I will be speaking at a Business Acceleration GIG while Donald Trump is sworn into a packed 1,000,000 outside in the cold. The wife of my Lobbyist who will be with ME tomorrow, is attending the balls and parties. We’ve been there done that. They all know the US so being seen is redundant and leads nowhere really. Smile.

The markets are on vacation. Until Trump gets those first days in and moving, the market is watching. It could go up. It could go down. Long term its about DEBT. Debt in the EU. DEBT in Asia. How elastic is the DEBT?

China is managing a run on their bank. Capital is flowing out of the nation so fast they are selling off their treasury and T-bills for SIX MONTHS. They can’t hold on any longer. To support their currency from CRASHING they are losing their options. And after Trump is sworn in we think the big bucks will rush back into the dollar like a tsunami. The trillions have no safer place to park and with interest rising its a no brainer bet.

The buying power of the dollar is going to fly to the levels it was before George Bush brought it down to reset trade worldwide.

I’ve stated oil has more downside than upside. Gold has more upside than downside.

Stocks have after 8 years in an up bubble a risk of more downside than upside. You may see more rally first. The euphoria always runs just before the big poker in the ass of the small investors. The computers run this market space, folks.

I also expect surprising hacking in financials which may shock markets. We’ll see if I’m right in 2017 on this aspect of market volatility.

So everyone is on vacation. Billions will watch one movie star get sworn in – a record rating for the TRUMP BRAND. Trump’s speech will set the tone for the market next week.

His first week will set the market tone for the rest of the month.

Meanwhile, as with TRUMP himself, no one can predict. Not even me.

We are all waiting.

All. Of . Us.

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking in Florida