Remember the TICK and TOCK of the pendulum always swinging one way or the other.  It was the reliability of the arc. One journey across one path. Another journey back the way it had already traveled. At five years of age as one of my day jobs, my Navy Commander ( retired ) father had me wind his ship clock on his office desk, and pull the weights ( which made me such a big boy ) to their apex arc their apogee in the huge grandfather clock in our oversized hallway from my Father’s home office and bedroom and my bedroom and the private bathroom I alone used save when guests came over which was often, and down to our huge living room dining room and kitchen areas. I wound the clocks. I watched those pendulum arcs sometimes for what seemed like hours. Television had not come in yet. It was 1953 and we had ordered our first TV but it had no arrived yet. An RCA as I remember it. Little Dog sitting by Edison’s phonograph was the logo on that wooden TV set. Black and white. Programming a few hours a night, test patterns only all day long.

Long before I became an economist, long before I became an investment banker, long before I did advocacy work like a lobbyist in Washington DC, I came to appreciate the arc in nature and in finance.

I’m sure if you’re watching the GRANDFATHER CLOCK ( me ) and reading my input on a history of economic cycles, you are getting very tired of hearing me say that the market is going to go down. I am actually saying the market is GOING TO SUPER CRASH versus just correct. But not yet. I am starting and continue to state the economic principle of the arc in all natural circles. What goes up can not continue to go up and up and up forever. Eventually what goes UP will hit the sun or a planet or fall back to earth. There is an arc one way or the other.

What goes up financially, in cycles, to keep the clock going ( the world economic system ) must also come down. Think of economics as breathing. If you take in so much air in your inhale and your chest swells up you must exhale to make room for your next inhale even if your chest swells to accept greater volume. So lets review as you know these given’s about me. First I reside inside data I pile up every day. I’m old. Next I am never wrong in these predictions. Finally no one not me no one knows the exact timing of cycle shifts, because the markets are manipulated in speculation within a greed stampede, in a casino capitalism the world has never experienced before using fantastic leverage and debt along with computer software evolving and controlling the trillions in trade without human judgement at speeds and with VAM – velocity acceleration and momentum – outstripping laws and regulations in the AI digital age of market manipulation. We will look back at this period as a time of economic insanity and trade war that initiated world wars. Always remember you heard that here first and often like the swing of that grandfather clock pendulum only I”m no longer five years old folks and I have more experience than 99% your hearing fake news from.

So let’s review:

  1. We are now moving into the longest recorded financial expansion period in human history.
  2. Historically the downturn correction following expansion periods has a ratio to its length in time and severity in the correction to the length of time of the boom and the elevation historically to that boom.
  3. The boom we are in is reaching the longest boom cycle ever and the highest boom cycle ever.
  4. One would expect a correction of ratio.
  5. Today we find housing starts have reported a record delinquency in defaults on recent home loans and delinquencies not seen since 2008.
  6. Today we find household debt passing the highest speculation years in casino capitalism home mortgage markets ( the core driver to bank profits and bonus payments like the 20 million just paid out to head of Bank of America ) – at over 12 TRILLION DOLLARS in homeowner debt, largest since 2008.
  7. Manufacturing plunged in China and the USA.
  8. The economic growth path is weak according to Yellin the worst Chairperson of the Federal Reserve Board since founding – she reporting disappointingly week BUT she told congress it is not OUR FAULT. Rather than invest in infrastructure development with the 10 trillion spent – they invested in paying off bad side bets of firms like AIG and banks. The result is we blew the wealth took on piles of debt burdens for generations and have no economic pump from the lost wealth.
  9. The system is in impossibly weak global recovery. Nations outside the USA are about to default on their debt. The EU is about to break up. Regional wars are spilling into Super Power involvement. The trade war is massively heating up between nations. Instability is soaring. The markets are insanely over priced on core multiples driven by phony economics, stock buybacks with free money and share manipulation as to price. Even the public is weary of the greed stampede racing over a cliff. SELL YOUR HOLDINGS AT ALL TIME HIGHS – buy low SELL HIGH.
  10. The Fed will against all these raise interest rates in March. The economics are that a correction IS coming this Spring ( as I predicted last summer ) right here and 15 times since. And again today. A contagion event as yet unforeseen will trigger SUPER CRASH and world depression spirals. Trust me on that event and we will report it first right here – on that day subscribing making a favorite and scanning this blog twice a week – sharing this site with your list and talking about the information you alone get ( the truth ) in this crazy insane market where information itself is manipulated and can’t be trusted any longer – the clock pendulum continues to spin.

The politics? That is like dice leaving trump’s hands. Let’s wait till they hit the crap table wall before I tell you the numbers and how they land on the table globally. He already knows because it is all rigged. I want you to consider:


  1. A meeting with Trump and North Korea.
  2. A meeting with Trump and head of Iran.
  3. A meeting with Trump and Putin.


So watch for those dice to land on the crap table. Remember you heard that first here. The manipulated press will catch up and find the truth eventually.

On other topics my new book SUPER CHANGE – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is done, ( took a year ) and is proofed out – and is going to publishers. I’ll let you know when you can get first copies on Amazon. It is in my opinion a new essential tool for prosperity in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. While your waiting Tony Robbin’s new book is a powerful read. Let that hold you offer.

This weekend I finished writing but now must proof out DIGITAL MANNER. Digital Manners occurs in 2050 when Robotic AI marry and have families. I waltz you through the aftermath of SUPER CHANGE and bring you into why digital manners we the essential tools and tactics to secure peace and joy in 2020. In ancient times.

I’ll let you know when that is ready for human potential transformation. IT is SO FAR ahead of everyone I’m holding it for 2018 for sure. But what a joy to be done and see the completed story. SUPER CHANGE and DIGITAL MANNERS are my best works of a lifetime. I’m very proud as a poppa of these two new books. More are coming.

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Protect yourself from risk and don’t fail to act the CORRECTION IS COMING and it will hit without any warning at all.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and Truth Seeker  – economics and truth rule my world