So Hank Greenberg, pays 9 million personally, say a fraction of his single year bonus check, to get out of jail for financial crimes. His firm AIG paid 1.6 billion to end criminal charges aginst that brand. So when law enforcement brings cases against SUPER CROOKS it takes a decade to resolve. The Super Criminals make so much profit on their money that the payment to the regulators is chump change when paid a decade later.

Let’s look back to 1991. I end up years after I sold my Global Public Brokerage firm, with an indictment charging that for 12 accredited investors, investing a grand total of 87,000 dollars into an unrated junk bond in the 1980’s – a fully current paid up correctly at the time the brokerage firm was sold and paid after new owners had it – THAT – I alone should go to JAIL for the loss those 12 investors had with the Junk bond after the sale of the brokerage firm.

The jury was told that I should be held accountable and just me as owner, for WHAT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN about the risk of the junk bond even after the company was sold. Hey I had resigned a year earlier from the firm post sale, the stock was held in trust by two independant lawyers who voted it and I did not work in the firm during the bond sale period when the investors acquired the bonds. No employee not the PRESIDENT Board Chairman ( a security attorney ) not anyone was held respnsible years after the fact -nope – just me. That my best friend from age 4 or so was the PROSECUTOR have anything to do with it before he retired ? I’m sure not. Its all fair and just. I know you KNOW that it was.

I just had lunch with my wife September and a CEO SPACE faculty member who went to that trail back in the 1990’s. He told my wife – what you got – what “I” got – each and every day I was there – was HOW CRUEL HOW MEAN HOW PERSONAL the case was you got THAT in ten minutes in just ten minutes. He held her hand and said was so unfair so unjust you had to have been there. So do you think inocent people ARE going to jail today and the largest crooks are able to buy their way out of any charge no matter how criminal or serious? 87,000 dollars or BILLIONS. What is fair? What is just. One goes home with Chump change fines – the other more minor issue goes to jail for years with an enormous fine and restitution not 87,00o but over one million after years of prison. FAIR? Just?

My court records so long ago, define I never took any money, never profited in any way directly or indirectly, but I was sent to years in jail like those who stole 100 million and more. There was zero jail time for this the lowest federal crime level they can bring. So they broke the law and enchanced the sentence so there would be jail time. Decades later the SUPER COURT ruled prosecutors can no longer do this violation of constitutional law to defendants. But in the olden age of my experience they could and they did. I lobby for justice reform ever since but its a long road to get that work done in a system this complicated in any nation. I treasure America because I believe two things. First the pendelum always swings back in AMERICA. One man swung back the McCarthey age absue when innocent victims were charged falsely with being a communist. And what crime is that anyway? One newscaster brought the truth to millions and the PENDELUM in AMERICA swung back. I believe what ever meaning anything that IS WRONG WITH AMRERICA can and will generalltionally be fixed by WHAT IS RIGHT WITH AMERICA. That is what is so exciting ABOUT AMERICA today or in any forward age. Still:

Hey folks it pisses me off and it pisses a lot of my prosecutor friends off in 2017.

So I got years in chain gang Alabama. But Zuma in South Africa got years too and so did my buddy Mandella. Ghandi. Leaders at the top get it for their speaking out. Still  no one let me pay a fine or a cost to get out of jail because I was I guess like  an apprentice I suppose to the SUPER CROOKS who are the real deal where crime pays in 2017. The feature film movie they are making about my life experience  called MALICIOUS PROSECUTION is on line with the movie  trailer if anyone is interested can be click seen at  Perhaps the MOVIE will help usher in JUSTICE REFORM. It is my hope it may help future generations to see the issues and its television show spin off CITY BY THE BAY keeps the flame for JUSTICE REFORM burning world wide. So I use my experienced to help others and make improvements to the system all these decades later. Hank reminds me again of WHY I am doing that part of my mission work.

I’ve been saying in my blogs, folks, until you put some SUPER CROOKS at VW, Deutsch Bank  Wells Fargo Bank and so many others into jail – you are going to have a SUPER CROOK society where CRIME PAYS. Crime pays regulatory agency fees. Crime pays shareholders. No one has integrity when it IS  required and desired to give WE THE PEOPLE what WE DESERVE at the top of  OUR PUBLIC institutions.

The crises in our society is all revolving around and remains … INTEGRITY.

in Competitive capitalism and in communism the issue is INTEGRITY. In my opinion.

Today AIG with its huge TARP BAILOUT of too many billions of taxpayer money to count – for what – to pay off their BAD SIDE BETS in the CASINO CAPITALISM MARKET PLACE. The CROOKS who made fantastic fortunes from the bad horrible losing  side bets never paid at all. Today old Hank returns to the Hampton’s and a warm meal with a 9 million dollar CHUMP CHANGE get out jail free card to the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE IN NEW YORK already 1.6 billion richer from the firm Hank left paying its penalties to wipe out CRIMINAL CHARGES both you and I could never remove not for 87,000 dollars. Do you find anything WRONG with all THAT? 

I know 30 years later I should not hold a grudge. But the SYSTEM is AMERICA and we need JUSTICE REFORM. Until SUPER CROOKS go to jail one after another for their huge crimes against all the rest of US –  the system is a casino folks and the people – you and me in all nations – we have the losing cards.

That is what PISSES “ME” off today….as I watch the revolving red carpet for SUPER CROOKS. We the People should hold the full house not two fives The Super Crooks have ten ACES and thats illegal in any game of cards. 

Moral – if you’re going to BE a crook today…be a SUPER CROOK because then crime pays.

I call this – the leadership of shame. No one won today. We all lost our integrity. 

And I love NEW YORK. I lived there for 22 years.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for WE THE PEOPLE – with INTEGRITY