First rule: nothing every is new and nothing ever changes. WE are REPEATING past economic history because we never learn from past economic history.

Second Rule: Trade war is a consequence of consolidations where 99% of all wealth is owned in financial systems by 1% of elites, which is not stable as an economic systemic model.

The trade war began when the first digital weapon firing short trading by the trillions into Western Markets began -the first WORLD WAR like Pearl Harbor in the USA – initiated by an axis of evil – against the people of Western Nations. The battle was lost and the enemy conducting the war almost WON.

While weakened the enemy who fired THE SECRET WEAPON ( a book by Kevin Freeman ) – moved immediately into trade wars against the EU and the USA. While the regulatory community was focused on the prevention of digital attacks such as the one that just took place in 2008 – against the entire world – the cost of all asset classes through SPECULATION AND DIGITAL MANIPULATION OF GLOBAL MARKETS soared to high’s the world had never seen. This became at the weakest moment of the world core financial system, close to the breaking point, a stress as a HIDDEN TAX on all peoples of the world upon the COST OF EVERYTHING.

So the crash that took place close to a world depression from the SECRET DIGITIAL WEAPON ATTACK upon our markets, were trillions were lost, then moved into asset class digital attacks which bid up the price of everything while unemployment was at record high’s since the time of the GREAT DEPRESSION in the 1930’s. As our enemies creating the attack had a GAME PLAN ( another book by Kevin Freemon on point ) they had planned to make first fortunes on the crash they bet against in short selling and then take the profits and make a second fortune pass all later sanction costs which they factored in as a cost of digital warfare – and they made their second fortune. It took a decade before counter warfare tools came into place that reversed the upward spiral on all asset classes.

As the wars are digital the warfare is national software launching new digital weapons at one nation while the other nation defends with software and counter attacks with software. In digital war, it is one nations software against the other and one nations hackers against the other. The public knows the DOD military command center evoked a 35 million dollar cyber warfare command installation but the public has no clue that WORLD WAR III is FULLY ENGAGED and is entirely at the moment digital. We lost all the first surprise attacks. WE are NO LONGER LOOSING. Now other nations attacking us have problems huge problems as our national digital warfare commands are holding them FULLY and ABSOLUTELY ACCOUNTABLE. Which as they lose can lead to a shooting war. All of which is economic.

Behind all the DIGITAL WARFARE PLAYING OUT we have the trade war. Economically trade war works as follows:

  1. The USA post World War II is the victor and the most wealthy of the Super Powers. Also the more generous. Through Marshall Plans we rebuild Japan and the EU. We also finance the development of the majority of other nations with our wealth.
  2. The USA did a bad job making bad deals with nations who hate us but love our cash. We have been bled like a stuck hunt trophy held upside down till the last drop is bled out.
  3. The USA has pulled back from bad deals and is now retooling all trade and financial support globally for accountable partnerships. This will create clean breaks and further trade war.
  4. Market share is where based on price and policy between nations customers ( nations ) favor a trade partner over another – moving who gets the market share based on policy appealing to one nation or another.
  5. The USA is the defender of last resort to defend a nation and the banker of last resort to finance a nation. Using both the USA is now demanding trade deals that contribute more than they consume for the first time in 100 years.

The result is a rebalancing of trade. There will be MASSIVE winners. There will be MASSIVE LOSERS. The losers will not recover this century. Some of the losers may go to war as in a shooting war. The time ahead is a time of Contention – Volatility – and RISK.

The world is less secure since the DIGITAL START OF WORLD WAR III which began financially and is now moving to violence in the Gulf, in Ukraine and EU, in Africa, and Brazil, and worldwide in Asia. WORLD WAR III is destabilizing. The financial systems of the world have failed – competitive capitalism and communism. Wealth consolidation that must never take place has become the historic new normal again, because of system flaws. A new system COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that is ever self-correcting is required. Before that system is adopted globally while a revolution to do so unfolds, the asset accounts must rebalance from 1% owning more wealth than 99% which is not sustainable and immoral.

Such rebalancing has been through WORLD WAR. If we can accommodate such rebalancing without WORLD WAR it would be a human first time.

Trade war. You hear WHAT IT WE TRIGGER A TRADE WAR. Folks we are already in a global trade war. It is and has been every nation for itself. Period. Let’s look at history economically again as laid out in my now famous book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION ( if you want to join the economic revolution read my book and share it with other revolutionaries ) – the following represent financial history since Rome in all failed system models:

  1. Wealth Consolidates from last World War and rebalancing such that 1% of entities own more wealth than 99% of everyone else. The place we reached in 2007 according to reports from CITI BANK in 2007.
  2. This economically is unstable and creates MELTDOWNs often from an attack on financial markets where the few profit against the many. The market crashes as it did in 2008.
  3. This follows an every nation for themselves spiral of trade wars that make rebalancing the system highly volatile shaking the old unstable system ( global economic system  ) apart. Until it fails.
  4. A contagion event triggers a global super crash.
  5. Wealth rebalances following Super Crash via WORLD WAR.


There has been no break in this pattern repetition since Rome. Economically it represents a form of insanity where humans repeat old history expecting a different out come. The cause is economic systems that have failed to improve since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 1700′. These old system models do not work and have not adopted to the digital age. Nor have laws between nations. Without a major rethink of the legal frame work between nations we have suggested express itself as a three year ECONOMIC CONSTITIONAL CONGRESS between all nations it is unlikely the historic pattern will not repeat.

Scientists running the DOOMSDAY clock for humanity, have reset the time on the clock this year to TWO MINUTES – the lowest time until humanity from a contagion illness or world war wipes society as we know it out completely. TWO MINUTES in 2017. Gobarchv the world Nobel Peace Prize holder spoke out in 2017 noting the world leaders are MARCHING TOWARD WORLD WAR AND PREPARING FOR WORLD WAR and he spoke to them to pull back for the peoples of the world.

Who is listening?

The financial markets are not polluted like the environment. Using digital tools and tactics the markets just as in the 1929 period are markets where day to day speculation and price of asset class manipulation by speculation software is many times greater than the real market. Said another way the real market of stakeholders buying and owning a bond or a stock is approximately 2.8 trillion in annual volume. The market of speculation is approximately 440 trillion adding no value to economics and using super leverage to reach this total with a risk greater to SUPER CRASH and world depression as the old system self destructs from SPECULATION just precisely as it did in 1927 and 1903 but – today the leverage is so fantastic you must report it as mind boggling. Digital tools and tactics have presented market distortions no market has experienced in history.

It was a crime in only 1999 to create such distortions and to speculate on asset price manipulation – a crime from 1933 to 1999. In 2000 the crimes were made legal. And the cause of the depressions of the past was a barn door opened by global lawmakers who sold out to financial lobbies and greedy robber barons. 

Today the stakeholder economy the REAL ECONOMY is the tail of the dog. The DOG is now speculation and wild software market manipulations with fantastic leverage that used to be a crime.

Lawmakers have lost touch with economics.

Politics leads economies off a cliff.

Lawmakers do not understand the core issues.


Financial leaders blinded by profits believe their software is a new model in economics. They error. There is never new economics. You can not change economic principles. When such principles are violated you slide into elites owning 99% of the wealth which is not economic it is political and immoral unethical and economically a death spiral into the 1 to 5 principle repercussions of bad economics that never ever fail.

Trade war. The world entered a death spiral of trade war following the melt down of 2008. The markets entered a period of distrust, competition versus cooepration, every nation for themselves, full on trade war, negotiation without regard for living by the agreement ( see OPEC ) , a death spiral of unwinding the prior world system order, using wild speculation and asset class price manipulation in nation and globally, distorting all values to core economics. That is what is going on today. A death spiral no one is pulling us out of. A process that requires cooperation and trust to repair versus distrust and competition increasing the world velocity of system destruction. There are no winners in this zero sum game. None.

You may say it sounds so insane.

It IS insane.

The leadership is not aware of a way out and a way UP so their only option is to steer their own ship for a safest possible harbor. Every nation for themselves. To discuss Globalization is a late night show joke. Globalization is long dead. Today the  deal is every nation for themselves. The 11th commandment is in play – THOU SHALT SCREW UNTO OTHERS BEFORE THOU ARE SCREWED UNTO.

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The trade war death spiral is on and is moving to war. You all know this. I’m just explaining the why.