We live in the age of the ENTREPRENEUR. There are 1.7 billion Entrepreneurs running small ventures all over the world. There are millions of NEW VENTURES started each year in nations all over the world. Millions upon Millions.

No school no training provides skills tools and tactics to the business owner that are systemic entrepreneur classic skill required at the boss level supports. CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL for 30 years stands alone leading in this space. Click the logo’s on the link below to see the 2017 world wide rankings that are unmatched for CEO SPACE as the ultimate INCOME ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR IN 2017:

As founder I compliment the all Lady Leader teams that have elevated CEO SPACE to this global leading stature – and my wife September who is the best of five Presidents of CEO SPACE over 30 years – leading as PRESIDENT CEO of CEO SPACE globally since 2013. September has brought the millennial leader into full embrace as well as my older tribe of leaders into the matrix of tomorrow’s skills to WIN.

WHAT IS THE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR and HOW DOES IT WORK with the next meeting on March 12th?

First The Accelerator Elevator is a pay once and own a pure LIFETIME ASSET where every sixty days you can return for FREE for the rest of your LIFE. The membership fee the one-time cost is tax deductible. The one-time asset acquisition is repaid from profits you make from the contacts you develop inside the MARKETPLACE OF THE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR.

The Accelerator Elevator IS:

  • The world’s largest SUPER STORE of resources for the CEO and founder
  • The world’s unmatched SOCIAL CAPITAL mixer to get you new customers.
  • The leading alliance and affiliate joint venture builder available anywhere
  • The mentor challenge solution machine unmatched anywhere – one on one
  • A 70% networking to get net business and 30% challenge resolution skill transfer
  • FUN a replenishment for the boss
  • Layered Learning – keeping you CURRENT inside SUPER CHANGE Markets 

If Forbes on line ranks CEO SPACE the # 1 Business Conference YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS IN 2017 – that’s # 1 in the entire world – HOW GOOD do we have to BE to win that stature in the world’s most prestigious financial press? Can you trust and rely that you should experience the # 1 business skills transfer training in the world for the owner of a small business. A third of our guests March 12th at Disney World will be solo entrepreneurs and development space firms. A third will be mid level three to to fifteen-year mature business owners seeking to hyper-grow and develop higher exit prices. A third will be those at the top. Everyone mentors everyone.

Details on becoming a member are available ( make a book mark or a favorite for ):

Under CONFERENCE DATE TABS in the pull-down menu you can see all our dates into 2018 and you can book hotels by following the hotel link from inside that tab space. You can enroll on any page. Anytime.

Everyone likes in fact LOVES value. The first of the year in our FIVE TO THRIVE PACKAGE for 2017 – if two of our entrepreneur new members come together – just bless a buddy business owner – and come together – you can both pay $ 4000 ( US ) each for a lifetime membership – with most meals included. Versus $ 15,000 total. It is s a huge savings as CEO SPACE IS “BOGO” or TWO FOR ONE until March 12th – your lowest membership acquisition option. Help CEO SPACE GROW and we will help you with ( lower price ) to GO. HELP US GROW WE HELP YOU GO now that is value.

I’m sharing with the over 25,000 subscribers world wide to my blog and the 120,000 who click daily and read. If you want to step into an INCOME ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR the worlds most prestigious third party press ranks # 1 in the world in 2017 – make a decision to invest a tax dollar to earn huge returns on the investment within a 30 year proven track record serving 140 nations. New Members will be coming world wide. You? Anyone you know and wish to bless? English speakers are desired or bring your own interpreter.

Grads and members – don’t miss the all new format and return for FREE or Staff or the Meal Pack option. But do not miss it. Encourage other members to return with you and enroll and book hotel space ( which will SELL OUT but we have five over flow hotels in walking distance so we will get you all in ) – and bless with BOGO business owner you as a lifetime member network with weekly.

If you want to see a video here is a video from world famous WES CHAPMAN:

Share THIS one VIDEO with other business owners anywhere in the world – to KNOW before you GO how the ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR WORKS. The DETAILS you require to assess – if you put up a tax dollar and you earn a large multiple profit back and you know that before you decide to do it – and you see the third party ranking knowing that promise and you see the proofs and you see the results with your own eyes the HOW not the WHAT but HOW it unfolds business OWNER to business OWNER no nonsense at the top…you decide MEMBERSHIP IN CEO SPACE is safe secure acceleration to bottom line profit making …OR…the cost of not attending March 12th is a cost too large to pay in missed options and opportunities.

When you understand THAT fact set is TRUE for YOU then you become a member.

If you wish our team will set up free coaching for you and your venture with me and I am the COACH to the COACHING. I only ask you tape record and you take notes on that coaching game planning. So we will INVEST IN YOU before you invest yourself.

What I’m wanting is those among my readers I can save money for – where in our FIVE TO THRIVE SERIES this year to serves as your income ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR – I want you to get two memberships for the price of one and pay HALF the normal cost to own a lifetime asset as you join the acceleration March 12th. You click over a beverage and you see the film proof set for for you here.  SHORTEST FILM – SHOWS IN UNDER 2 MINUTES “WHERE” IN MARCH

Let me show you our shortest film about the ORLANDO Hotel and environment you will reside within this March 12 – till March 17th rising in the ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR and see others just like you TELLING YOU – click this super short link:…. it is so short but packed with PROOF and letting YOU SEE WHERE you’ll BE staying. Share this short film as a blessing with business OWNERS you network with and know. HEY HAVE YOU SEEN FORBES # 1 INCOME ACCELERATION CONFERENCE IN 2017? Just that with the link.


  1. Is an income accelerator elevator with 30 years track record in 140 nations.
  2. We only serve owners of business and professionals in practice.
  3. Over 100 films on our main web site: and rich content
  4. Enroll and reserve hotel space via pull down menu under conf date tab
  5. Know before you go you will make a lot of profit on your membership 

The Accelerator Elevator everyone is writing about ranking # 1 as millions learn about CEO SPACE in 2017 in the business ownership tribe – the ultimate ladies and gentlemen club at the top – you will reduce TIME reduce COST to reach growth goals.

Draw a pyramid on a clean sheet of paper.

Put the top – New Customers alliances  and affiliate and joint venture partners.

Then at the lower left corner of your pyramid put – CURRENCY new CEO skills bringing you current with tools and tactics fresh to quarter in the markets of SUPER CHANGE.

Then on the right side – put CHALLENGE LIST RESOLUTION 250,000 of mentorship to remove from YOUR CHALLENGE LIST via one on one expert mentorship everything you wrote down the only thing we didn’t resolve was what you FORGOT TO WRITE DOWN.

You invest a tax dollar and make an enormous multiple on each dollar.

You get the FIVE TO THRIVE SERIES this year for half off.

Call 256 850 4700 Ext 0 and ask for an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE TO SERVE YOU.


Tape record and take notes and put the coaching call on speaker phone if you wish team participation and input as your first value from CEO SPACE.

Reset your velocity to grow this year by considering EXPLORING just EXPLORING a faster way to reach your own growth goals. A safer way. A more fun process. With so much more support than you have today.

The film a TRADE SHOW THAT WORKS we put in this blog is the one to share with your world. We jammed packed it with detail for the owner of a business.

Our slogan for 30 years….we JUST WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL “YOU” WIN.

When it comes to your forward bigger profits – YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TO LATE TO ENROLL YOURSELF.

CEO SPACE IS ON BOGO – at half off the normal price since 1988 I can’t give you more value. You have to commit to receive that value. If you own a business or you want to start one up – I would find a way to be in March at Orlando on the 12th. I’ll be there with you.

Berny Dohrmann – FOUNDER CHAIRMAN and asking you to just explore.

PS: Thank you for sharing the accelerator elevator  with a paste and click – to business owner you wish to bless.