If as I note in my global best seller REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – the 287 Earth nations focus to job creation and technology to DETECT AND DEFLECT incoming – for the first time we PROTECT the HOME PLANET. That seems a sane use of resources.

However, the populations of the world are diverting precious resources to develop robotic armies, DNA improved soldiers and worse, the biggest outlay of budgets for Russia for China and for the USA is NANO WEAPONS. The New Now Weapons are smaller than a human hair. They can spy on us all and you would never see or hear them. They are being used now. Nothing is safe. They can intrude on any system, obtain any password, access all data no matter how secure and far worse. The NEWEST ARMS RACE IS CREATING:

1.Nano  ( smaller than a human hair ) SWARMS of weapon SYSTEMS operating as a unit.

2. Atomic NANO which is WHY Trump is not too worried about NORTH KOREA. Soon enough zero insane leadership – not in North Korea – not in IRAN – not in ISIS is safe.

3. Pandemic and poison. NANO SWARMS can deliver smallpox that is weaponized – I can’t think of worse but say worse – poisons to water supplies or populations or individuals – and explosive weapons to the same targets.

WARFARE “IS” CHANGING which is all insane. 

We need an EXTINCTION RACE to take resources – create entire economies – on longevity – removal of illness – education on the massive scale – and PLANET PROTECTION from extinction events to environment. We need to CELEBRATE and STOP PUNISHING diversity of faith and political system. The tapestry of human diversity should never have been in competition. Once COMPETITION as a THOUGHT FORM is actually diagnosed and seen as the CAUSE the core of human insanity – competition itself – than culturally cooperation becomes sane and competition expressed is seen as the mental illness which it in fact is.

For education to perpetuate mental illness is the first break down of education historically assuring spirals into insane wars.

Creativity and construction are products of sanity.

Destruction division and toxic thought outcome is the result of insanity.

Cooperation is replenishing and nourishing.

Competition is depleting and toxic for human beings.

Competition is the one virus on human consciousness everything else is the symptom.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool.

In the Spring of 2017, the leading nations are diverting untold 100’s of billions in wealth toward human destruction via NANO WEAPONS.

Scientist report that ATOMIC NANO AND BIOWEAPONS are the leading men made extinction event now arriving into our future. Do you THINK that use of wealth is sane or insane? Leave a comment your views matter.

Now consider that every 35 million years, the earth flies into a zone of the Milky way – moving up and down in her 3 D journey – as she flies for millions of years in the most dense rock storm of our own flight path. In the past, this has created extinction events and events like our MOON.

The chance mathematically of another extinction strike upon the earth is 100%. Folks, there is a 100% we as a species are doomed saved for our space cities if we make them in time. But the wealth to create and to construct and to discover is not being harnessed for sane purposes – SAVE ALL HUMANITY – but rather to wage war and to strike out at those in humanity who are diversity thinkers in faith and politics. Sanity celebrates the variety of human expression. Competition punishes it because competition is insane.

As we deal with symptom and not cause in the human condition we have failed to educate masses on the ONE PROBLEM.

My Blog readers and my CEO SPACE community are united social communities of COOPERATIVE THINKERS in the world – which include billionaires – corporate and national leadership and a growing crowd of the most AWAKE on the Planet who wish to remain INFORMED. Really informed. Truly informed. They are not hypnotized by the new brain addictions of news right down to TONE to persuade and manipulate the masses. You are MORE or Less FREE of that manipulation which is growing with technology application to whole brain outcome.

REDEMPTION SUGGESTS world leaders create:

  1. The United Earth Federation of Nations
  2. The FEDERATION provides for COMMON DEFENSE from the insane.
  3. The FEDERATION diverts resources to PROTECT THE HOME PLANET not kill one another.

The massive discoveries we can make to populate EARTH into SPACE given the earth years are numbered anyway – will provide technologies that could be moved into weapons if we ever required defense from other species. But no species can really popular space and protect its home planet without adopting cooperation. I submit the THIRD CONTACT is reserved for planets whose populations WAKE UP and protect the HOME PLANET as a signal consciousness is now at a level that the populations can be welcomed into the UNIVERSAL populations.

The largest most costly arms race in human history is underway.

All prior weapons are made obsolete by NANOTECHNOLOGY.

BUT every nation also knows that three to five SPACE born hydrogen bombs – the populations on the ground never see – and never hear – explode to take out with massive EMP pulse:

  1. All nano weapons
  2. All digital infrastructure
  3. All databases
  4. All ability to reconstruct
  5. All shipping
  6. All planes
  7. All automotive ( save old nonelectronic transportation soon to disappear in any practical sense )
  8. All communication of any nature
  9. Humanity is back to walking and horses
  10. All weapons systems relying on technology – ( outside rifles and ground troops ) are gone and the ground troops communicate by flags as even flash light’s will not work.

to effect turning all the billions back to the stone age for mankind – takes less than sixty seconds. All investments in ARMS RACES are useless in sixty seconds.

Why then are we diverting such insane wealth utlity to arms races?

Why do we not protect ALL OF US when we KNOW that the earth is in its 35 million flight cycle to extinction – for the time of satuarton to the most dense fligtht through harms weay is 2017 – we are THERE NOW. In our insanity we divert resources from protecting the HOME PLANET as the one species intelligent enough to DO SO but way too insane to actually take the ACTION TO DO IT.

So now you know. 

The elite wealth ( and insane war profiteers ) against the maney.

Competition is the cauase.

Cooperation is the cure.



The future of US depends on our developing sanity over insanity.

Thats my messsage and I’m sticking to it.