CEO SPACE hosts five one week acceleration conferences in Orlando starting March 13th. Each conference is linked to the next within an integration of benefits to the owner CEO of the venture or practice that include:

  1. Massive skill upgrades to improve plans teams and executions in the coming quarter
  2. Currency to market shifts taking place in explosive change markets or SUPER CHANGE
  3. New markets, customers, alliances, affiliations, and feeders into the venture
  4. Reduced cost and time frames to brand market into greater market share for any market mission
  5. Accelerated bottom line results guaranteed to the owner under a pay once for full lifetime access as unmatched value

CEO SPACE  installs principles of systemic operations known as COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Cooperative capitalism is a management system model that has proven to be far more efficient and less wasteful than competitive capitalism system models. Once COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is installed in any size venture results include:

  1. Faster growth
  2. Lower key person turn over
  3. Higher loyalty
  4. Improved customer service
  5. Massive brand value added

Owners seeking more effective operations become members of CEO SPACE. CEO SPACE is not an EVENT. CEO SPACE is the one and the only ongoing process for owners in private professional practice and venture ownership to enjoy a sequenced layered building of accelerated momentum in the marketplace. CEO SPACE delivers better plans, better teams, and resources to accelerate without which equal acceleration would be unlikely.

Members join because they make so much more money and they do not have to wait to make that added revenue.

The common CEO expression upon first attending is….IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN I WOULD HAVE JOINED SO MUCH SOONER.

CEO SPACE is working with nations to foster rapid entrepreneur development in host countries.

CEO SPACE is seeking to develop relationships with the United Nations where CEO SPACE President September Dohrmann spoke last year on Entrepreneur development to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the United Nations.

CEO SPACE supports advocacy in the beltway in Washington DC working tirelessly to influence laws that benefit small business.

CEO SPACE is the industry leader for over third years serving ceos in over 140 nations.

This year CEO SPACE Is ranked by INC Magazine and Forbes as # 1 IN THE WORLD:


http://www.inc.com/steve-farber/7-cant-miss-business-conferences-for-2017.html http://www.forbes.com/sites/cherylsnappconner/2016/12/26/7-cant-miss-conferences-for-entrepreneurs-in-2017/#28eec4e79244

We encourage our readers to share CEO SPACE with business owners they know who wish to accelerate results in 2017.

Berny Dohrmann – Founder and Chairman