CEO SPACE is fun in 140 nations by women. My wife is President CEO and is not a “yes Berny” kind of Valentine. Surrounded by flowers she is working leading and creating tomorrow at CEO SPACE today. She won this: 


Highest world rankings by third party press in 2017 in our Industry. She is worldwide leading the # 1 Entrepreneur Conference into our FIVE TO THRIVE series starting March 12th. Half our attendees will be LADY LEADERS ( CEO’s ) and business OWNERS from all over the world. Lady leaders are coming from Germany. They are coming from Africa. They care to come from Israel and Romania where I speak this March I want my ROMANIAN lady leaders and readers to come see me live.

This Valentine Day I want to have lead FULL PARTNERSHIP FOR WOMAN for five decades all across the world, underscore there is still much to be done. I want to celebrate my Saudi Royal friendships for the progress they have made – more in 100 days than 100 years for FULL PARTNERSHIP FOR WOMEN. I hope that Woman in Saudi will soon be able to join the leadership they are now advancing in this important area to:

  • Drive a car
  • Attend a concert or artist event
  • Own property and enjoy legal rights with their husband
  • In the entrepreneur are own business – hire – create and jobs and be part of the solution to the problems in society
  • Hold office and be full partners with the royal family.

My great mentor Dr. Lee Pulos suggested to CEO SPACE some time ago the following.


  1. Berny the problems created in the world by left brain thinking have surpassed the capacity of the left brain thought to solve those problems.
  2. Approaching solutions with the same thinking that created the problems will not resolve the issues.
  3. The future belongs to INTEGRATED COLLABORATIONS of the Feminine problem solving cooperating with the male – creating the blend of RIGHT AND LEFT BRAIN PROBLEM SOLVING – thinking models that will advance true solutions.
  4. We are all divine souls. We must celebrate our variety not punish our variety.
  5. Blending our streams in a giant global COLLAB a FULL PARTNERSHIP resolves all our issues.

While we delay that Feminine and Male COLLAB we invite problems which are insane. The old thinking is a form of insanity. Spirits do not upon death have aspects of male or feminine as the spirit is perfectly both – an ark angel of souls in COLLABS on the other side – no competition – no separation – no judgement  – no blame – just HOW CAN WE MAKE “IT” HAPPEN. Why would not make the OTHER SIDE come to THIS SIDE? Why would we model the gnashing of teeth, the howling of pains, the separation of potentials and collaborations – the competition – the insanity – why?

This Valentines Day worldwide I invite the WORLD CHANGERS to consider joining the global REVOLUTION for FULL PARTNERSHIP by becoming a member of CEO SPACE. Lady Leaders make a difference and change the world by coming together. The world’s largest COLLAB ‘IS” CEO SPACE ORLANDO MARCH 12th to March 17ths  and ladies the pricing is on BOGO. Bring another lady with you and you have a TWO FOR ONE-lifetime membership. 

How’s that for a valentine GIFT for your LIFE PURPOSE?

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Let me SHOW YOU What CEO SPACE as the Giant LADY LEADER Global Changing COLLAB looks like from the LEADER of LADY LEADERS the author of THINK & GROW RICH FOR WOMEN and RICH DAD POOR MOM – Sharon Lechter world famous in her film to you that says – JUST DO IT – take time to share with Lady Leaders you know:


This click is IMPORTANT FOR LADY LEADERS my Valentine Day 2017 gift to you.

Click to explore more at http://www.ceospace.net

Ladies we have come so far…so far. I’ll see many of you in May in India as 2000 Lady Leaders come together in New Dehli. Come see me live and get coaching live. I’m here for you. Worldwide. USA. Romania. India. Global. Working FOR YOU. You’re my peeps.

Berny Dohrmann – Holding the Torch for FULL PARTNERSHIP FOR WOMAN 

PS: Happy Valentine Lady Leaders as we celebrate YOU today in our hearts.