Happy Valentine’s Day to all my LADY LEADER READERS Feb 14th worldwide.

Last year I told encouraged everyone to explore diversified insurance investing and to sell out of STOCKS AND BONDS before the inevitable CORRECTION and CRASH occurs in the over priced casino markets of today. I did post ONE EXCEPTION.

At the time, last year, I told my readers BUY APPLE STOCK. What was going on in that stock at the time?

The experts all reported Apple’s time had come and Apple’s time had gone. The expert’s cited manipulative and speculative details as to why. All conjecture.

I relied on DATA. What did I report?

I reported that:

  1. 2016 would end as a record year in IPHONE SALES. The experts reported iPhone sales had peaked and would never reach their former profit levels. In fact, in 2017 they EXCEEDED THEM and by a HUGE MARGIN. How WRONG were the experts? Worldwide? Crammer included? PIE IN YOUR FACE WRONG – PIE IN YOUR FACE.
  2. I reported all other Apple product categories would explode in profits from IPOD to IWATCH and service subscriptions. Each and EVERY category exceeded ( by far the ) estimates provided by the stupid wrong experts in the media. 
  3.  Reported 2017 the anniversary year for IPHONE would be the most innovative, upgrading and explosive sale year in history for Apple. I noted Apple would continue to set the BAR for technology directions for the world.

I suggested my readers buy Apple stock at their floor valley – their lowest bargain price in as a buying OPPORTUNITY  – I reported over and over again – buy as much as you can until Apple 2016 earnings report in 2017 and watch the SURGE the absolute SURGE In price and profits to YOUR ACCOUNT.

So today for readers who PAY ATTENTION to such information – we have the ALL TIME RECORD HIGH STOCK PRICE FOR APPLE after the all time low by media bashing which economically speaking was a MANIPULATION OF PRICE which I believe is a new regulatory issue – media manipulates price so their advertising family can profit from those manipulations which require an AUDIT over the time period. The biggest RE-THINK of regulatory tools and tactics is required to upgrade regulation to manage criminal speculation. Hank paying a 9 million dollar fine in New York is an example of CRIME PAYS and AIG walks clean from legal THEFT ( in my opinion ). And the taxpayers take it in the ( well not where the sun shines ).

So Valentine Lady’s – if you bought APPLE STOCK before the all-time record high – don’t thank me just buy SHOES. You so deserve it.

Berny Dohrmann – Sending your all Rainbow’s and Moonbeams on Valentines DAY 

PS: My highest global praise for the APPLE TEAM worldwide you so deserve your leadership roles. You ARE # 1 and # 2 is just so FAR BEHIND YOUR IP and INVENTIVE LEADERSHIP in 2017 and 2018 – you make my buddy Steve more than proud.