As I fly back from my second home, Wallstreet, I must tell you the old guard I pal around with believes the Global Markets are over priced. They conclude that the rally up is simply building Olympic size higher DIVING BOARDS into the most deep end of the pools – and when the dive DOWN begins the USA is going to have the WORST of it.

The IMF today made an odd forecast – but they are never RIGHT. They we feel are wrong about USA growth, wrong about Global Growth and wrong about the developing trade wars we have so long reported on this site. WE continue to see the risk of amazing shifts in capital, huge short potentials for the ETF markets, and the utter consolidation of perfect storm conditions for a truly impressive DEBT DEFAULT with resulting contagion into a GLOBAL SUPER CRASH, given how high the casino capitalism is speculating the market diving board height into the deep end of the global pool.

On wall street the old timers conclude its all pretty SILLY. Like Holiday lights being taken off the tree quietly put away – the old timers are selling out of the markets and moving into all after the other…as the children play their chips on the casino table and call and hold and fold.

Wall Street deep thinkers recall the old KENNY ROGERS SONG  “you got to know when to hold but but you got to know when to fold em….”

The China absolute crash in manufacuturing and exports was a signal of how far the can not bluff. Their currency continues to devalue as the only option they have left. Their cash account continues to plunge as they attempt to stop the flight of investment and capital going on. Its a death spiral to the policy and economic planning. Their life support is going to kill the patient. In my opinion and many others.

Meanwhile the USA laid off one million since the Holidays and the market goes UP. We find that odd.

Over 200 anchor stores are being taken out of commerical malls in the USA forcing a record number into bank repossession and BK. We find the market going UP on that news odd as its core retail melt down and crises  All the forgoing at the busy Holiday time. This is not good news.

We find the almost one trillion dollars in FINES to keep CRIMINAL CORPORATIONS from having anyone go to jail a new oddity. You commit terrible crimes and you buy your way out. So CRIME pays and now becomes a factor you add into your proit account as an estimate – the cost of fines to make the money by doing the crimes. At some point the PEOPLE are going go have enoug of this. Korea is the exception but we’ll see if the head fo the CRIMINAL legal theft organization – SAMSUN no one should buy anyting from ever – goes to prison really or buys their way out of the crime as I suspect over time. After all they are 17% of the nations entire GNP. The stock went down a little. Odd too.

So the casino capitalism goes on – the politicians and regultors have no clue what is oging on – and TRUMP comes into be President TWEET MAKER. I find it all so odd but I”ve got my ticket to the inaugrial ( too cold I”m not going ) and to the PARTY AND BALL and I”m thinking about THAT. We’ll see. I hate the security but they want me to be there. Seeing a few senators I respect would be the reason. Shelby and Hatch primarily. The two that can not be bought.

I’m landing in Tampa so the rest will have to wait. Frankly I’m excited to get to my best friend and buddy my SEPTEMBER who puts up with me and has little interest in politics economics and all of that – as she heads up CEO SPACE as President CEO and is far more concerned about TOOLS and TACTICS or her March 13th Launch of her FIVE CONFERENCES TO THRIVE in 2017 in Orlando. She won the best BUSINESS CONFERENCE IN THE WORLD ranking from both Forbes and Inc Magainze.

High praise.

Berny Dohrmann