If everything is so rosy and good why oh why are the banks no longer lending in the USA? Bank loans stopped and reversed. The largest decline in bank loans following Trump’s election have taken place in some five years. If money at the source is drying up how can things be so good for the market?

Folks the serious money IS beginning to take note and pay attention. We warned you about the SPRING:

  • Uptick in delinquencies in home loans
  • Uptick in auto loan deficiencies late pays and no pays
  • Billions in commercial loan repossessions just starting
  • Weakest recovery ( in fact ) ever.

So why is the market wildly up? 

Is this the GREAT HIGH before the GREAT LOW?

Only time will explain the WHY.

Berny Dohrmann – Asking questions you should have the answers to yes or yes ? 

PS: Deutsche Bank – the crooks who have to pay billions for criminal theft from regular folks up to the crash – those criminals – have to cut back their bonus pool by 80%. Their CEO said things are great never better – tell THAT to the 80% bonus cut back folks who will now be leaving in droves. Everyone is watching this bank as there IS A RUN on the BANK FOLKS.




So the most challenging leadership issue for Trump before Congress, given the hostility of opposing politics will be the statesmanship quality to lead COLLABORATION and forward vision for the United States of America. If another eight years of polarization, division, and discord continue, the countries core dysfunction will continue.

Trump the DEAL MAKER is not unaware of the landscape nor is he without the skill to bring in deal bones and economic feast points to states, and employment, and issues that opposition must accommodate in their wallets and voter booths.

If the division as the new Democratic Chairman comes into power, already calling for impeachment rises up, one would see a lot of people SITTING DOWN versus clapping in the Congress of the United States next week. The visual cues to the world media with a billion people watching is not lost on anyone as the theater of politics opens this spring for a serious dress rehearsal. 

All those sitting down will be NO VOTES for Trump …NO VOTES for funding – NO VOTES for Policy.

So think about THAT.

Past the theater.

Will he HEAL AND DEAL or well he SPIT AND SPLIT?

So what has the President of DISTRACTION DONE really in his first 100 days in office? Well really he has:

  1. Created some Presidential orders almost no one is following.
  2. Some are already dead as illegal.
  3. None mattered much such as immigration really didn’t  matter much or created any real changes. It did create the massive distraction which he hid under to do the real work behind the scenes which no paid attention to.
  4. Budget master planning 
  5. Massive defense spending rises
  6. Massive budgets to rebuild America
  7. Resetting Obama Care
  8. Resetting corporate regulations
  9. Resetting state and Federal policy
  10. Resetting regulatory oversight ( really ) 

None of the first 100 days is real law, real anything yet. It is primarily planned and talks. The congress which funds everything and passes the law, is the space we have no clue if Trump can SPIKE & UNITE or if he will continue to hide and divide. ( He missed the Press Conference which spends versus deposits political capital ).

Before we get to PUTIN or CHINA and leave the USA I ask who is the great statesman advising Donald Trump – say KISSINGER or someone who really is a mentor in the deep space of global policy – if you do this it effects THAT – kind of mentoring? 

WHO are the advisers who can take vision and move vision into the theater of political real execution? It is a specialized expertise. Does Trump have it? Can Trump acquire it? Will Trump be teachable? Who are Trump’s mentors?

Do you know?

Does anyone know?

Trump is a billionaire. That is a special issue for how an individual of achievement sees’s the world.

Trump is a unique billionaire because he is TRUMP a very unusual billionaire with its own set of glasses for how TRUMP see’s the world. 

Is he right?

Is he wrong?

Does he know the difference?

Will he accept responsibility for both?

Will he tell us the truth? Always on both?

In the end being right or wrong may be less important to if HE WILL TELL US THE TRUTH and we see what he says as “THE” TRUTH so help me GOD.

If we do see Trump before Congress and we the people believe the truth – Trump will replenish a reserve into his political bank deposits. A very large reserve I should think.

If Trump is seen to be internally motivated and is not SEEN BY WE THE PEOPLE AS A TRUTH SPEAKER the depletion of his political bank account can be quite dramatic and rapid.

As I am not political. I’m economic. If you say what is the outcome of TRUMP POLICY? I would say as an economist – WHAT – Policy? I don’t know WHAT the policy detail IS. So I can’t say anything economically.

The market will let you know if they SEE that Trump is telling the Truth. If they SEE he is not they will vote with their wallets. You’ll all witness that outcome.

So Congress. 

It is important.

Not so much WHAT is said.

But so much more in HOW that WHAT is imparted into the hearts and minds of the world, not just the Congress.

in the end tomorrow all my readers will KNOW the two outcomes:


You’ll know. You will all know. Your assessment of leadership and capacity to get tasks completed will result from the answer I should think.

I’ll keep you posted of WHAT I SEE.

Berny Dohrmann – Staying tuned to the President of the United States on Tuesday US Time…we’ll all SEE, won’t WE? 

Kim-Jong – Nam & Warren Buffet



So this weekend five of the head, and THE HEAD, of North Korea Security Force at the tippy top, like a head of CIA and NSA here, were executed for making the SUPREME ( insane ) leader angry. Yes. Kim Jon Nam had a hissy fit. So he took his head of State Security for North Korea, with the highest officials watching, and he blasted them all the tiny pieces with giant anti-aircraft guns. I assume he went and had a warm meal after and made jokes while the five had their families moved to prison camps and their possessions repossessed by the State of North Korea. Why?

  1. Well, the flawless hit team engaged in killing the only blood line to the throne to replace KIM Jong – his half brother – didn’t do such a great job. The world found out it was a North Korean HIT JOB run by all NORTH KOREAN’s most of whom have fled back home to Kim Jong – AND – that they used VX to do the killing.
  2. This is important as North Korea has some 3000 to 5000 TONS of bioweapons and the threat that their insane ruler will use those weapons, or will sell them to their party terror groups, is well, not predictable with insanity. He just used antiaircraft weapons on his own team at the top how will he treat say Americans? One already knows that.
  3. Kim Jong is perfecting long-range missiles to take his hydrogen bombs to the USA and other locations madness will dictate like South Korea for example.
  4. Kim may sell their atomic weapons to our enemies as a way to make up for China cutting back on coal and other trade as North Korea’s largest trading partner.
  5. Kim Jong is so insane one can not predict what Kim will do because one must always act with my one recommendation with madness in leadership – never not ever believe that THEY will act in their OWN best self-interest – as they will NOT.

Taking out the madness in leadership early is the historic best course of action. Every delay will increase the pay ( in lost lives ) one must exchange as time passes and madness a contagious illness, and a rampant illness, grows inside the carrier Kim Jong. Don’t ask WHY he does it. He does it because he is insane – he’s NUTS.

He could have aligned with all nations, opened massive trade, become a South Korea of trade and invention for his people, making history with prosperity, health care, and well-being for generations. Kim Jong could be reversed if he were sane for his achievement. Today Kim Jong is insane and is revered because if he has a hissy fit because of you out come the anti-aircraft guns.

So today and since November 8th there is no BIG NEWS in the world. ZERO. The longest recent period of NO BIG NEWS. Since Donald Trump was THE GUY the world has changed. Those who acted out without FEAR OF REPROCUSSION from the WEST are today “waiting” at least. There is ZERO DOUBT there WILL BE COSTLY REPROCUSSIONS for acting OUT. Since Donald Trump became President Kim Jong has lost his largest trade card for cash – COAL TRADE WITH CHINA – and the cost to the already bankrupt defense lopsided nation – is beyond their ability to manage. Out came the anti-aircraft guns. What is Kim Jung’s insane reaction to having his money river cut off by his largest trading partner:

  1. To lambast China as a puppet dance partner to the USA and
  2. Execute head of security with anti-aircraft guns

Insanity is always so easy – you can see it. Tip to world leaders over 5000  years




Warren Buffet says – I will rank President Trump by how he as President deals with the # 1 THREAT to our Security the world has ever faced – the – risk that North Korea will sell weapons of mass destruction to Iran, to ISIS, to rogue states and nations. We add or insane Kim Jung worshiped by his people who have no way to know how insane he is as their information is filtered by the madness completely to brainwash a population just like Hitler managed to do it with media – THAT KIM JUNG WILL USE THOSE WEAPONS HIMSELF.

Yes, his military KNOW that “use or sale” will be suicide to all of them and their people culture and way of life – first use – they all die. They know THAT. So what. Madness acts without regard for THAT. Madness in leadership has been the most serious cost to humanity and the appeasement the sane give the insane along the path of history.

So we have a little window of acquiescence. Trump has YET TO BE TESTED but the madness will test TRUMP. That is coming.

We have a market window of months of relative calm. 

WARREN BUFFET also said today – at age 87 – that the market has not reached a point of price value imbalance in which bubble has taken place. We hasten to disagree with Warren Buffet with all respect. Some facts:

  1. The PE ratios and the CRAP table at the highest since 1929. That is a bubble.
  2. The flip market of speculation buying of real estate is the highest since 2007.
  3. The subprime market is higher than 2007.
  4. The ratio of creditworthy buyers to sustain today’s prices is lowest in 70 years.
  5. The household debt for US households is the highest ever rising faster than ever.
  6. The commercial market has 100’s of billions to refinance in 36 months. It can’t.
  7. interest on all the foregoing is going UP and the bubble bursts after that.
  8. The USA can’t pay its own debt in 2020 without creating x million jobs. It Can’t.
  9. The USA can’t pay its debt with rising interest on that debt – it’s a bubble in bonds.
  10. The entire world asset class group are speculation price bubbled and not real.

Rebalancing all the Debt is going to occur after the Super Bubble Warren Buffet says does not exist – moves into SUPER CRASH – that we have long predicted. I gong to WRITE SUPER CRASH so a book is out there like a lantern holding the light from the liars.

The liars are different than the insane. The INSANE do not KNOW they are INSANE.

The liars believe their own lies which are a different problem entirely. But the truth is the truth and the lie is the lie and it does not matter WHO speaks either as in the end, you will know the result speaks for itself.

For example, Warren Buffett is a gambler. Did you KNOW that Warren Buffet is a gambler? Well in one bet he has bet $ 1,000,000 that he is sure he will win, that managed funds by humans ( he brands as too high priced and too high fee driven ) do not perform as well as electronically traded funds ( ETF’s ) where software trades the bets. As ETF’s are largely unregulated compared to the managed funds, the COST of doing the managed trades is greater. 

ETF is a new market space. Software against software. We have written about this market frequently. The problem is not front-end profits and trading efficiency. The problem in this largely structured asset with super high risk and super high return diversity markets – is CLEANING The modeling for global clearing is not equal to the world regulated exchanges where liquidity is balanced and accommodate through controls that cost money to maintain. Removing these costs also removes ALL THOSE PROTECTIONS and SAFEGUARDS.

So imagine the largest lakes in the world of the money call them the GREAT LAKES are money pools managed forever by those systems of managers so well known. Now imagine the GREAT LAKES are being drained into new OCEANS of money where all the GREAT LAKES are drying up and the GREAT NEW OCEAN is rising and rising.

Now imagine SUPER CRASH – all at once – global contagion – and a catastrophe of say “one weapon of mass destruction ) that is 100% certain to appear before too long. Just ONE. Or one debt default by a nation that is 100% certain to appear before long. Make sense? Am I not insane to you?

So this EVENT happens and LIQUIDITY stops for the ETF markets. They freeze and the price begins to free fall only investors CAN NOT GET OUT while that plunge goes on and on. Mr. Buffet loses a lot more than $ 1,000,000 on that day. With 50% of the largest capital, GREAT LAKES moving from diversified managed money pools in traditional exchange markets ( lower yields higher safety on LIQUIDITY RISK DYNAMIC ) into ETF markets ( enormous liquidity and loss potential with short term higher yields ). I stand alone stating ETF will be the SUPER SHORT FORTUNE MARKER coming up NEXT and the contagion even coming up next will stop liquidity in those new markets with LOSS like the world has never known in the 1902 and 1929 depressions. LOSS LIKE THE WORLD HAS NEVER KNOWN with the only way to rebalance trade accounts being the world war. Historic economic fact nothing personal.

That is INSANE ( to me ) and we can avoid repeating such speculative history for near-term profit ( sane ) but….we never not ever do we DO the sane path. Financially we are like Kimmy over in North Korea.

Is it sane a few decades back to cause horror and nightmares for a billion human beings with toxic chemicals when Dow and other’s well knew they were killing our own troops – read WHEN THE LION ROARED?

Is it sane to pollute a generation with lead poisoned water in Michigan to save a few bucks on water cost for the water district or is it insane?

Is it sane to put TOXIC FILLERS you can’t dispose of under EPA rules anywhere on earth into crop fertilizer at a high % of each bag spraying that on our food to satisfy legal ways to dispose of the most toxic soup on earth? Is THAT SANE?

The competitive capitalistic and communist systems that permit such insanity are those system’s sane that breed insanity? The truth will set you free.

Do the people of the planet need a SANE SYSTEM REVOLUTION into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM without competitive insane tendency – self-correcting – operating from integrity rather than its lack – as a transformation from insanity into sanity?

The sane tend to read my blog.

The insane block my URL. After all, I’m writing about their mental illness. So the sane are blog readers and I am grateful for YOU every single day. Thank you for sharing this blog with those who truly want to make a difference with their lives.

SO the news is more or less blah blah blah. The War in Syria and Iraq is not being covered as it once was – as the slaughter is just beyond imagination. The good news is that Sunni and Shite met in Iraq and are forming collaborations for the unborn. Saudi and Iran met for the first time in a decade same outcome.

Isis the absolute insanity upon the earth today, is losing. Terribly losing and is about to be destroyed utterly. Their money is being cut off. They have no future. They are instead of opting and suing for a peace they are battling like insanity does – like Hitler does – until they are humility to the bone. It is obvious to 1 billion Muslim believers that ALLAH is NOT blessing ISIS – that ISIS is in the worship of the ENEMY “the competition” the great evil – insane brain – and madness upon the earth. Early prevention is always the cure for insanity.


The leader of North Korea is INSANE today and those who alliance with him are using that insanity for “bad and wrong’ purposes. Early delete and we do not repeat.

So the big news remains:

  1. North Korea is perfecting missiles to deliver weapons of massive destruction anywhere on the earth.
  2. North Korea has perfected weapons of the most massive destruction of bioweapons and nuclear weapons and their arms race is never ending the largest threat to the sane by the insane in the world.
  3. North Korea leadership demonstrated insanity once again – a pure insane behavior clear to all psychologists worldwide – in which mentally ill – this insane person murdered five of his own leaders by a crime against humanity using anti-aircraft weapons to do it and punishing their innocent families and children. Insane.
  4. South Korea is in disarray. Its largest company CEO is now in prison for “crimes” every firm commits in every nation – influence peddling. The head of state has been removed from power without a trial. The acting head of state is now being impeached. In this unstable nation we are installing anti-missile shields China and Russia object to to protect South Korea from North Korean insanity and our own tens of thousands of troops in that theater of war.
  5. The EU continues to be plagued by politics in France and in Italy to break up the EU and possibly Spain next – while debt defaults in Greece and other EU nations are inevitable. The instability of the EU is a killer for NATO ultimately and a game changer for GEOPOLITICS and world markets. 

Yet investors are rushing forward as if there is no risk at all to the all-time record high rally in history ..ever forward …into what has always been historically for 100’s of years  …the trend just before the SUPER crashes of history. So we have done all the data reporting and told you: what is coming – why – and what you should do for safe harbor. Let’s see if my SPRING season correction occurs – and I’ll admit if I’m wrong.

The first time will be a record since the 1980’s ( being the wrong economically) but hey there is always a first time. Warren Buffet has been wrong way more than I as he noted in his shareholder letter but then this is his last rodeo and he is making new moves for profits that are harvesting in the short term a lot of profits. We’ll see how it all works out a londer term. He bought Apple like we said and IBM – good job.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and custodian of economic data truth just for you 

PS: The news since Trump in November – everyone talks but no one is testing Trump because they can predict the outcome is not predictable as in the past – Trump displays one known quality – you can NOT PREDICT HIS OUTCOME and he WILL act in the best interest of the United States of America….that is the one item you can predict. Who wants to risk it – as an economic guy the first reply is not bullets its MONEY as in he will CUT YOUR OFFENDING NATION OFF – see North Korea for a change in the playbook rules.



BERNY DOHRMANN 1940’s to Today


CEO SPACE is the end of the story.

For 30 years I’ve been Chairman of the global 140 nation CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 in the World by Forbes Inc and other prestigious press. Why?

The proof:

Bob Proctor famous SUPER STAR CELEBRITY leading the human potential industry, stated when winning a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the famous human potential company Bob Used to work in ( with me only two such awards ever issued to the both of US ) for most impact in a single lifetime on human potential worldwide – stating – one of his highest achievements was creating CEO SPACE 30 years ago with me which is the top block of Human Potential work on the planet – masquerading as a business training. High Praise. I’ll end with more on this.

So from the 1940’s forward as I grew up my famous Father Alan G Dohrmann was the mentor who launched the entire HUMAN POTENTIAL INDUSTRY. My father worked in the corporate movements with Dr. Edward Deming. Dr. Deming would reform performance training and install TQM system management for Sony and Japanese companies after World WAR II ( and Dad helped ) then Dad did the work in Korea for Samsun and Korea and Asia firms and Dr. Deming and Dad compared notes in my home for forty years after that.

Dad worked with Michael Murphy at Estlan and with Clement Stone on Positive Mental Attitude which later resulted in Success Magazine. Dad worked with Mind Dynamics out of Holiday Magic ( the founder of the MLM industry at the start ) and was mentor course designer for William Penn Partrick with Alexander Everett. Dad brought those he mentored to HIGH VALLEY RANCH in Clear Lake California to center the human potential industry.

As I was growing up the Casa Montonya was WHERE I grew up. The location and the CASA was ground zero for all self help leadership books and trainings of today. From Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy they stand upon the SHOULDERS OF GIANTS that came before them.

At the Casa they held court. Napoleon Hill, Walt Disney, Clement Stone, Og Mandino, Earl Nightengale, Zig Zigler, Martin Luther King, Jack Kennedy, Dr. Edward Deming, William Penn Patrick, John Hannely of Life Spring, Warner Erhardt of EST and of Landmark, Thomas Wilhite of PSI WORLD and many many more. Growing up inside this mentor pool with the father that mentored THEM at the head of the table, was as the oldest boy in the family a mission and a mandate.

My journey as a young man was to leave my Father’s world, where I was offered “join us” to advance my own investment banking firm. Over two decades we developed an amazing public, rapidly growing, global, investment banking institution. When My father contracted cancer I resigned and put the investment firm on the market to take care of my father and to run his corporate training contracts. After Dad graduated this work became CEO SPACE in the 1980’s.

For thirty years we have worked to advance human potential where CEO SPACE is the modern VATICAN. The thought leaders whose own lives have been advanced directly and indirectly from this Space include, Jane Wilhite of PSI WORLD, Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen of Chicken Soup, John Grey of Men are From Mars, Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad Outwitting the Devil and Think & Grow Rich For WOMAN, Greg Reid her co author of THREE FEET FROM GOLD and other best selling titles still unfolding today, founder of SECRET KNOCK trainings, Dan Clark from the White House to State Houses world wide, Jeff Hoffman co founder of, Bob Proctor star of THE SECRET founder Proctor Galleger Seminars, Lisa Nichols author NO MATTER WHAT and super star trainer, Michelle Patterson founder California Woman’s Conference ( biggest in the world ) , Ben Gay author of THE CLOSERS, Eric Loflohm, Ken McArthur, Harv of Peak Potentials and Adam Markel and Richard Tam and Veronica of SUCCESS RESOURCES, my mentor and buddy Tony Robbins,  Jeff Flam of Salt Lake City founder of EYEQ, and those who have influenced and are influencing over a billion BRAINS upon the earth today.

Why do I do it?

CEO SPACE is the Vatican of the human potential industry. Unlike anything else CEO SPACE is a living laboratory. CEO SPACE is a never ending expereiment, five times a year, to tweak, improve, and bring more current with breaking data, the PROCESS to improve human potential, one mind at a time, one CEO SPACE at a time, one quarter at a time, one year at a time, one decade at a time, one century at a time. There has been and there is not yet any other HUMAN POTENTIAL NEVER ENDING LABORTORY engaging the most advanced thought leader mentors alive, into a giant never ending master mind, to advance Human potential.

Those who lead in HUMAN POTENTIAL use CEO SPACE for fresh content and challenge resolution to their own growth and game plans.

Those who wish to invent the future of their own contriution realize the higher work is no longer individual. CEO SPACE has perfected the model that future creativity is improved when creative outcome is a result of fully engage master minds we call a COLLAB. The COLLAB creates results that individuals could never origonate and or execute. COLLAB is the AIA of all cooperative based HUB MANAGEMENT THEORY that is rapidly replacing less effecient pyramid management theory for organizing humans whether in a dentist office or a Fortune insitution.

CEO SPACE has moved more larger institutions into CULTURE REFORM from pyramid management theory into coopereative management theory than any other institution in the world. Today we are working with nations on reforming cooperation forms of organization into politics and national cultures where next geneeration mental software is at work for national agenda’s. 

CEO SPACE advances the human potential notion that our mental software has a bug of insanity inside – known as competition. Compeitition in human potential terms is a FORM OF INSANITY. Bringing this truth as cause to say war – pollution – and the majority of human pain and suffering has been a 30 year work takng enormous effect today. Human’s who become aware all humans will perish from incoming asteroid strikes, and enviromental impact from our own toxic insane competition with the home planet, begin to see punishment of human variety of faith race and culture as insane. Awake and waking up human’s CELEBRATE all diversity. As we then COLLAB in cooperation we put our resources into protecting our entire humanity versus killing one another for the way we think about anything ( insane ). We channel resources into:

  • Protecting humanity from impact events
  • Protecting the planet to support any number of life forms
  • Protecting all life forms
  • Expanding human longevity
  • Exploring the oceans and the stars together and populating both
  • Endless discovery and personal growth ( sane versus insane )

When one see’s ISIS and Nazis as a form of insanity, insane brains who got money and weapons, the sane must push the delete button on the insanity. You can’t heal the insane. you can’t teach the insane to be sane. Why does ISIS do it? Because they ARE NUT? Why does everything they DO make no sense and contradict the KORAN in its core principleand commands? Because they are crazy looney tune brains is why.

All competition is a form of insanity. The extreme form of insanity is ISIS and irrational hatred seeking to punish humanity for how it thinks. Two insane ideas of our generation that fail to celebrate HUMAN PRICELESS DIVERSITY and only PUNISH IT:


Both forms of insanity CEO SPACE makes very vivid in the brains of the sane. As only SANE BRAINS ( leaders of companies and practices ) join CEO SPACE the superior COLLABS on the earth occur. The invention of forward contribution is massive from each CEO SPACE human potential laboratory. Those interested in their own forward growth chose CEO SPACE. Those seeking superior community and social capital to spend their lifetime within, chose CEO SPACE membership. The community of CEO SPACE is world changing and the contacts are not only PREICLESS the contacts and connections are endless.

My life revolves around five CEO SPACE week long human potential elevation events eac year. The CEO’s range from small development space firms to billion dollar institutions. Billionaires walk around the millionaires. Everyone mentors everyone else. Everyone networks and helps everyone else and without condition. UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT AND CROSS HELP is itself a unique enviroment or leaders inside the human potential ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR that CEO SPACE represents. 

I feel like a human potential symphony conductor the team allows me to lead the band while THEY play all the music as the band is the COLLAB that does the work. A leader says as they enter the CEO SPACE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR:

  • I want to double my income in 12 months or less – push floor # 2.
  • I want to go to 3 to 4 times my income – push floor # 3 or # 4
  • I want to go 5 to 10 times my income today push floor # 5 to # 10
  • I want to exit to an acquisition price or an IPO – push PH for PENTHOUSE

The CEO SPACE ACCELERATOR ELEVATOR then shrinks time and shrinks cost by creating with the best COLLAB that industry leader ever assembeled the OUTCOME and the TIME line to reach the floor pushed. GROWTH is the consequence of CEO SPACE membership. Human capital, human potentail grows. Human’s transform. Their potential with regular use ( lifetime membership free access to five COLLABS annually ) SOARS.

Why do I do it?

Witnessing. Witnessing the music the great human artist create in thier own lives individually as solo performers and as part of the syphony, in thier own COLLABS for life. Everything transforms for the better. Everything. Their home life. Their work space. Their contribution to the planet and to humanity. Their joy and their excellence.

Why do I do it?

I get to witness all that five times a year. From the roots of human pontential in the 9140’s and 1950’s shinning an illumination across decades of time, into the future of AI and human SUPER CHANGE, CEO SPACE is the agency of human CURRENCY remaining current, staying up to speed is the need in the age of SUPER CHANGE. No one can do the act of remaining current alone. Every leader must adatp their own process. CEO SPACE is THE most ADVANCED process for leaders remaining current and within the highest leadership COLLAB’s on the planet today.


So when I remind my readers a CEO SPACE is comin up March 13th to March 17th at Disneyworld – a DISNEYLAND FOR ADULT LEADERS – in Orlando Florida and every sixty days after that – ask yourself – WHEN is the best time for you to step into yur own accelerator elevator?

I remind you because nothing effects your own life more. 

For my Romanian readers ( there are a lot of you my brothers and my sisters ) I will be speaking in your capitol at the end of March. Email for information and locations.

I will be speaking in Delhi in India in May at the largest Woman’s leadership conference in the world. I hope to see you there as I’m coaching daily at that event. Email for information and coaching as my readers in Dehli. 

I’m coaching all over the USA and you can set up a call anytime with our COO write her form information or a call time with me if you wish some business coaching ( free ).

Your WHY “I” do it…to transform your future.

Meanwhile as you read my economists opinions of the market space – I join Yale lead economist who reported Friday the market IS over priced and it is time to reduce your equity holdings. Warren Buffet came out and said he is wrong and to keep buying. Warren said to move your holdings into ETF funds. I will tell you why I think that is a wrong minded idea coming up.

Right now I wanted a little personal walk down history lane so you can apprecaite my work my thinking and my strive to give back and contribute. CEOSPACE DELIVERS:

  • Customers
  • Capital
  • Both
  • Better plans
  • Better teams
  • Resources to grow faster
  • Human transformation and growth
  • Cooperation sytemic skills of leadership
  • Currency in super change quarter to quarter 


Thats enough to be ranked number one in the world in 2017 ( again ).

Its enough for me. I just finished two books. The first new release this year is SUPER CHANGE – HOW TO PROSPER IN THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.


I recommend reading THE CYBER EFFECT look it up.

Meanwhile we will keep a light on for you …and now you know a bit better who is keeping that light on. I hope this was useful to my readers. 

Berny Dohrmann – A walk down memory and history – in human potential 

PS: I”m releasing a tape series of over fifty audio tapes of my life story from early days to now from Napoleon Hill to thought leaders and Presdients and Kings so my life the movie is an MP3 file you can drive around with to be IN THE MOVIE.




So – OPEC cuts back during January Holiday cutbacks. The USA exported over 500,0oo barrels last week. The USA the UK and Brazile tripled their exports to ASIA and Opec market share is being trashed the longer this goes on.

As the USA now a FULLY OIL NATION and EXPORTER ramps up its supplies – it imported over 1 million less in the last three week averages. This is the distance of the OPEC Cuts.

As I reported this is not a price war it is a long term MARKET SHARE WAR. Where are those reliant on energy going to trust getting their energy? OPEC with a rising debt in the red or stable  nations or the USA with rising PETRO WEALTH just now coming online.

What is the risk when  compliance is well below 80% in March and April from OPEC ( we can see the tanker numbers the OPEC supply is breaking out and rising back up ). It is all about the market share. The OPEC suppliers lose market share to the world or they let the market determine the price – which is lower than today and they still lose market share. Nothing can stop the USA from rising and rising output and market share. Folks the world has changed at the core OIL level.

No one can predict where this goes or ends up. We are drowning in Oil.  THE WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL. Nature makes new oil. The Earth farts oil and gas. More and more is being discovered. Old capped wells have filled back up with earth farts – they do not want consumers to realize OIL IS ITSELF A FULLY RENEWABLE RESOURCES and is NOT SCARE nor is it precious depleting and rare. The present tax and related schemes for energy world wide are just insane.

Trump is making the USA strategically self-reliant on energy. We are falling under 7 million barrels of imports down by 2/3 rds as our own market share shifting. Our wealth rises our dollar rises in value and our future looks well OIL shinny. WE have UNLIMITED OIL and technology is dropping the price to get it to market locally like a stone. Dependence on OPEC oil will soon be non-existant. OPEC knows this. 

The USA can feed all its people without a drop of imported oil. Few nations can say that. In the end that is the wealth of nations. ADD IN OIL WEALTH and how wealthy are you?

Opec we told you is an antique. They can’t control the market. Now they can’t influence the market. The market is IN control. Opec is making mistakes. OPEC lost control ten years ago. Control can never return to OPEC.  Opec is losing market share. They have no way to keep the market share no cards to play because they are rapidly going broke. Their model IS broken. Until the market fixes what OPEC can not we have to wait to see. Investors will learn the truth by reading my blog or the harder way by losing big bucks on the wrong side of the oil bet. 

If I were a bull bet on oil…I would be very nervous right about now.
Berny Dohrmann – Seeing the Bulls skidding right over a cliff in the oil patch 

PS: Russia is not helping OPEC Russia is helping RUSSIA and watching the price – if it falls Russia can’t afford to fly Putin to Trump. The trillion dollar pea – market share market share who gets the market share – which pea has it today which tomorrow?