I don’t write about Syria much. I do not like to depreciate America and I know our leaders get so many incoming sets of advice, but truly the little click in the beltway is subject to massive error. They are not even with pure intention to do RIGHT – free of making massive mistakes.

The USA has backed and supported ruthless dictators. Stability in the theater is always desirable. Consider:

  1. We made a deal with Gadhafi and his leadership to give up atomic weapons and them ould rely on us. When they were under attack by insane brains – whey did we not support their leadership. We could easily have restored order and cemented a friendship and a transition over time to our great benefit and the people of Lybia. Today Lybia is in shambles. Our policy has not worked in a positive way for the PEOPLE. We are not alone in policy undertaking but it is a failed policy.
  2. In Iraq, Sadam offered to leave with his children and leadership to avoid war. Why did we not let him leave? The cost of not doing that is historic and silly really. Failed policy. The people of Iraq remain in a nightmare still and our own cost of life has been large. My son a two-time USMC sniper team leader to Iraq with the purple heart and four surgeries is one example of COST back home. At least to our family and that is nothing compared to the funeral my son still attends for his fellow US Marines.
  3. Saddam. In 2011 a peaceful series of protests took place. The legal leader the KING met the leadership and promised reforms. Then the King and his order were attacked. The USA supported and outfitted those rising up against the legal leader for a policy that is a failed policy. We had an opportunity to support regional stability and cooperation and we failed to do so. The issues in a theater are complex and American values can not be exported to other regions of the world with thousands of years of history we must learn to consider before we opt into failed policy in a theater.

So Russia comes in at 2015 with support greater than America with a WINNING POLICY. Russia has prestige. They unite Iran and regional allies to support the reset of Sunni and Shite relationship and to back the winner – the King the legal ruler of the nation. Who is now victorious in the battle and will not be deposed by force. No way. We failed to back the winner. Again. Why? Why is losing our best economic or political policy?

Saudi leadership has gays forced to jump off buildings. They condone stoning to death 20-year-olds who marry for love outside arranged marriages, and they cut off limbs for thieves. We back them and do not liable them human rights violators and we do not say they are a brutal administration. The Saudi’s slaughter regular folks in Lybia today and we support the Saudi machine with weapons and economic support. Is this hypocritical in Syria? It is for sure a FAILED POLICY. The USA lost in its FAILED FOREIGN POLICY and Russia WON.

Russia made a deal with President Reagan. NO backlash for the Berlin WALL COMING DOWN “if” America honored a line of its former trading partners – formerly states of the Soviet Union and now independent but trading with Russia for centuries – its SPHERE – we made that promise that deals NOT TO MOVE NATO EAST.

Then we broke that promise with Bill Clinton by a slight move. Then George Bush moved the line for Nato under his YOUR EITHER AGAINST US AGAINST TERROR OR you’re WITH US ( another failed policy in my opinion – competitive and not cooperative ) and NATO Moved EAST. Then President Obama, knowing George Bush was warned and stopped and honored the promise upon being reminded – moved NATO ever East ignoring the agreement. Russia tired of one broken promise after another acted in Ukraine – its own primarily Russian community – as seen by locals wishing to be under Russia. The USA miscalculated and lost again in its FAILED FOREIGN POLICY. Russia won big time in world prestige and in being what it feels is RIGHT to balance the USA as a PROMISE BREAKER – to draw political capital to the issue that there is the consequence for NATIONS cheating at the top.

Amerian Press ( owned now and bought by private special interests ) report how Russia is that and Russia is that – and Putin is a bad bad actor in the world today. Russia wants to make a deal with the USA that makes sense for both and restore a GREAT POLICY MODEL for the entire world. Russia China and the USA together working as common peacemakers so FULL PARTNERSHIP can rise up in peace.

Iran wants to be included but does not trust America seeing all the historic lies and broken promises. Iran wants to assure its Shite majority of Muslims are not slaughtered by Sunni minorities seeking power and wealth over oil and politics in the region. Saudi as a Sunni minority wants security for its Kingdom, historically, and does not wish to be overthrown by the SHITE majority in the Region.

All of which is thousands of years of history ( America does not have nor does America appreciate the history fully when making forward policy influenced all too often by MONEY interests ) which the locals know and do not trust.

The opportunity with President TRUMP to restore a Reagan model to the world cooperation is before us. Forces to defeat such POLICY REFORMS from failed policy to SUCCESFUL winning policy for our economics, for our world stature and for our futures, are massive. There are many points of view. In the end, the press is not reporting the TRUTH. The TRUTH is all about the MONEY. I’ve written you to follow the money – follow the financial interest – then you see more clearly.

The real danger to the world is:

  1. My last blog on China Debt. We need to engage SUPER BONDS in rebalancing debt accounts and reforming the debt nations ( including the USA China and Russia ) into stable economics. If China Debt Bomb goes off the entire system is at risk and world war can and will most likely escalate. You know this as my readers. It’s the MONEY folks. Innovative economic ideas if leading politics can peacefully reset nations if we cooperate versus competing on the issues. No one trusts the USA given the failed vision and policy that has failed for 25 years.
  2. Pakistan becoming a Muslim Nuclear nation and going to war with India, much more a world war III flash point than North Korea but influenced by North Korea.
  3. North Korea – first selling weapons of mass destruction – so likely based on history and also inspiring a flash point to start a war. President Trump should meet with North Korea and China and make a deal. Nothing stabilizes that region and rebalances economics like that cooperative possibility. The forces against that – the influence to go to war – is profit making for the powerful forces that PROFIT FROM WARS while we the people do not, in fact, we the people are slaughtered by such historic and failed POLICIES.

You can’t, of course, appease Hitler or the insane brains – like ISIS. We must delete insanity from power collectively. Fighting among the sane against the insane is not SUCCESS IN POLICY. Those with vastly different views and systems can COOPERATE and SHOULD COOPERATE.


World War III is going on – in SYRIA. The USA is fighting Russia. We are righting Shite’s and we are fighting IRAN. However, IRAN is helping the USA and dying by our side righting ISIS. ISIS is insane brains. ISIS is not a religion nor political. ISIS is insane. Simple. Insane brains which are how the world media needs to label such brains in the future.

I have hope for America because in our system and nation the pendulum always SWINGS BACK. When our congress put innocent people in jail in America under the black failed policy of the Mcarthy Era, one lone journalist Edward R Morrow swung the pendulum back and dethroned that elite power block armed only with the TRUTH. Few nations could have done so as rapidly or as peacefully.

AMERICA IS HOPE AND PROMISE as we self-correct our own abuse over time lines other models have historically never matched.

Still, it is painful to witness entirely FAILED POLICY, backing the wrong tribe, because such failure costs fortunes, time, and so many lives.

I’m hoping for a reset.

You should as well.

I do not state the King of Syria or Putin is “our vision” of tomorrow’s cooperative vision inspired leadership for the world. They have their own advice that is as bad as what our leaders receive in the USA – always the MONEY ELITE folks – follow the money. Leaders are less free to decide things than you suspect.

I’m a realist. I want the PEOPLE of the Region, the people of Egypt, Lyriba, Iraq, Syria and Jordon and Afghanistan to enjoy FULL PARTNERSHIP and prosperity, not wars. I have had offices and done business in the Gulf most of my life. Many of my teachers now long graduated, are older Muslims, great thinkers who taught me how COMPLEX all these issues truly are historical. Over decades my compassion for the people and leadership has soared from real experience real knowledge.

One of these teachers over Turkish coffee under the desert stars once stated – do your beltway leaders really understand our DIRT? Do they know our wives and children? DO they truly have the capacity to understand our culture and our model for living life? Our history really? After the longest silence, I turned to those village chief’s in Jordon on the hilltop overlooking their farms and villages and said… already know the answer do you not?

Which was enough. 

Berny Dohrmann – With a note on the TRUTH related to SYRIA and Failed POLICY in the world today not just the USA policy but a group of nations who may not truly know the DIRT that they make the POLICY upon. Ignorance in our digital impoding world can no longer be an acceptable excuse for WE THE PEOPLE of this small planet spinning through a rock storm in space.


PS: You may always copy my blogs and I hope you WILL to Syrian Families you know and Gulf Community who with a patience they are so known for will allow the USA to regain its HOPE AND PROMISE – they will. They will. Our people love and repsect one another forgive the money elite in both nations as you copy this blog.