So the EU is breaking apart. The EU economic zone is in debt distress from its members. Only two members have the money to bail out the rest of the debt inconsiderate nations like Italy Spain Greece and 21 others. Germany’s leader Markel is meeting our USA Leader Trump. What will they chat about? I should think Germany will want bucks. Trade. Things to continue as usual. They sell us their goods cars and output and they buy hardly anything from the USA. This creates trade imbalance. As the LARGEST EU economy, Germany, the outcome of these talks is considerable.

Now comes the TOO BIG TO JAIL. So nations now have created an expectancy. Crime by little people is TOUGH ON CRIME and very serious long sentences. I ought to know. I was sentenced to three years in hard chain gang Alabama myself. ( I did not serve three years but that’s another story of legal battles ) .  My crime? The lowest Federal violation one can be charged with, contempt of court. The grand total involved was 87,000 dollars from the 1980’s. It was noted in court the case was “unusual” as the defendant ( me ) never took any funds, did not commit fraud, and did not profit directly or indirectly from the crime of contempt. Today criminals stealing DIRECTLY 100’s of billions or even a trillion or more, simply pay a fine, and never go to jail at all.

The public expects larger firms are criminals and they have no public boycott of buying criminal goods. Let us look at Germany and two firms, VW admitting to crimes last week and fines in the many billions of dollars, and Germany’s largest bank now in serious trouble, for crimes cheating people of over a trillion dollars and paying billions in fines it is negotiating downward over time for the crimes. There is no cost for being criminal today if you just steal ENOUGH. Criminals just factor in the crime to pay the government, for their nations get out of jail free card. The laws apply to the US but no longer to THEM. This activity marks nations in decline.

Take Wells Fargo Bank in the USA, Morgan, Merril Lynch, Chase, Citi Corp, Bank of America and others to many to name. The good news the USA just fired 100% of its federal prosecutors. If criminals walk among us when do they see GREEN LIGHTS and GO TIME to the next big theft from the people? Who will stop THEM when NO ONE is in charge in 2017? WHO? 

This weekend China charged the USA with countless human rights violations, as the nation with the highest ( by far ) criminal population per 100,000 citizens on earth, and called AMERICA hypocrites for our soap opera on human rights. They reported how many women and children we have killed in only five years saying I’m Sorry while holding other nations responsible for war crimes. Saint America is in question in China and other places.

South Korea has no leadership. The new liberal leadership coming in will seek to open talks with North Korea and stop isolating them. Meanwhile, if North Korea wishes to act, the USA is a bit hamstrung with China not helping and South Korea without leadership at all as their President was booted out last week.

Meanwhile, the markets all soar on without earnings and profit ratio’s to justify the up bubble. The USA is growing at 1.2 % in the first quarter which is frankly TERRIBLE. Oil just plunged to 48 dollars as the GLUT just rises and rises as Saudi “Pays” billions in lost revenue to leak its own market share to OPEC members which are not SAUDI friends.

Kerry’s great work with Iran is being eroded by the policy that has no direction or consistency outside a tweet. Iran moderate leadership died, possibly poisoned, and the hard line has solidified. Good for Russia bad for the USA.

The White House is in the civil war over trade war with Asia too -re-invent fair trade – as the old model of rape and abuse the USA in trade is now over with Trump. However as Rex Tillerson departs for Asia leadership meetings, the outcome of deal making is far from certain in these competitive versus cooperative environments.

Gorbechavz suggests world leaders are all preparing for war and pleads with them to stop and pull back for the people of the world.

Against this, the FED will raise interest rates aggressively, which is a PAY RAISE for OPEC members at lower oil prices, as oil is paid for in what will be soaring dollar values.

We predicted in 2015 when everyone bashed the dollar, that as interest returned to market rates the DOLLAR would rise to levels unseen in modern times. Developing nations drowning in debt ( that must be repaid in dollars ) will not be able to repay those debts.

As the witch melted down in the WIZARD OF OZ she said…woe is me…what a world what a world…..

Politics is the art of illusion versus reality in which the art makes the illusion become reality. Sometimes. Although the TRUTH always rises to penetrate the illusion over time. With politics, this can be generations. it can end with movements or revolutions. Moments effect many of us revolutions effect all of us.

Make no mistake revolutions ARE possible in America and in China. The sovereign people can only be abused by politics for so long.

Another economic statistic is important. Perhaps the most important of all. From the 1700 industrial revolution to the 1970’s the workers of the world consumed two-thirds of all wealth created from their own labors. This two third number never ever varied. Not in depressions not at all. It was THE CONSTANT.

Since the 1980’s the worker take of wealth from their labor has fallen for the first time as an economic statistic to around 55% a trend down and a change that seeds revolution. Said another way 1% own more wealth than 99% and this economic model is NEVER sustainable.

Enter politics.

China reports 6.7% GNP for 2016. But China economists report these numbers are false and phony numbers for years. Which we have reported her.e. Lying is not sustainable. Politics creates illusions like the US jobs report and numbers ( unemployment is near 10% in America hence the 1.2% Growth in the first quarter – horrible ). Trump bashed those numbers as a candidate months ago, and today as a POLITICIAN praises those numbers. Are we all fooled? I don’t think so.

I’ve reported as an economist investment banker, in my opinion, China was 10.7% annual growth in the 1990’s and today is 5.5% or a 50% total plunge downward in only ten years. That number is phony as it rests on debt with China in such DIRE ECONOMIC FAILURE that their politicians are spending ( communist ) 300% more than they earn EACH YEAR for many years. This Mount Everest a SUPER BUBBLE OF DEBT is the world’s largest DEBT BUBBLE. When the bubble pops it will affect all of us. China will go to war to keep the public mentally away from revolution. The reform discussion is an illusion while in fact, the communist has returned to old models of total control removing freedom from earlier reforms hoping the people accept it and no one notices “really”.

In the end – cooperation systemically – requires integrity by the parties cooperating. Systems replace trust and keep integrity as the glue of cooperation modeling as a sane system of national dealing.

Competition is a form of insanity in human’s and in organizational systems. Competition fosters TOO BIG TO JAIL and a breakdown of integrity in dealings of all natures. 

If the world trends into greater competition systemically we repeat past economic history and we escalate wars between the competitors. Trade wars. Digital wars. Real wars.

Said another way in cooperation we care for one another. In comeptition, it is everyone for themselves. One is insane and the other is sane. We the people must hold our own cooperation between one another and demonstrate integrity our leaders lack because their system is flawed. We the people of the global increasingly small village must work for peaceful system revolution evolving cooperative capitalism from competitive capitalism.

This trend is the great work of generations taking place today as the entire planet is waking up to cause versus symptom. The cause is competition thought form as an expression of human insanity.

Once insanity is defined beyond politics and illusion the reality will take over.

Then no one will be TOO BIG TO JAIL.

Berny Dohrmann – Leading the Cooperation Thought REVOLUTION globally