We just returned home to Tampa Bay Florida from the first of our FIVE TO THRIVE global Business Growth Conferences in Orlando Florida. The first of our 2017 Series represent the one and the only BUSINESS GROWTH ENGINE for CEO business owners in the world today. The format is not a seminar or workshop model. The format NETWORKS the attending business OWNERS and professionals into effective ongoing MASTERMIND teams to grow any size enterprise. Billionaires were mentoring millionaires and both crosses mentored everyone rising UP. Many countries attended from all over the world. They are still ON SITE networking through this weekend and making real – solid – income producing – or investor driven – deals to hyper growth ventures.

The community appreciates the PAY ONE LOW FEE for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP access pass to five events every 12 months for LIFE. This value package is not presented by any other model in the market space.

Ceospace  is ranked # 1 year after year due to quality. The quality is maintained over the 30 years of our service to the world of leadership by allowing OUR MEMBERS ( you ) who own your business or private practice to advance protocols that WORK better. As we reside in an age of SUPER CHANGE every CEO SPACE event, is unique and different from the last. Member input including our top tier PLATINUM COMMUNITY provide input, we adopt and insert to benefit all members. Our objective is to make each CEO SPACE income acceleration market event superior in advancing core income growth for our CEO member community.

We were told by our ceospace members this last week, many lifetime graduates from the 1990’s, THAT the 2017 series is superior and that the quality upgrades were beyond description by other offerings and standards. Unlike 1100 offerings ( all good ) in the market today that present options for the guest to receive their money’s WORTH the CEO SPACE unique model intends to assure our membership earn a large PROFIT for their time and investment. Our objective is to secure:

  1. Substantial skill transfer to the CEO at post -graduate levels, current to the present quarter of business environment. Bringing the boss decision maker teams ever more current in a developing AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.
  2. To provide superior FORTUNE level expert mentors without fee to resolve current challenge lists providing enormous savings in time and cost to consulting in each of the five events. Guests buy a BUNDLE of expert consultants they could not afford otherwise for life in a one cost package that is a tax dollar.
  3. To facilitate uncommon social capital networking between CEO’s at the TOP to develop the customer base, markets, affiliation, alliances, and hard bottom line access to growth that is measurable and immediate.

1100 providers INTEND to assure you buy their product a one time fee each time, and get your money’s worth.

One provide INTENDS to host a lifetime of access to an ON-GOING PROCESS that works to make a profit and get the member inside a higher value of pay once for LIFETIME ACCESS your money BACK. Big difference and why we stand alone 30 years later.

In the AGE of the ENTREPRENEUR – the ENTREPRENEUR AGE – globally serving 140 nations with our membership – CEO SPACE was the leader in the 1980’s and we remain the industry leader ranked by third party press # 1 in the world for VALUE in 2017.

Our first conference of 2017 set a higher standard and we seek to best that offering to you, May 23rd to May 27th. If you wish to accelerate growth we might be a worthy exploration for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and Founder