competition and trade war is growing and the time to reset accounts is fast passing any opportunity to avoid destruction of the core economic system worldwide.

The elite holds all the cards but the system is highly UNSTABLE.

Stable systems are solvent, debt moderated, and you can predict and control a future outcome.

Unstable systems lack prediction and control and are hostage to unsustainable debt.

As the bad debt, nonperforming loans never to be paid back ever – are held as GOOD ASSETS by institutions ( legal theft under laws protecting them against us ) the system economically becomes the leaning tower of Italy. Italy itself is an example of the big debt lean.

As those bad massive assets are rebalanced to be liabilities economics requires –  as they must one day – the system melts down. The only question for the really  BIG NEWS is who will be first to lean too far.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching the LEAN just for YOU and that IS the big real NEWS