Goodbye My Mentor


Once at the Waldorf hotel David toasted the investment banker elite at a toast including me, as a young investment banker now on wall street in syndicates that had just closed. He turned and with his smile said – we wish to welcome our wayward west coast new member to the family ( everyone knew he had mentored me in ) noting we have grown to love him but we will of course never ACCEPT HIM ( meaning I was not blue blood East Coast establishment by birth ). He went on to say this recent deal Berny only participated in the crumbs of the great feast ( underwriting ) but son they ARE pretty fine crumbs are they not? ( Meaning I was IN the syndicate ). I replied raising my class – Yes Mr. Rockerller the are indeed wonderful crumbs each and everyone dollar of them, and thank you for having me anywhere near your table. Bang the glasses glanced with the captains of finance. That was a long time ago. David died in his sleep at age 101.

The last time I saw David was when a knock came to my suite at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in his last years as Chase Bank Chairman. I had just gotten to bed with my jet lag on arrival. I had offices at the time in the nation for my investment firm. The door was trying to be opened by the General Manager of the King David Hotel. I opened the door in my pajama’s. There was the GM and Mr. Rockerfeller and is entourage. He said BERNY is that YOU and we hugged and the GM made all these apologies and suggested he would walk Mr. Rockerfeller to another suite – so relieved he knew ME in this error on his part. Heads would fly downstairs.

I heard my David say to his team – so is the bank still there during my flight as he walked off down the long hallway – and they replied – yes sir Chase is doing just fine in your short absence. He was always a little insecure on world events which he well taught me to possess as well.

As the grandson of the Rockefeller who started the oil industry as we know it, his stories of his family and his responsibility to wealth left such an impression on me. I could never share all those personal sharings histories and mentor but they are in me now and forever. The inner circle of money power and influence has been a privilege and honor to witness from my family rich in its own histories and a foothill to the MOUNT EVEREST world of David Rockefeller who included me into that rare air at such a rising time of my investment banking economist career path. Thank YOU, my David thank YOU.

I shall miss him.

If you read his praise and achievements you will never know the strategic models he imparted to world markets. He invented sovereign nation circulation policy of capital and development strategy for developing nations and we still follow HIS master model to today. I was in those rooms and I can’t tell you how ahead of his time this genius of finance truly was. To be mentored at all by him is to have walked with the Giants. I wish him God’s speed to his family and rewards.

I also lost Bill Madona the Golf Pro to the SUPERSTARS you watch on TV who taught me my first golf swing and faculty at CEO SPACE. I shall miss them both. Bill teach David to improve his swing over “there”.

Berny Dohrmann – Missing My GIANTS and MENTORS as AGE creeps up on ME today.