In any nation economic growth occurs because of three factors:


  1. Consumers buy
  2. Government spends and buys
  3. Both

Recession and contraction occur when:


  1. Consumers pull back
  2. Economic revenue falls taking government tax receipts
  3. Both spending contracts

The policy attempts to moderate these conditions in all nations.

The USA is exiting the most serious global recession since the 1920’s. The recession was caused by digital weapons fired at the west by the axis of evil nations to improve their economies. This ended up backfiring.

The USA now remains by far the strongest economic machine on earth. The distance between the USA and say China, Japan or India or Indonesia as # 2 # 3 # 4 is so staggering and by such NOT EVEN NEAR CLOSE math, that it is from a Mountain to a speed bump. Economically speaking. China is the tail. The USA is the dog.

The consumer spending driving year-end critical sales with 78% of all annual consumer buying was lackluster at Thanksgiving and beyond. However, the last spring into the Holiday more than made up for it online and off a line. The SPURT at the end is anticipated to make a 6.4% gain year to date in overall spending from last year. This sets the USA up for growth, prosperity and the consumer confidence index going into 2017 is the highest in 20 years. That’s TWENTY YEARS folks.

So as you celebrate your HOLIDAYs this is all good for the WORLD as USA markets normalize first. While there ARE global headwinds in other debt mountain economies driven only by DEBT – China being an example – there may be time depending on one wild card – what will TRUMP DO.

Trump has the advantage to get America into FAIR TRADE versus being a whipping post for trade theft worldwide. The day of AMERICA LEGAL THEFT is over. Now nations will accommodate a more fair trade dealing with AMERICA or America will flex its might and super powers.

As RUSSIA is likely to gain from a TRUMP alliance and the world is likely to gain from that alliance the future has much promise going into the NEW YEAR.

Putin discipline to avoid reaction to President Obama out the door kick Isreal in the balls and kick Russia in the balls history book theatrics is likely to just unwind fully with Trump in a few weeks as if it never happened at all. Not a really ideal move on policy for AMERICA and odd international signals. The market was not entertained losing billions on the last trading day from Obama delayed reaction to the failed policy.

Trump doesn’t care and see’s it for what it is. The END of the Obama era.

The end of OBAMA policy.

Things with TRUMP are likely to happen fast.

Volatility is likely in the NEW YEAR versus stability. So get ready for some wild rides. Up and down.

Opec Failed to curb the oil energy glut. Higher prices dramatically returned AMERICA oil production to the market share wars. Market share will now be moving from the Gulf to the America for decades. The surprise RISE in surplus GLUT in America defines that no one is really cutting back at all. It was all just talk. Right in the middle of the worst winter storms the GLUT is rising globally. China is refusing to pay higher prices and is drawing down lower price stockpiles it inventoried for that purpose until it can get the next PRICE DIP. The GULF has lost all control and is now a symbol versus a reality – a toothless influence using talk to manipulate price upward as it can – while its members do what they have done for 50 years – they all cheat and lie. OPEC is is toast. As a concept.

As energy is ultimately THE COST OF EVERYTHING having commodity speculation driven pricing to return to real market demand-supply pricing is good for world growth. The future looks MORE PROMISING as energy prices are unlikely to soar as ISIS is destroyed and contention is moderated for prosperity. WHO WANTS these idiotic wars? They don’t make human or financial sense. These wars are insane. Sanity is winning.

Meanwhile, the STATE OF THE USA  UNION is STRONG Рand the economy in the Primary Engine on Earth is ROBUST and SECURE. AMERICA is BACK and about to be more than GREAT AGAIN. Hope and Promise have returned. Globally.

That is the BEST HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of you –

Berny Dohrmann – Delighted to see 2017 Come in on such a HIGH NOTE