RISK is a market where you can have reasonable assumption from data and make predictions of how things will likely work out.

Uncertainty is the new market space of SUPER SHOCKS. Just look at the predictions on the risk of a BRITEXIT or a Donald Trump Winning? The predictions the markets would toilet when both happened proved wrong and the markets soared.

What is the conclusion in 2017? Investors need to realize that predicting the future is no longer a box of data points. The future is now POLITICAL and increasingly a personality leader in both West and Developing nations. In the past decades, you could predict by which party won in a nation what the outcome would likely be. No more.

Today individual leaders like MAY or Trump define globally what is NO LONGER PREDICTABLE. Uncertainty is the new NORMAL. Super Shocks and capacity to accommodates them is the NEW NORMAL.

For those who profit on volatility 2017 will be a great year not because it is going to be a steady progressive year of profit making. The profits are not present to drive the TRUMP rally which is as we have reported a FOOLS RALLY. The multiples of today will adjust to more appropriate valuations.

When you see on the HOLIDAY yet, that Apple is going to cut 30% of its IPHONE production in the first quarter – what does that bury in the Holiday news tell you – about JOBS In ASIA and the ASIA economy? Do you think APPLE is alone in making these cutbacks? Even the timing of the news was meant to lose it versus use it.

Apple is spinning – they built up over capacity for the Holiday and still sold out and their enormous order inventory machine is building an overhang for the first quarter they want to reduce noting their anniversary year will revolutionize the IPHONE and the industry. They don’t want to get caught short. IS what they are saying.

Asia is going to have following a Holiday that was way “off” for Asia in trade, the largest layoff and adjustment when APPLE their largest single employer cuts back 30%. I mean 30%.

Did anyone plan for this item? UNCERTAINTY. The new Normal even at APPLE LEVEL.

The decades of RISK on RISK off is OVER.

The future is UNCERTAINTY ON UNCERTAINTY OFF and the capacity of investors to ride a roller coaster of increasing whips turns and gyrations. Investors who want a more normal ride are going to SELL OUT at the HIGH ( that would be right now ) and buy into diversified insurance investing – using Index products as equities – annuities as bonds and whole life like banking with Government debt as a side sprinkle. These investors will sleep like babies, know no pain, and move money as if in a TIME MACHINE forward seven to ten years with high return and no risk to the nest egg. UNCERTAINTY OFF for them.

For those who want to profit from the ride – SUPER RISK is your choice and the very high potential you will lose some of your nest egg remains high depending on your appetite for speculation and margin. Some gamblers call that pain fun but most of us just call it pain.


  1. In 2017 the digital markets are trading in the cloud with zero regulation while all regulation is local and has lagged behind the digital break out of software.
  2. Today trillions manipulate pricing using illegal speculations to do so with one software trading against another software with zero regulatory oversight.
  3. Without a G 100, Economic Constitution for global digital trading capitalism is now a casino subject to blatant forces of manipulation and speculation. There is no real market remaining.
  4. The market of economics has been over taken by the market of politics.
  5. Data is no longer relevant save to short-term price manipulations as UNCERTAINTY versus RISK now controls the market out comes.

National states are using software to attack one another’s trade. WORLD WAR III began digitally when the AXIS Of EVIL fired digital weapons at our market space in 2008. These digital weapons are being fired back and forth globally today. It is every nation for themselves today in the trade for food and energy and minerals. There are no rules in this new war.

As nations like China run out of options ( due to debt ) they must move into shooting wars to distract their populations from the sobering economic crash that is coming. Which is historic. UNCERTAINTY for communist central planners is ruling their nation. Now Apple threw them a new UNCERTAINTY 30% cut back in IPHONE in 2017 first quarter.

Trump is about to TRADE WAR with CHINA using all digital weapons.

America has kept the world afloat economically while absorbing financial abuse that is not historic and a tragedy to watch for the American People. That abuse is coming to an end which will affect nations bleeding America versus working with America. In the end, the economics of competition for capitalism and communism has failed humanity. The economics of cooperation must replace the failed system models but such retooling is itself an economic revolution and may not take form without bloodshed.

Trying to preserve existing systems will fail. Has failed. Is failing.

The news in 2017 will report data and economics like it was the old days and old ways. Investors will follow that hope and promise down the yellow brick road only at the end there is no wizard of oz. Uncertainty and wicked witches will dictate the terms of SUPER CHANGE and SUPER VOLATILITY over which no known force of nation can moderate. The system is out of control, digital, software based, and outside regulatory influence.

Over the past 20 years, the regulations are all LOCAL while the trades have moved through shadow banking fully into the CLOUD where there is no regulation. The nations of the world failed to construct a REGULATORY FRAMEWORK FOR THE DIGITAL TRADING AGES IN WHICH WE RESIDE.

Billions are being invested in trading software platforms to secure the advantage in profit, tax, and trading gains against the other nations or chaps software – all without regulatory accountability to even know what is going on until long after it is over. Without a G 100 REGULATORY RE–THINK the existing system globally due to credit abuse is at HIGH UNCERTAINTY the system will not utterly collapse from digital trading abuses.

For all these reasons I suggested in 2016, my readers calm down to catch up even as SUPER CHANGE events SPEED UP. A great film on this concept is by SUPER STAR of THE SECRET with 1.5 billion readers worldwide – world famous and dear friend BOB PROCTOR. Worth a new year click: great NEW YEAR FILM to review your own game for what IS coming.

CEO SPACE next acceleration conference for business owners is March 13th and you can learn all about that on: ( see conference dates for details )

I suggested you influence your circles to SELL OUT at the all time market high “EVER” and that you take your profits and nest egg into guaranteed insurance investing to be safe while the system resets. There is no perfect solution but that’s pretty close based on the last GREAT DEPRESSION Data.

So states are using software to manipulate prices of food energy stocks and every asset class. Pricing asset classes must now factor not RISK but UNCERTAINTY into the price calculation which experts fail to do as they failed to do in housing.

The global market is a casino-fueled by super money pools with zero regulation acting to manipulate price class to advantage.

Last year over 1 trillion dollars was spent not on economic growth, using FREE FED MONEY around the world due to “easing” or legal money theft – to buy back stocks. Apple bought back 6 billion of its own stock back. When is an asset class real and based on markets and earnings and when is the price MANIPULATED by a record one trillion dollars of stock buybacks last year alone. This money is not being invested in economics but rather in the casino markets of SPECULATION AND MANIPULATION.

If you hold your life savings in this market space you have to stop and think. The market of your fathers is not the market of 2017. You are in a new frontier. You are at the end of a century of post-war credit abuse where nations spend far more than they earn, a market where regulatory control has failed as digital trading is the horse now so out of the barn no nation alone can rope that digital stallion back into submission and order, a market where every nation is on their own one against the other in the final trade war of our time which leads to world war at the end. Speaking historically. Speaking economically.

And you all know this is the truth.

So protect yourself and your circles.

The best place to play:

  1. Own your own business – be an entrepreneur
  2. Grow your own business – during the uncertainty
  3. Grow like crazy during future crazy markets of Super Change
  4. Invest in insurance based asset classes
  5. Stay safe and liquid avoid the market space for reasons set forth


So you start the New Year KNOWING the TRUTH.

Berny Dohrmann – Starting the Year with the TRUTH turned to HIGH for you