As most of my more than 25,000 subscribers to this BLOG well know, in a huge and fast growing global audience of readers, I am an investment banker economist. I ran for 22 years one of the larger global PUBLICALLY TRADED Smith Barney like full-service INVESTMENT BANKING FIRMS. For 30 years I have founded and run the # 1 ranked by Forbes online and Inc ( two rankings this year ) leading Global Business Conferences ( we host five annually in Orlando ) for the CEO of the business – the owners or the professional in practice – accelerating their business. # 1 in the world in 2017.

I have made 97 economic predictions since 1988 on my blog’s. I have terminated my blogs and started fresh when ISIS had a hissy fit over my defining them as INSANE and CRAZY PEOPLE – they hacked my blog and threatened me. I started a new blog in 2016 from scratch and over 25,000 have already subscribed and we have become one of the most shared talked about and fastest growing BLOG SITES in the world. I never promote advertise or seek readership. It is all word of mouth.

I also try to write economically. My CEO SPACE membership CEO’s want to apply my opinions and data conclusions to their own overall directions in planning investment. I told “ya all” the market was at an all-time peak. I told ya all to GET OUT OF THE MARKET ( like this weekend ). The dollar and the market are going down from the peak. A lot of people already got hurt. I told you by January 20th. I was wrong. By a week. Typical as no one can predict the precise date in October and November of last year. I was withing ONE WEEK. That’s pretty good economics. My readers have come to expect that precision from me.

Related to TRUMP you have seen me be very silent on politics. When I talk about administrations it is never personal nor is it every political. I only talk about economics. So in the area of IMMIGRATION here goes the economics.

There are huge numbers of voters who did not vote for President Trump. The Press is globally biased toward President Trump as a leader who marks them and defies them. The Press hates Trump conservative policies and tries to create a BOX they can inflame the massive audience that consumes their media, and advertisers in their media, and controls the media direction. It’s all economics and money. In the end.

So the IMMIGRATION ISSUE has now consumed the world media as an item they can repeat and dwell on. IT IS LARGELY A MEDIA ISSUE. Let us look economically at the issue.

President Trump has WHAT? He has done what he promised HIS VOTERS that successfully elected him as a core promise. He:

  1. Suspended for ten high-risk terror countries – nations the USA receives the LEAST IMMIGRATION FROM – for only 120 days – immigration for those nations. A short delay of 120 days. COME ON. 
  2. Only ten nations. The highest risk nations on earth.
  3. Until his NEW TEAM can come up with revised rules to better VET those coming I so the RISK of terror getting into the USA to kill our people – is REDUCED.
  4. The new vetting rules in our opinion will become the new standard all nations will soon adopt and the TRUMP STANDARDS will become the vetting upgrades we have needed for 70 years – a standard that is the common damn sense in today’s world.
  5. The 120 days will be a blink of the eye – while 95% that’s right folks 95% of all USA IMMIGRATION is not even affected.

So the media makes it sound like the USA is closed and an IRON curtain. What a propaganda. The Media has become a disrespected institution by the vast majority because they are LIARS. They no longer report news and truth. They are economically bonded to liberal or moderate or conservative buyers who pay the bill and the insulation and firewalls of prior generations for FAIR REPORTING and economic influence not taking place are GONE. Worldwide.

So read the tea leaves of NEWS with regard to the economics of WHICH News you are reading. The Communist News Network or an unbiased News Network ( good luck folks if you’re seeking that outside this blog ). We are reporting the truth. Our readers know THAT. They are so grateful to make sense of the spin with real TRUTH that is economic and not political.

The dollar is down the press reports because the MARKET has LOST FACE With Trump. Nope. The Trump team is about to negotiate with various nations on currency manipulation. To be stronger in their negotiations they are talking the dollar down. Once they complete those negotiation’s the dollar is going to soar in value. As interest rates rise a trillion dollars globally will return HOME to the safest bet on earth and the returns made possible by market rate interest versus artificial interest at zero introduced by the FED in global crises. The largest geo shifts in currency play are about to massively effect the 4x speculation markets as economics TRUMPS politics. 

The market? The market is insanely overvalued. A significant long-term correction is going to take place. When? Not yet is my guess. You will see wild volatility and ups and downs before. Then a SUPER CRASH. You will know it when SUPER CRASH introduced here in 2015 and talked about all last year hits the shores of all markets worldwide. We have said first guess the end of first quarter period 2017 latest likely end of first quarter 2018 and anywhere in between as a time line that is our best guess book.

No one knows the exact time for the breach of confidence. A contagion event we forecast is a DEBT DEFAULT of significance will trigger the global contagion and pull back of markets. We have reported liquidity in the ETF markets will be the major underlying tipping point to SUPER CRASH which will take some time for the press to appreciate. When the scope of the ETF crises hits the world market, as with SUBPRIME in the 2008 super crash – the leadership of the world held their heads in their hands as did brokerage leadership ( who caused it all making enormous bonus payouts ) and wobbling their heads said to the public – oh WOE HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? When everyone was warning of this happening including my blog since 2006 and why.

The SUPER WEALTH that can be made today by SHORTING the ETF markets we call SUPER SHORT is the next huge play for the smart brains. It always takes courage to bet against housing and the prime Mortgage markets. Betting against the largest rise of super pools of money, in totally UNREGULATED, largely OFFSHORE passive software controlled speculation trading platforms, market manipulation platforms, we call as a brand ETF’s, which in fact are a hedge bodge of new structured assets in effect bonded by software – one chaps software trading against the other chaps software – and because the overall counterparty clearing for these assets is systemically flawed, the ultimate risk is SUPER CRASH GLOBALLY contagion and LIQUIDITY CRISES in the ETF markets.

We stand alone in predicting this SUPER CRASH cause and effect since 2015.

We have suggested the G 100 need the largest REGULATORY RETHINK in 70 years and a three-year GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION needs to be called to create a set of uniform regulatory rules for the world, that are fair, inclusive, and full partnership for all, and which CRIMINALIZED unwanted speculation, manipulation, and money laundering. Worldwide

Let me give you insane regulatory ideas. First, the credit rating agencies are independent and fair? They rated CRAP Triple-A and nations lost their core assets via criminal conflict of interest. Criminals now pay fines and they are washed and no one goes to jail. Which is daily in the news. No one cares. The rating agencies are paid by the brokers who seek the ratings. They influence the ratings. The system is broken and fatally flawed and the world is paying for those manipulations.

The brokerage firms are regulated by their own association. That is like the chickens being guarded by the wolves. The public can not be served nor can nations with such a system. To have the BROKERS suggest what rules should regulate them when they have committed serious crimes against humanity is insane. Until some financial leaders go to PRISON at the top rather than pay a fine and get to repeat their crimes, believing CRIME DOES PAY and CRIME CONINUTES TO PAY the world core financial system is at risk and world war is increasingly likely. From Samsun to VW from Duetshbank to Wellsfargo the leaders of the institutions are committing FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and paying billions in GET OF JAIL FINES because Crime DOES PAY and CRIME is now institutionalized and CRIME CONTINUES TO PAY. The public is IGNORANT as media paid by the CRIMINALS is distracted ( by the criminals use use media for manipulation and distraction ) – so that the CRIMES are never reported in a manner that the CRIMINAL paying for the media could or would be held criminally responsible for their crimes. The tiny guys go to jail. The real crooks have a warm meal on their yatch and laugh at the public they are legally stealing from. We call the present corruption of competitive capitalism and competitive communism LEGAL THEFT where the financial MOB ( organized crime ) now control and run nations.

What does it take to get it fixed? ONE INSPIRED LEADER WHO WILL TELL THE TRUTH….if he or she  can avoid being killed by the mob.

Economic stability requires fair, uniform global regulations. Speculation and manipulation that create unfair wealth advantages to the few against the many, need to be a crime those who attempt it go to jail for committing and rapidly. As new regulations are invented at a global level for a fully digital worldwide marketplace that now functions at a click, market system security will be reset. If such global regulations are not forthcoming the market system security is at HIGH RISK as stated by the IMF, the WORLD BANK, and this Blog since 9/11.

Finally, the system is at World WAR III which is digital. The Digital Pearl Harbor was the firing of a digital weapon at our global markets in 2007 and 2008. The result is those firing the weapon ( the Axis of Evil  ) made over one trillion dollars in less than one month and the WESTERN NATIONS almost saw their core economic system dissolve into chaos ( banks closing and system mail function ). It was close.

Since then the digital attacks include criminals and organized crime to every sector and national digital warfare attacks to every sector. From power grids to economic institutions everyone has been hacked. The White house the three letter institutions all PRIME CONTRACTORS. All.

In World War III the strategy, unlike prior wars, is not to soften the leading power – the USA with coastal bombardments on infrastructure. Russia has 3,000-mile range torpedo’s which are hydrogen bombs, that will take out every coastal USA port and city in say, 30 minutes from firing. We have no defense. Our import and export stop in 30 minutes. How would we prove they did it? Would we fire everything at them and they us in return? Would we? Would we not longer be able to do the things we once did? Our ports would not return for thousands of years due to radiation from the dirty bombs. The fallout would kill 100 million of us. 30 minutes.

Long before that in World War III, we are being softened up by economic attacks. Confidence in financial institutions is being eroded.d  Our critical and leading IP in defense and in inventions is being stolen by digital hacking. We have no defense. We are losing everywhere in the Western Nations.

The enemy is digitally kicking our ass.

Everyone knows it. But what is in the news is not WORLD WAR III and the DIGITAL WARFARE attacking our core economic foundation, softening us up, no. What is in the news is the 120 ten nation temporary halt of immigration until new standards for betting can be put in place for high-risk nations fostering and supporting RADICAL ISLAM ( an insanity not a religion ). 

There is no importance economically of any nature to a temporary 120-day suspension of high-risk nation immigration while 95% of USA immigration is business as normal and unaffected. The focus of attention by the entire world, due to bias in media, is predictable but a waste of humanity, creative thinking, focus on what is truly important, and solutions versus phantom problems. 

Control of the thinking of the masses needs in a digital media age to be moderated by self-determined humanity, respectful of divergent views, informed, educated, and THINKING, brains that step back and THINK and make choice of what is real and what is manipulation, to be FREE truly FREE of being controlled.

Leadership that uses the pro grand to control the masses is historic. 

In the end the core issue is that systems that are formed and maintained in competition and foster competitive management modeling, fear punishment and exploitation, are insane. Competition is a form of insanity for eternal immortal spirits being human for a flash bulb moment in time.

Cooperation is the birthright of immortal spirits and collaboration is the rightful conduct of souls. Systems that model cooperation – reward recognition and celebration inspire integrity and require integrity. We are starving for a better system model than competitive capitalism and competitive communism. Cooperative capitalism IS the future. 

The question is do we invent and evolve that better system before and without world war, or after world war when those surviving have finally had ENOUGH of a failed model?

No one can answer that question today.

This blog tells you the truth by asking the cornerstone question for humanity.

COMPETITION and business as usual?

Cooperation and the HIGH ROAD for human kind?

The defining book is REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION click Amazon and get five copies as you WILL wish to share this truth with your world.

Berny Dohrmann – Author Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION

PS: Join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION – read Redemption and spread the word. WE need an informed VOTER ARMY and the BOOK defines the REVOLUTION For the unborn generation. If integrity is your core truth – READ THE BOOK. Spread the word on this blog and this one book as we together CAN change the world we live in. .





Super Bonds are a new class of bond. A financial invention. Super Bonds lead to after markets and long-term Sovereign Nation stability. Super BONDS are the only economic resolution to abuse of sovereign nation debt.

Super Bonds imagine:

  • Placing all sovereign into one bucket of a new financial jumbo instrument.
  • Placing all new investment to modernize and turn the SUPER BOND nation into a separate financial bucket to support a thriving entrepreneur nation sustained by ever rising revenues driven by rapid expansion of entrepreneur class in the nation supported by public law and policy.

The two buckets are then collectively financed by a single SUPER BOND into the market through financial global syndicates supporting this SOVEREIGN NATION ONLY bond class of assets.

An IMF and World Bank contingent guarantee underwrite the absolute sovereign nation bond warranty. Or a syndicate of nations supply the contignet warranty.  The IMF and World Bank administrate an ACCOUNTABLITY ESCROW AGENCY AEA to distribute SUPER BOND progress payments to assure, schools are built, roads are put in, dams are constructed, power grids and communication grids are put in, and corruption and theft are reduced to near zero in the SUPER BOND administration to nations receiving such relief all supported by laws defining SUPER BOND contract term protections.

Super Bonds introduce the presently missing IP and economic asset of TIME ITSELF to the mix of resetting sovereign nation development growth and century-old debt saddling.


  1. Defined actuary modeling from big eight accounting firms to execute to market as moderated by investment banking syndicates bringing the new Super Bond Class to market represent feasiblity criteria for 100 year to 200 year debt bonds or SUPER BONDS available to soverign nations exclusively – to reset 100% of existing nation debt and short falls using TIME as the missing asset against future economcis and demographics to retire the bond with absolute assurances.
  2. National laws define public policy required to receive a SUPER BOND including entrepreneur public and laws in the nation. Public works are defined and approved on all terms by-laws contained in the SUPER BOND must be legislatively approved – said anothr way the required SUPER BOND TERMS must be inclusive to legislation the underwriters require as laws supplementing gurantees and warranties to the bond economically.
  3. IMF and World bank ( or syndicates of nationsal warranties as an alternative to each Bond issued ) as required reviews and approvals are additional security to each SUPER BOND, including both contingent guarantees to the bonds themselves and AEA escrow management of all  new fund progress payments to nations, to assure infrastructure is completed as per bond contracts, and promises, supporting bond payback is on time and completed without tampering within local political modeling globally over bond time lines and parameters as developed by the underwriters.
  4. Super Bond Theory was invented by our economic teams at CEO SPACE and is brought into a market for nations we consult to by Hughes and Hubbard of Washington DC and Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner of the Untied States of America. Nations we work with retail bond exploration feasibility is my designated expert on SUPER BOND THEORY and execution to market.
  5. Super Bond execution is a collaboration of sovereign nation leadership, , retained legal, and investment banking partnerships the legal team designate, IMF and WORLD BANK partnerships the legal team contract terms into the bond final form, and escrow supervisions between the investment banking syndicate making SUPER BOND markets, the legal team administrating the escrow, and the WORLD BANK and IMF AEA committee administrating sovereign long-term development resources.

Super Bonds are 100 and 200-year bond funds. A new class of BOND or asset class to world markets available only to SOVERIGN NATIONS exploring growth and prosperity through master economic planning only SUPER BONDS make possible inside a single econoically viable instruement. TIME is the new asset for Soverign global collective social prosperity where nations cooperate versus compete. The math is flawless. Do your own.

SUPER BONDS IS a new financial invention more important than structured assets. Super BONDS are highly rated bond class assets brought to market by major underwriter syndicates. Every aspect of the economics is profitable and every sector  makes money on SUPER BOND execution.

Sliding interest scales over time lines, present nations with LOWER near term outlays while rising revenues off set bond cost over time lines. SUPER BONDS and TIME AS THE MISSING ASSET work for resetting soverign nation debt for all nations within a collective collaboration of social capitalism now sweeping market embrace.

Time resets all Sovereign nation debt instantly and all creditors are paid in full as super bonds are placed and funded, providing liquidity circulation and resources for SUPER BOND execution. There is no enemy to the SUPER BOND theory when the feasibility studies are brought to political leadership attention by economists. 

New creditors have a demographic and economic assurance that maturity of bonds over time will be paid for where a penny pays for a dollar of super bond debt today, in effect to future economic capacity to retire SUPER BONDS in FULL or early at the nation’s will due to massively rising revenues and demographic realities expresse in SUPER BOND feasiblities developed by Big Eight Accounting firms retained by nations seeking SUPER BOND executions.

Sovereigns have TIME as the missing required new IP  ASSET to move all current obligations of various debt saddles and unfunded liablities today,  into the distant better future, as with a magic time machine, coupled to massive internal infrastructure and development to create internal consumption economics, where the populations of nations over longer TIME FRAMES can and economically soundly underwrite debt when TIME is the missing asset for massive revenue growth for nations that require time to bring into economic reality. TIME heals the current models that lack healing.

The SUPER BOND new asset category provides a long term solid new badly needed global investment asset category for investment consumers with over 100 trillions of liquidity assets that include these catagories:

  • Nations
  • Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Individuals
  • Secondary markets

SUPER BONDS are social capital. There are criteria to get a SUPER BOND that nations must adhere to economically. SUPER BOND’s are contractual winning agreements that every partner to the contract wins when executing.

Super BONDS can reset the TRUMP agenda to refinance the AMERICA DEBT of 20 trillion dollars, and add  trillions in new infrastructure resourcing from cities in the oceans, mineral’s under the sea an cities in SPACE – where the entire SUPER BOND is repaid with the AMERICAN 2 billion in population and tax paying constituent retiring the bonds in 100 years. By using the immigration card wisely and creating American demographics that make sense the model for SUPER BOND execution for all nations resolve the issues for CHINA GREECE ITALY NIGERIA AND SO MANY MORE.

Super BOND THEORY models a new asset class for Sovereigns that resolves the IP of the moment with a new IP of tomorrow. In today’s digital speculations the Sovereign Nation Asset class will become the premium asset class underwriting world order and finance for generations into the future.

Without SUPER BONDS the debt bomb of the present is resolved by world war traditionally.

With SUPER BONDS World War is averted.

Spread the word to your national leadership.


PS: My birthday is Feb 7th. I’m wshing for this year to be the year of SUPER BOND EXECUTION and sovrign debt relief through inventive financial resolutons set forth here for your further development to market. I remain available to consult through Hughs and Hubbard Washington DC when retained for your SUPER BOND explorations at the soveriegn nation or underwriter partnership. I blow out my candles wishing for SUPER BONDS as oppossed to World War.





Venture capitalists tend to back entrepreneurial firms that reflect their own ideas and match their social and educational experiences. This type of financing has resulted in a concentrated amount of funds for business endeavors in specific locales. Venture capitalists are typically wealthy investors, investment banks and other financial institutions with similar interests.


Silicon Valley and Boston benefit greatly from venture capitalism, while struggling entrepreneurial startups across the country are suffering from a venture capital drought.

Also, 99% of all venture funding took place from family, friends, founder circles, and angels and not professional venture firms. Of the more than 1,000,000 new ventures created in 2016 in the USA, and the approximately one TRILLION dollars that went into venture FUNDINGS – less than 1% took place from venture firms. The Venture funding was primarily funding proof of concept ventures with BALANCE SHEET rounds funded. Almost 100% of raw concept venture’s seeking core seed round were REJECTED by professional venture firms who are not a MARKET for first round pre-proof of concept funding as a general guideline.

However, the start-up industry is changing with the expansion of crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter, helping to level the playing field. A recent study from the University of California at Berkeley states that crowdfunding financing is now accessible outside of the traditional startup and technological landscape, with even the restaurant industry jumping into the crowdfunding action.


Crowdfunding Platform Expansion Leads to Nationwide Innovation job creation and economic growth in community unmatched from the professional venture industry. Increasingly the professional venture industry is exploring subsidiary expertise in their own crowdfunding sector as this new industry explodes with growth.

Still, founders can not market their securities to investors outside FINRA approved Portals of which less than a dozen exist in the world today. CEO SPACE ranked by Forbes online and INC Magazine in TWO PUBLICATIONS in January – as the top ranked business conference in the world – place our highest endorsement for FINRA reviewed  PORTAL . Although SPROWTT management can not make the claims we set forth here – it is our opinion at CEO SPACE that SPROWTT is a decade more advanced in software and legal compliance automation protecting issuers and investors maximally, within a digital automation that makes breach of exemption regulations at state and federal levels so much less unlikely for both.

The AUTOMATED COMPLIANCE the founders of SPROWTT have built into the software lead the industry in our opinion which is why CEO SPACE suggests SPROWTT exclusively to our CEO CLIENTS considering a REG D 506 C round of funding or a first Crowd Funding SEED ROUND. We encourage our VENTURE institutional firms, brokerage clients, and law firm customers to explore SPROWTT as the industry leader, and in our opinion maximum LIABITY SHEDDING PORTAL SITE in this new industry sector globally.


Crowdfunding appeals to entrepreneurs and investors looking for a different tribe. Since many venture capitalists (VCs) finance people and ideas similar to their own, women and minority entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from crowdfunding expansion outside of the normal VC region. Also, VENTURE FIRMS waste your time and their time when they review raw concept IP plans without a balance sheet funding in place and a proof of concept to the development phase appropriate when seeking venture investing. A growing number of VENTURE FIRMS send their rejections to CEO SPACE where we help groom the firm for their later participation success as a partnership with VENTURE FIRMS. Our thirty-year success record speaks oceans to VENTURE FIRMS as does our top FORBES online and INC rankings in 2017 as a leader in this stage of exploding industry.

CEO SPACE CAPITAL SKILLS TRAINING is the # 1 ranked capital program in the world for CEO’s raising enormous sums, as well as early stage venture’s raising their first round. The next skill acquisition program under the new laws is March 12th in Orlando Florida at CEO SPACE first of five events this year. CEO’s seeking capital will come to this event from all over the world. For capital CEO’s become current and have such an easier process with the secret knowledge in their possession, which this blog can only be wading pool place the reader inside of. If you are raising capital – we so invite you to join CEO SPACE March 12th.


The study from UC Berkeley identified specific regions where the majority of financing from VCs are concentrated noting that less than 1% of ventures are funded by such firms. The average funding was  The study analyzed data from 55,0005 Kickstarter campaigns and 17,493 venture capital investments that were similar in activities.


The researchers in this one study mapped the successful campaigns and financing from 2009 to 2015. The market in 2016 and 2017 is changing more than at any time in 100 years.


What the researchers found was that the Kickstarter campaigns ( source funding or prepaid pre-made findings for a product service or charity )  originated from all across the country and from areas not typically financed through venture capitalism. This includes the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle.


It is important to note that the FTC is examining full disclosure on websites in the future, where the 99% of promoters raise less than $ 500 dollars and are by % not the ratio to success. CEO SPACE has a % of success for venture founders at a ratio of from 65% to 87% depending on the industry category.


Venture capitalism was responsible for the financing of entrepreneurial firms in highly concentrated narrow areas and more advanced stages of development versus pure start-ups. As much as 50 percent of all VC financing concentrates in only four counties within Silicon Valley and Boston as sources for the capital.


The study took into account the relative intensity of the new source funding and even newer 2016 after the study –  crowdfunding platform and venture capital funding in each region. Using this formula, the researchers could account for the differences in population and other factors that might skew the results.

The study did not detail the number of venture offers – almost all in source funding versus equity capitalizations – where – the offer to success versus failure was reported. A key statistic missing from this 2015 study.

Crowdfunding laws came into effect from the SEC nationally in the USA in May 2016. The first accredited classes on the new laws have been offered by CEO SPACE with leading security law firms assisting including attorneys with substantial staff experience at the SEC on a faculty.


The researchers found that areas with Kickstarter investments ( pre-buying items not yet made – source funding )  were located away from venture capitalist funding which is largely equity or debt funding models. For example, in the Bay area, VC funding is primarily focused in San Francisco and the Peninsula, but Kickstarter funding concentrates in Marin and Napa counties.

If you live elsewhere the study shows you are in a capital drought – unless you have THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE as to how to engage CROWD FUNDING or the NEW LAW to develop equity capitalization into your projects. New law relaxes general solicitation rules which assist larger funder’s as well.


According to the researchers of this isolated university’s study of data to 2015,  the results could show an inequality in entrepreneurial funding in regions. In areas with Kickstarter technology campaigns, the study found that venture capitalist funding increased as VCs find these new ideas attractive.

Said in the way that makes the data more clear, consider this logic tree. As this new industry matures, the less than 1% that have MONEY behind the launch – and win – and have success numbers – now become a more attractive target for VENTURE FUNDING. So NOW venture firms watch as one new channel the CROWD Confirmations – that this or that – IS successful in the market as a risk reducer to fund new ventures versus venture direct submissions lacking such risk moderation. Though these are very few deals in a year – a handful on each platform perhaps.

CEO SPACE believes the source funding industry is new and rapidly expanding such that geo footprints – are rapidly expanding from the data reported in this one isolated study. A first


Other Crowdfunding and SOURCE FUNDING  Platforms Expanding as this new market from the equity May 16th laws – and the earlier SOURCE FUNDING trend is simply globally EXPLODING.


The six-year study data from this first but isolated from UC Berkeley focused on Kickstarter as the crowdfunding platform, but others are expanding their reach across the country in hopes of reviving the entrepreneurial legacy while stimulating the economy and supporting charities.

Readers are invited to note that CROWD FUNDING is a legal term defined by the Congress of the United States and signed into LAW under the JOBS ACT of 2012 – which became effective in May 2016 with SEC REGULATORY FRAMEWORK. The legal term CROWD FUNDING applies to:

1. SEX REGULATED and STATE REGULATED new law making it easier to raise equity capital into ventures starting up or expanding their job creation and growth using the capital to do so.

2. Debt funding to achieve the same mission with relaxed rule sets.

3.. Convertible debt to equity securities.


The SOURCE FUNDING of pre-selling something that does not exist is often called CROWD FUNDING prior to the MAY 16th release of SEC LEGAL CROWD FUNDING REGULATIONS but is NOT CROWD FUNDING under the law. Source funding is SOURCE FUNDING and is NOT REGULATED BY THE SEC. SOURCE FUNDING is regulated by consumer protection agencies of the Federal Gov and States. NO ONE HAS YET REQUIRED SOURCE FUNDING PLATFORMS TO REPORT THEIR REAL RESULTS which CEO SPACE defines as 99% marginal promotions that lose money over cost raising $ 500.00 or less on average with a tiny % raising any larger sum and 99.7% raising larger successful funding.

The first platforms like KICK STARTERS  do such a MASSIVE VOLUME already that they report their SUPER WINS and they are impressive and are creating the huge impact on a community. UC Berkley defined in a six-year window look into SOURCE FUNDING that – the wins are geographically limited and a VENTURE DROUGHT exist to most of the US 50 states from this form of new SOURCE FUNDING.

CEO SPACE notes that the SOURCE FUNDING PLATFORMS are increasingly better training their membership since 2015 and an ever greater percentage are winning. It is our conclusion that may not be inclusive of all the data to be totally accurate but in general apply the following to SOURCE FUNDERS:

1. Source funders need to stimulate with MONEY and LAUNCH CIRCLES to their own lists – enough promotion and repetition to exceed $ 100,000 of CORE SOURCE FUNDING at launch to trigger

2. The algorithm’s that the SOURCE FUNDERS use to preclude showing their CROWD versus the issuer – the crowd – that now demonstrating the issuer CROWD IS buying the offer – that 15% of the SOURCE CROWD Can now see the offer.

3. IF the 15% buys in the same ratio the launch into the issuer CORE CROWD created – continues the % will open from 15% to every higher percentage of the entire SOURCE CROWD until you have a SUPER WIN.

Said another way – if you chose a SOURCE FUNDING PROMOTION design enough money – PUBLIC PR – and continued launch round push – SUPER PUSH AT LAUNCH _ to assure the SOURCE FUNDING triggers to OPEN to their CROWD are realized and even then continue your PR to assure that % widen’s and holds to a SUPER SUCCESS. CEO SPACE teaches this model to our SOURCE FUNDERS who do better than average with this secret knowledge for the new industry. Which makes sense of course – or the SOURCE FUNDER says KICKSTARTER one of our CEO SPACE Favorites along with INDYGOGO – which carry our highest recommendation – do not BURN THEIR CROWD with failed promotion models the crowd will not buy.

Spread the word on this information which helps everyone.

The UC University report also conveyed data in its reporting that:

GoFundMe recently acquired CrowdRise to expand fundraising initiatives for charities. GoFundMe processed the transactions for CrowdRise during 2016, and the platform raised $100 million each month and grew 300 percent year-over-year. The acquisition increases the opportunities for social fundraising and charity fundraising. Still, the data failed to include the % of total promotions to SUPER SUCCESS in the 100 million which is vastly small % of total fundings on these platforms in our experience to date.

The Federal Government is considering RULES for this new industry where the SOURCE FUNDING PLATFORM would be required at some future date to REPORT the % of these totals on their website. CEO SPACE is encouraging the industry itself to report these statistics NOW and beat the new RULES as a consumer protection leadership. In either event, more consumer protection in a new industry is coming and will be helpful.


Other crowdfunding platforms that small businesses and entrepreneurs are using include Indiegogo, Fundable and RocketHub. Indiegogo launched in 2008 and announced in 2016 that it has added equity crowdfunding to open the door for small investors. However, CROWD FUNDING or equity funding must be offered only on FINRA approved and SEC REGULATED portal sites and any offer not on such regulated sites remains ILLEGAL. We believe the mature sites will use SPROWTT or license SPROWTT as the site is more advanced than they presently can provide and fully patented worldwide as the ultimate consumer protection offered in the market today again in our CEO SPACE considerable experience as the oldest largest small business growth model in the world today as ranked by Forbes online and Inc Magazine in 2017.


Fundable is an Ohio-based crowdfunding platform that attracts accredited investors for entrepreneurial businesses, such as InstaHealthy USA. Always check with FINRA to make sure that you are dealing with a LEGAL PORTAL as the liability to YOU as the issuer of equity is GREAT if you engage an NON FINRA APPROVED PORTAL which states and FINRA are shutting down as fast as they spring up in a brand new industry area. Check with the SEC at SEC.GOV or call the SEC CROWD FUNDING DESK before you take action is a good best practice today for the issuer seeking REAL CROWD FUNDING.


RocketHub offers traditional donation fundraising as well as equity-based crowdfunding through the ELEQUITY Funding platform and Bankroll Ventures.


Now entrepreneurial startups in smaller cities and rural areas have a chance to develop and share their ideas with crowdfunding platforms. Not long ago it was determined that U.S. entrepreneurship was at a 40-year low, but this may soon change.


The American entrepreneurial spirit still exists, it just needs a little financial help from its tribe.

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So I just got done speaking at Chamber of Commerce and to business leaders all over the NORTH EAST last week. The NEWS in the US is dominated by FAKE NEWS about Trump this or that which in my opinion has no weight on policy. The congress and other legal factors will determine what is real long term policy and Presidential Order’s don’t mean all that much in the long term really. The MEDIA MASTER dominates the news the real events continue to unfold.

Greece has been warned by the IMF in financial speak they about to pull the plug. Why? The IMF has warned Greece possibly for the last time, that, their debt is not sustainable. Public debt as it is with rising interest costs will become by 220 almost 300% of Greek income. Time is not helpful. Default now or default later. The result is Greece leaves the EU and the EU is wiped out of billions in Greek Debt. Other EU nations follow.

The head of the EU said the “demise of the EU as a valid long-term currency is premature” which means – the leadership has no way out – they are in panic – they made it all public to calm the run out of the EU – as everyone IN THE EU can see that the EU is about to crash burn and fail. Nation after nation can’t pay their public debt. The aging of their populations makes it all but impossible.

As I have written since the 1990’s as an economist – the EU is toast – economically the EU is a building in a firestorm where its founders never built in fire escapes. There are none. The EU is burning to the GROUND FOLKS.

But before all that the accelerant to the EU demise will be CHINA. China will come first. Why? Communism is a failed economic model or system to operate nations within. This has been so documented that anyone that try’s communism is repeating a form of economic insanity.

In China’s case, with the best human intentions, the problem is that over ten short years China has gone from over 25% annual GNP to 5.6 GNP last year ( they say it’s 1% higher but that number is a lie ). So imagine a graph on a flip chart that goes down from the upper top to the floor on the wall off the flip chart with no let up and the bottom is picking up speed.

What does picking up speed mean?

  1. China leaders are in a panic and they are making wrong not right choices.
  2. There is a run on CHINA trillions of dollars are leaving forever in manufacturing buying investing and the phony communist currency totally manipulated where China is investing its last reserves to support its currency from a super crash but they can’t stop it.
  3. China is only afloat at all as an economy avoiding global SUPER CRASH by communism lies and spending a debt 300% more than China earns. Debt can’t sustain economics and as time passes the debt BOMB will explode.
  4. China aging and birth policy leave a population that is declining. More are dying in the future than being born. Far more workers are older and retiring and by 2020 the economics become CRITICAL. There is no way to fix this demographic as the communist one child policy over years is now the economic curse we all knew it would become – it is here today. No way to support growth in Gov income to pay the soaring debts and maintain the worker conumser economy.
  5. Economically China and the Communists failed and a billion people in China are going to be led into war and largely slaughtered to protect the communists in power through lies and public manipulations the final gasp of communism since the 1700’s. No change ..none.

So China’s debt bomb has its own acceleration. DONALD TRUMP. At a time that China is dying financially – a trade war with the USA is catastrophic. Threatening the USA is a joke. Again let’s look at the economics.

The real USA economic GNP globally considerating all factors range from 15  to 23 trillion annually. The China GNP is a lie number of 5.5 trillion. Russia is 1.3 trillion. Japan is now 5.6 trillion and growing and once again the NUMBER TWO ECONOMY and China has fallen behind THEM. Indonesia the world’s Fouth Largest Economy and India are about tied at 5.2 Trillion and both will go ahead of China in the coming three years. China has been in decline for ten years. Russia failing to diversify under 14 years of Putin into an ENTREPRENEUR NATION staying a PETRO ECONOMY has slid from 5.7 Trillion in annual GNP to sanction 1.3. Putin and communism have failed. As an economic and the only tool they have remaining is the war which is always their final gasp.

Now comes TRUMP who gets the economics. Trump has a full house. The others have two five ‘s. Do you hold them or fold them folks. What do YOU THINK?

Now TRUMP is super ramping up his already so advanced military you can not imagine it. Star wars work and is a high energy particle weapon system that is not only defensive it is offensive. Weapons you have never seen or heard about are in the US arsenal. From EMP weapons you can not imagine to cyber weapons you can.

A trade war with CHINA? China is the tail of the dog economically. America IS THE DOG. Good dog.

You can not argue with these math numbers.

Trump has a debt bomb of his own to manage. 20 Trillion in debt the USA will step into this year. With rising interest cost the 20 trillion left unattended to will cripple the USA. We envision many options given the USA cash flow and GNP. One is the option we have written about here for years.

I am known in beltway circles as the economist FATHER OF THE SUPER BOND and SUPER BOND THEORY. How does the SUPER BOND WORK? Well, I’ll write about THAT separately. SUPER BONDS are a new class of bond that assets sovereign debt for the world as it gives us all a way out of world war.

Gorbachev the Nobel Peace Prize leader told us in his 80’s last week – that the world leaders are now planning for world war. Why? Economic realities I’m writing about here in your blog. There is no way out. SUPER BONDS is the one and the only option. If adopted fast enough SUPER BOND theory can reset the world economically. If not world war is the other more traditional option.

85% of the SUPER WEALTHY it was reported last week are buying retreats with food weapons and bets the social order will fold in on itself. They who lead at the top can’t see a way out of the more traditional issue – world war. It is all economic. The SUPER WEALTHY GET IT but they don’t have a creative option out. That must come from my tribe of investment banker economists.

The DOOMSDAY CLOCK of scientists and economists was reset last week for the first time since 1954 and its inception to TWO MINUTES FROM MIDNIGHT or the end of humanity and society as we know it today. Read about it. The data never lies.

So what do everyday folks do? You stay ahead of information. You read this blog. You subscribe and you peak in weekly and update yourself. When it heats up you read daily. I’ll tell YOU and the every day tribe what to do to remain safe in the worst of it. This blog will provide a SAFE HARBOR when it seems like there is none available.

Last week President TRUMP closed the USA for immigration. Like a curtain came over the USA. This will be a trend to hire internal to the USA and the USA economy is going to soar. Trump is likely to raise taxes, ultimately, as economics soar taking folks off subsidiary unemployment and food stamps and having those same millions including those in prison for nonviolent minor crimes from using tax dollars and now paying taxes and reducing the debt in the USA. We’ll see if economics prevail or SUPER BONDS reset it all FIRST in the USA. They are talking about my invention of SUPER BONDS now and that ripple is unstoppable because it is the ONLY OPTION in economics remaining.

So Jan ended busy. THE IMF and WORLD BANK issued huge 2017 Debt warnings to the EU and to China as credit ratings for nations from Turkey to North Korea went down again. This raises their borrowing cost and social unrest equation.

DEBT is now the driver toward currency SUPER CRASH and world war. Some nations are in german inflation already as they knew it pre world war II where it takes a wheelbarrow of money to buy dinner at a restaurant. The number of nations with 100% or more annual inflation is soaring. All nations are moving into global inflation. The USA is inflating. Japan is inflating. China is deflating.

Follow the economics and you can see with 20/20 vision.

I’ve told you all GET OUT OF “THE MARKET” and move into diversified insurance investment through 2020. Fail to explore that option at your own peril. President Trump in trying to make America Great again will preside over an American economic recession and DEBT IN AMERICA will consume the Congress who write the checks.

Last week America was downgraded into a failed democracy for the first time. Now, thats a sad day not a GREAT DAY.

The president made no comment or tweet on what we feel was THE NEWS we as a people should wish to repair and fix first.

The crises worldwide is one word. INTEGRITY.

Fix integrity and we fix everything.

In my opinion folks ..always in my opinion with due respect for yours.

Berny Dohrmann – Home with my Birthday Girl September and the kid’s yahoo


PS: FEB 7th I”m having a simple home day – working and Chicken OSGOSH which I personally love and my wife will make for me and the kids love and we’ll watch a movie together – thats my idea of a GREAT BIRTHDAY – simple. The good times.



Both competitive capitalism and communism are flawed and imperfect box top rules for economic management. A system model we the people can do so much better THAN. We can evolve COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as outlined in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon if YOU wish to JOIN a global revolution to change failed economic rule sets over the past 5000 years that always lead to the trade war and world war.

Communism is the leadership of most shame. Communism creates an elite that is not responsible to the people. They lie to stay in power and the lies mount up. They keep their own people from the truth and they will not allow the world press in – they control media and they control click power. The people are lied to- manipulated and don’t know the truth. They should have rage for their leadership not other nations.

If you know a mainland Chinese try and get this blog to them but GOOD LUCK it is almost impossible.

So China will revolt. China will have a SUPER CRASH and possibly start world war III if they have no already digitally. Read BRAD THOR’s BOOKS or read Kevin Freeman’s nonfiction works GAME PLAN and THE SECRET WEAPON.

You’ll see with data.

So China had ten years ago a GNP of 25% which was a lie.

The GNP over ten years has declined. The DOWN GRAPH is like a ten year pure down graph that breaks the chalk at the bottom and continues on the wall versus the white board to the floor. And the numbers are a lie.

This weekend China’s leadership of shame admitted the GNP numbers are lie. Have been a lie. Confirming what WE ECONOMISTS have been telling YOU for years on this blog. The numbers reported by COMMUNISTS are lies. The system lies. Its not the individuals fault. It is a flawed system model.

So 25% to less than 5% in ten years. What do YOU call THAT? You call that a CRASH. You call that THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL FAILURE IN 2000 YEARS. You call that a stage for REVOLUTION. You call that a BANKRUPT NATION.

So you have a nation driving jobs by borrowing over 300% more than they earn, every single year. Earn 1 dollar spend 300 dollars in debt year after year after year. Eventually, the bankrupt 1000’s upon 1000’s of state-run banks, financial institutions, and business bankruptcies can not be LIED ABOUT and the reporting they are all good loans, performing loans ( a huge lie ) catches up to you economically. When this happens the run on your bank – all the MONEY all the INVESTMENT just running out of your nation – all the manufacturers moving to India, Viet Name, Taiwan, and Bangladesh and Indonesia never to return to CHINA – all the capital moving too – never to return – you can not turn that around. THE IMF and WORLD BANK noted there would be a time when it just too late for the Communist leadership of shame – and we are now at that time. The only way they govern today with 11% communist party membership and 89% no longer party members – is by LIES.


How is that honorable?

Their currency is crashing.

Their economic is crashing.

Their economic model has failed utterly. The world knows this.

They can not afford their military.

They can not afford their debt.

They can not pay for their highest aging demographic population % on earth – they can not.

They are BANKRUPT today and China is BANKRUPT tomorrow.

Those who invest in CHINA TODAY will lose their ass. Remember I told you YESTERDAY IS TOO LATE TO GET OUT OF CHINA.

They squandered their wealth and opportunity by failing to adopt a COOPERATIVE CAPITALLITIC REFORM MODEL and moving out of COMMUNISM itself. It does not work.

The ONE CHINA POLICY is a joke. Taiwan under treaty protection with the USA does not want to trade down like HONG KONG into a FAILED BOX TOP RULE SET and politically move into a rule of liars and dishonor. China wants the multi-billion dollar economy TAIWAN represents as a LEADERSHIP OF HONOR taken over by a leadership of shame – which is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

China GNP the real GNP is under 4 trillion dollars a year fully adjusted and debt adjusted. They are no longer the second largest economy. The Economic real GNP direct and offshore and indirect is:

23 Trillion annual GNP – USA 13 domestic

5.2 Trillion Japan

5.19 EU

5.1 Trillion Indonesia

5.0 Trillion India


4.9 Trillion China

Russia 1.3 Trillion down from 5.4 when Putin took power 14 years ago another COMMUNIST FAILED MODEL OF A LEADERSHIP OF SHAME IN RUSSIA

Communism – it is not personal – it just sucks as an economic system – it always fails over 300 years always – and it never matches capitalism – never – and it enslaves its people – the elites consolidate all wealth – it is so inefficient – and the leadership always lies to the people controlling media – it is utterly an obsolete system model and the click world knows it – the leadership of shame can no longer control these clicks and blogs they just can not. All the PEOPLE want is a better more integrity driven system of laws. That is all.

Communism needs to be abaandoned like a SNAKE SKIN as those advancing communism are a form of insanity. Continuing to advocate a proven failed system model is insane. The only motivation is personal greed and power.COMMUNISM as an economic system is not valid, and people under it suffer needlessly – see VENUZUELA for a look into your own crystal ball of pain in China RUSSIA and others. COMMUNISM sucks in a digital world.

I see CHINA as the cause of economic contagion, SUPER CRASH, most of TRUMP”s future pain, and anxiety, and world war III just to take the attention of the leadreship from the people who if the people really knew the truth about the lies – they would revolut and kill the 11% communists – which they know so well. The RED ARMY would kill them.

While I wish for a bloodless move to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM how does a leadership without integrity revise a system of lies into a system of honor? How does an eltie making billions stop and reform itself to circulate wealth to the entire system? How does the most corrupt nation become the most corrupt free nation and can it be done? Has it ever been done?

Not without a revolution. Not ever.

So I have dim hope for what comes when a communist economic system is totally  bankrupt and now operating on deception which it even admits itself.

Can you trust China numbers.

If you do you invest at your own peril.

Trump will get mixed intel on China from his experts. Will he have enough real data to make best choices for AMERICA? China holds a couple of aces. America holds a full house at the table. If the USA hiccups China experiences a financial tsunami.

China XI said at DAVOS in so many frauds we can no longer count them up – holding his poker hand of a BLUFF – that NO ONE WILL WIN IN A TRADE WAR.

Look at the math numbers again. China has x % of its trade dependant on the USA. The USA has nothing dependant on China. If the USA moves back to USA manufacturiing CHINA already in the greatest sinking down bubble of any nation in 1000 years for over a decade – with everything in nation over priced manipulated in price from Real Estate to all asset classes – the only outcome is SUPER CRASH and decades of DEFLATION and DEPRESSION in China as a consequence of COMMUNIST credit abuse of economics 101.

The USA in the trade war with CHINA simply ends CHINA. There is a winner. The WORLD.

China has raped the world in unfair trade dealings that could have forged stable long-term economics. This requires cooperation versus competition. Communists do not cooperate fairly they compete. It is the nature of their failed box top rule system. Communism is tested and proven not to work economically.

Engaging Communism as a political-economic system is a form of insanity in 2017 for any people with historic education. Nothing personal.

Investors are wary of the fist 100 TRUMP days. The new world order is about to move. The old model of letting the USA languish versus flourish in its economic success and world superpower dominance is about to accelerate again. The model of diminishing the USA is over.

Those who wish to wake up and see the truth will need to join the COOPERATIVE REVOLUTION as economically, the failed models are going to become dish rags the world see’s as soiled and beyond cleaning – we must throw such failed models out with the soiled dishwater. IT IS TIME FOR COMMUNISM and the misery it inflicts upon the peoples suppressed in such system models to GO. To truly be eliminated.

WE CAN DO BETTER than competitive capitalism and its elitism and we can do better than failed communism and its elites. WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE REAL PROGRESS on economic re – sets by inspired world leaders.

FOLKS the old model is shedding like a snakeskin and not without pain worldwide.

BUT HERE IT COMES get ready. I’d stay ahead at CEO SPACE March 12th or you are likely to remain so behind and left behind in the dust of history.