So the markets are going up in the last of this boom before the Spring Correction I predicted without deviation for what six months or longer? So if you stayed in for the peak profits lucky you if you got out you are making great profits and you are SAFE. If you have not gotten out get out now. I’ve suggested diversified insurance investing for years to come. If not and you wish to play in casino capitalism as the markets go up from November to today in the short term CRAZY BOOM we call a FOOLS RALLY based on what – the TRUMP EFFECT ( are you kidding me ) and your nest egg money? 

Professional investors ..I hope your software is up for the volatility about to enter the market. So the issues include:

  • Greece is not making a deal that makes sense
  • Italy can not make it’s banking system work without state bailout
  • China is spending 300% more than it earns yearly and is toast
  • The USA has seen the largest rise home mortgage delinquency since 2007
  • The USA is seeing the largest speculative FLIP buyer market return since 2007 running up a new bubble
  • Household Debt in the USA just had the largest once cycle growth ramp up since 2007
  • Commercial defaults are rising like a space shuttle launch
  • 170 billion in commercials loans must roll over this year in the USA at higher interest rates and it will not pencil creating record defaults to banks 

As the market is peaked in the USA in car loans, home loans, and loans in general, what will fuel the GROWTH? We do have Wal-Mart with record earnings and consumer spending is showing robust with confidence extremely high. So how does that go UP? What follows a graph peak? Or am I mad?

Ever new peaks? Is that what YOU THINK? With your investment map?

David Stockman said this month the market is HIDEOUSLY overpriced. My buddy economists and I can’t get the humor. First, the market is a multiple that is INSANE historically speaking. Second, the debt and leverage supporting the market are INSANE. The casino capitalism of stock buy back to manipulate price versus the economics of price-earnings ratio’s that make sense versus us nonsense – are the wheel vibrations that gave us SUPER CRASH in 2008. 

Everyone says – oh today’s bubbles are nothing like those bubbles? Folks all bubbles are CREDIT ABUSE BUBBLES and they are all THE SAME economically speaking. We are in the SUPER BUBBLE and the other side of this SUPER CREDIT BUBBLE is going to be brutal.

Of that one thing – I’m absolutely sure. So stay in and drink a cocktail right to the cliff. We will see how much you made on another side of the financial cliff your about to leap off drunk into.

For those who acted, for those who GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THIS INSANE MARKET PLACE and invested in diversified insurance investing, you will see the insane woe and moan and whine and complain for a long long time – while YOU politely smile and move to change in your locker room at the golf country club, counting your profits all the way to the banks that are still opened. You’ll be fine without a LOSS IN THE WORLD.

Seeing you without a LOSS in the WORLD is my goal.

For the rest – enjoy the party as you wide up the SPACE MOUNTAIN roller coaster, it’s dark and scary on the way up but your drunk so what do you care your snorting the drug off market math known as THE TRUMP EFFECT – snort off your wrist before you go down the other side of the Space Mountain Roller Coaster – when it gets terrifying – and you loose all your mythical gains and our nest egg is no longer what you relied upon – no not at all – and you say two things I’ve head for 45 years of sorting it all out for you:

  1. How could THIS have Happened…….
  2. Why oh Why did I not listen and act when I had the opportunity?

Why did I not listen to…….HIM.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the Truth on for you in the TRUMP EFFECT