1. Who reads this blog. The blog was set up for the 30-year graduate base of CEO’s who own and run their small to mid-size business in 140 nations as members of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. Investment bankers, heads of banks, financial institutions, Hedge funds, Private Equity leaders and CEO’s, government leaders, and small business owners read this blog. Investors use the blog as one resource to discuss with their licensed professionals when planning contrarian safe harbor strategies for their core investment protections. 100,000’s read daily.
  2. The blog reports on CEO SPACE ( not much or too often ) and generally provides NEWS gathered from WORLD PRESS on financial trends, none of which is every political. My effort is to prioritize what is important that you never hear about and to place economics behind what you’re reading every day in every way. In my world it’s all about one truth – follow the money it is always about the MONEY regrettably.
  3. The Blog speaks to thought leaders who seek the sanest and awake reflections on world news. Sanity versus insanity. Cooperation ( sanity ) versus competition the one virus on human consciousness – the impulse to insanity.
  4. All opinions are my own and reflect a group of retired global investment banker economists having RUN as CEO the world’s largest – PUBLIC – GLOBAL – investment banking firms and we KNOW the bottom line to everything is FOLLOW THE MONEY so we tell you – HOW – to read the financial tea leaves. You get a summary of our emails and shared calls globally on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – the truth from all the lies and manipulations.
  5. This blog site is addicting so we warn you – subscribe at your own risk.

Users who make a favorite or who subscribe are encouraged to check back weekly or more often for updates. As a world speaker on stages worldwide this Blog is written with enormous research and posted without the time authors typically spend on word quality – rushing between planes and always with NO TIME to write at all – so given the AMOUNT of global SUPER CHANGE taking place and the passion to keep my tens of thousands of reader subscribers and my hundreds of thousands of readers CURRENT IN SUPER CHANGE week to week – I ask for forgiveness that the time to proof and better write your copy is NOT PRESENT. So applaud the hard content and the 97 accurate market predictions since 1988 – versus the quality you may wish for – knowing I”m rushing between planes while you read. Each blog is a draft on the copy but solid as a rock on data.

I lecture on stages all over the world. I consult to heads of state and the largest Fortune CEOs in the world today. I spend my life in high servie and we host five of the # 1 business conferences in the world annually in Florida. I”m 100 weeks busy and in service with my time. This work is to serve YOU and is for no other purpose. I hope you benefit from the information as I work very hard to make it precise and as accurate as I know how. All my data is supported by third party referrence and incoming from WORLD very varified press and discussions with the leading world banking elite, UN Ambassadors and thought leaders setting the future for whats NEXT for all of us. As a futurist my new books SUPER CHANGE and DIGITAL MANNERS take you forward in time. I’ll let you know here when my next New York Times best sellers are released in 2017 and 2018 as I just finished those master pieces as well. Both are WELL WRITTEN unlike this blog. Again with your understanding.

We also are drawing on our beltway lobby work and the institution of CEO SPACE Forbes and Inc Magazines # 1 ranked Business Acceleration Conference series in the world featuring LIFETIME membership still for a 1988 price unchanged in 30 years just for you.

My subscribers ( not my readers who are not subscribers ) have permission by this clause to copy, paste, use any or part of any blog anytime in any way they desire. Including books and publications. All my readers are celebrated for sharing this blog with the right tribe you feel at cooperative and not competitive and who seek to contribute to world change and thought leadership.

This Blog is for CEO’s and LEADERS and is not for the general public. The responsibility of managing other people’s capital, of investing, of running the small business up into big business of making national policy to advance massive entrepreneur explosions in your community is what CEO SPACE is all about. It is what my consulting is all about. It is what my life is all about as I consult to nations on economic strategy, debt reform, and entrepreneur rapid development supporting local economies in countries counties,  states, and nations. See

Our objective is to:

  1. Help Business OWNERS make better choices for planning and investing.
  2. Help investors make better choices in a venture and related investing strategy.
  3. Help national leaders accelerate in state or nation entrepreneur ramp up
  4. To provide economic priorities to news current to the quarter and week
  5. To keep our readers CURRENT in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE

We rely on YOU and only YOU  to grow our community as we do zero marketing and sharing of our blog which is one of the fastest subscription growth blogs in the world. We are growing in over 100 nations of global readership because of YOU and only YOU.

Again I apologize for the quality of writing versus the objective to quantity – so you are always current in what your reading and what it means ( economically ). The news is a river that affects your lives. This blog helps you make SENSE of the news under the news the economics at the raw level of conclusion and opinion ( always my own ).

Together we are PLANET SHIFTERS and WORLD CHANGERS in a community.

We hope to meet you at a future CEO SPACE.

We hope to meet you when we speak globally this quarter from Romania to India.

We hope to receive your comments on this blog and I personally interact with all of my readers who post comments. It’s me, not a staff member.

I hope this helps you use the blog – which if read weekly – provides a clear TREND YOU CAN FOLLOW. You will come to see that financial leaders follow this blog because we have been precise, unmatched in an accuracy of forecasting and superior in calling future events most of which are marketplace catastrophic the next being SUPER CRASH. We tell our readers who to prosper in any market and those who actually act on our advice thank us so often.

CEO SPACE members can befriend me on Facebook just tell me the class I met you at as I’m way past 5000 friends of course.

All of you can email me at anytime or Whatsapp me. All my social is my name. I approve skype at bj4ibi only to CEOSPACE members who tell me the class number they attended as that alone is 100,000’s in 140 nation nations and me”m only one investment banker economist consultant.

You can engage me for speaking or consulting by emailing and she’ll set up a call with you.

I hope this helps you appreciate the


  • intention of my blog work
  • the community I serve
  • who reads the blog
  • Your authority to use share and copy blogs
  • My hope you will spread the word to your circle

Thank you for commenting as I love to get to KNOW my readers.

With Affection,
Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and founder of the global CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL


PS: I’ve been to prison twice over my life. My best friend from catholic school was my prosecutor. They are making a movie about that at which although decades old now – may interest some of you. I write about it as the lesson a lot. I work tirelessly for justice reform in nations everywhere. Believe me, I know that need.