I’m healing up at the ultimate healing vortex on earth – HIGH VALLEY RANCH. Google earth and see where I am – it remains one of the GREAT SECRET Spots everyone coming to San Francisco needs to know about.

So watching the madness. The insane violence from Isreal to Florida is ongoing and never ending. It has always been with us. It is just real-time brought into our living rooms today. You will never get rid of insanity. It just is out there. Isis is insane. Terror is insane. Killing innocent souls is insane. Simply damaged brains. The sane will win this contest as they always do and a safer less violent time will follow. Very smart teams are working on this and they ARE SANE.

The markets are insane. The value is insane. So we get how HORRIBLE RETAIL sales have been. The giant brands, Macy’s – SEARS – JC Penny’s and more all crash at the Holiday busy buying season. And the market goes UP. Now that is insane. They announce they will lay off tens of thousands in 2017 and close 100’s of mall anchor mall stores – that is 100’s of critical store leases – to mall chains – and the market goes up.

This blog informed you last year, that an all-time record of mall mortgage commercial loans one-quarter of a trillion dollars renews in 2017. The malls require a turn over the loan with equal terms to what they received in the valley of the recession five years ago.

But today the risk to the malls is greater and the lender must charge higher fee’s to refinance those 100’s of billions of dollars.

The malls now losing 100’s of their critical anchor stores will not be able to take the new loan terms and will with Fed interest rising – turn the keys back to the banks. The banks are about to experience:

  1. Record loan defaults on malls and commercial space in 2017.
  2. A failed business model for mall strategic loan mapping. A death spiral.
  3. Bad loan reserve rising to impact earnings by 100’s of billions.
  4. Record repossessions in 2017 and 2018 in a commercial property.
  5. A potential for some bank bankruptcies as this flows outward.

And the market GOES UP to pass the 20,000 DOW.

Now that is insane.

As this stage of EUPHORIA peaks, as it will, and the real economics return as it always does, the software casino trading market will spin on a dime and the crash others will call an expected correction – will be dire. Folks will be wiped out. Margin trades will be wiped out.

Factory orders plunged in December. And the market goes up. There has not been a time where more bad news, more headwinds, more data, all bad, defines a market in serious declines, to which the insane market goes up.

I’ve told you 2017 is the year the fools rally comes to a close. The year of BLOOD BATH. I just ask you to recall I told you when it takes place. How long can the foolish software run things up – noting the human factor is out to lunch in today’s casino capitalism. Why? Because the software makes more money with huge upticks and huge downticks as the software makes profits all the way up the rope and all the way down the rope. Serious long term investors never know what hit them in the SUPER CHANGE market of maximized volatility made possible by manipulation speculation and casino capitalism. Look ma no regulations apply.

So the fools rally is a passing energy. It is not lasting. It is not forever. And you are playing with serious SUPER VOLATILITY in SUPER CHANGE markets. Your about to see this blog become once again prophetic. For those we save fortunes for – your welcome. For those too addicted to act – we told you so.

Meanwhile we’ll just keep presenting data to you and you define your own insanity factor to it.

We are.