So the most challenging leadership issue for Trump before Congress, given the hostility of opposing politics will be the statesmanship quality to lead COLLABORATION and forward vision for the United States of America. If another eight years of polarization, division, and discord continue, the countries core dysfunction will continue.

Trump the DEAL MAKER is not unaware of the landscape nor is he without the skill to bring in deal bones and economic feast points to states, and employment, and issues that opposition must accommodate in their wallets and voter booths.

If the division as the new Democratic Chairman comes into power, already calling for impeachment rises up, one would see a lot of people SITTING DOWN versus clapping in the Congress of the United States next week. The visual cues to the world media with a billion people watching is not lost on anyone as the theater of politics opens this spring for a serious dress rehearsal. 

All those sitting down will be NO VOTES for Trump …NO VOTES for funding – NO VOTES for Policy.

So think about THAT.

Past the theater.

Will he HEAL AND DEAL or well he SPIT AND SPLIT?

So what has the President of DISTRACTION DONE really in his first 100 days in office? Well really he has:

  1. Created some Presidential orders almost no one is following.
  2. Some are already dead as illegal.
  3. None mattered much such as immigration really didn’t  matter much or created any real changes. It did create the massive distraction which he hid under to do the real work behind the scenes which no paid attention to.
  4. Budget master planning 
  5. Massive defense spending rises
  6. Massive budgets to rebuild America
  7. Resetting Obama Care
  8. Resetting corporate regulations
  9. Resetting state and Federal policy
  10. Resetting regulatory oversight ( really ) 

None of the first 100 days is real law, real anything yet. It is primarily planned and talks. The congress which funds everything and passes the law, is the space we have no clue if Trump can SPIKE & UNITE or if he will continue to hide and divide. ( He missed the Press Conference which spends versus deposits political capital ).

Before we get to PUTIN or CHINA and leave the USA I ask who is the great statesman advising Donald Trump – say KISSINGER or someone who really is a mentor in the deep space of global policy – if you do this it effects THAT – kind of mentoring? 

WHO are the advisers who can take vision and move vision into the theater of political real execution? It is a specialized expertise. Does Trump have it? Can Trump acquire it? Will Trump be teachable? Who are Trump’s mentors?

Do you know?

Does anyone know?

Trump is a billionaire. That is a special issue for how an individual of achievement sees’s the world.

Trump is a unique billionaire because he is TRUMP a very unusual billionaire with its own set of glasses for how TRUMP see’s the world. 

Is he right?

Is he wrong?

Does he know the difference?

Will he accept responsibility for both?

Will he tell us the truth? Always on both?

In the end being right or wrong may be less important to if HE WILL TELL US THE TRUTH and we see what he says as “THE” TRUTH so help me GOD.

If we do see Trump before Congress and we the people believe the truth – Trump will replenish a reserve into his political bank deposits. A very large reserve I should think.

If Trump is seen to be internally motivated and is not SEEN BY WE THE PEOPLE AS A TRUTH SPEAKER the depletion of his political bank account can be quite dramatic and rapid.

As I am not political. I’m economic. If you say what is the outcome of TRUMP POLICY? I would say as an economist – WHAT – Policy? I don’t know WHAT the policy detail IS. So I can’t say anything economically.

The market will let you know if they SEE that Trump is telling the Truth. If they SEE he is not they will vote with their wallets. You’ll all witness that outcome.

So Congress. 

It is important.

Not so much WHAT is said.

But so much more in HOW that WHAT is imparted into the hearts and minds of the world, not just the Congress.

in the end tomorrow all my readers will KNOW the two outcomes:


You’ll know. You will all know. Your assessment of leadership and capacity to get tasks completed will result from the answer I should think.

I’ll keep you posted of WHAT I SEE.

Berny Dohrmann – Staying tuned to the President of the United States on Tuesday US Time…we’ll all SEE, won’t WE?