First, I submit China economically expanded at closer to 5% annual growth rate, the worst in 50 years and far lower than the SPIN of 6.7% the Communist reporting shows. No one believes their numbers no one trust me on that.

Second, their currency the YUAN is a phony currency fully manipulated. Even with state controls and over ONE TRILLION INVESTED to keep the currency valid in the world – the currency fell against the US DOLLAR to its lowest rate since 1994. In fact the Chinese Yuan was BY FAR the worst performing currency in all of ASIA in 2017.

Third – everyone is investing like all this is good news. Folks we are in a full on trade war. China is devaluing is currency to stimulate a complete utter collapse in its export sector. Customers are running out of China. They have collective options all over ASIA which frankly are cheaper and easier and more stable to deal with. China rips off IP and protects not even its best customers like APPLE who will be cutting 30% of its production in the first quarter alone. You suspect investors see that as an up bubble buy signal?

So the EUPHORIA of a record 20,000 DOW is going to be reached on NO REASON other than the market getting giddy. When this happens – duck and duck fast.

Pink sky at night sailors delight. Pink sky at morn sailors take warn.

Its PINK this morning folks….its communist Pink.

The strategy of a death spiral is spending 300% more than you earn year after year to keep your economic machine rising – forges on phony prices phony math phony economics phony currency phony box top rules a failed systemic model and a system that must crash to reframe itself.

This is all economics.

China is going to destablize the world thinking they have control when the market forces are going to rise up and take full control as no nation can manipulate and control the overall market space forever.

In China the sun also SETS.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you


PS: Why such a focus on China? The issue is that for global market no force has greater danager to the over all system than CHINA today …as experts reports things are better in China – we oppose such data and suggest the CHINA economic death spiral is picking up terrific energy from systemic abuse and wrong minded policy.