China is spending 300% more than it makes. The income for China now with a trade deficit last month – which never happens – is falling. The debt is soaring and out of any control. If the debt bomb ends in defaults that cascade as they must the current game bets end.

China is investing massively in leading in technology versus copy technology.

They are trying to lead in quantum computers which the USA already possess and lead in.

How this plays out we can’t predict. China is recruiting firms and talent worldwide with no end in capital to develop this sector of their economy. They fear reliance on technology from the USA.

Apple announced it will open enormous multi-billion dollar R&D parks in China. Why not the USA?  How dependent is Apple on China in this new future?  Tim head of Apple called for increased technology investing in China. Why? How is that positive for America who built Apple?

Monitor this trend with fresh eyes on the news as the TECHNOLOGY wars are fully on today and are strategic to the future of nations.

The risk on betting on communist is another risk of history.

We will watch all this economically for you as a 2017 and beyond key trend for the world.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it Real for our readers