If everything is so rosy and good why oh why are the banks no longer lending in the USA? Bank loans stopped and reversed. The largest decline in bank loans following Trump’s election have taken place in some five years. If money at the source is drying up how can things be so good for the market?

Folks the serious money IS beginning to take note and pay attention. We warned you about the SPRING:

  • Uptick in delinquencies in home loans
  • Uptick in auto loan deficiencies late pays and no pays
  • Billions in commercial loan repossessions just starting
  • Weakest recovery ( in fact ) ever.

So why is the market wildly up? 

Is this the GREAT HIGH before the GREAT LOW?

Only time will explain the WHY.

Berny Dohrmann – Asking questions you should have the answers to yes or yes ? 

PS: Deutsche Bank – the crooks who have to pay billions for criminal theft from regular folks up to the crash – those criminals – have to cut back their bonus pool by 80%. Their CEO said things are great never better – tell THAT to the 80% bonus cut back folks who will now be leaving in droves. Everyone is watching this bank as there IS A RUN on the BANK FOLKS.