As gold goes into the RED first time in a long number of years wiping out all gains for the year – not what experts said at the start of the year. Although GOLD may go down further not a bad time to buy GOLD at year inside the dip.

Stocks once the 20,000 record is reached will seem like they are going to 40,000. Then the correction we said will be before Jan 20th and Spring at the latest – since what – why since last SUMMER – will occur. As we dream of sugar-plumb fair/s

While hosting CEO SPACE – full – hotel sold out – guests from Estonia, Spain, ISREAL, Africa, Australia, Asia, nine countries in all – wall to wall full – billionaires walking around with millionaires, some already leaving for Vietnam and Laos, full in their wallets with new customers and profits. It cost you not to be on site but you just did not know that.

While we deliver this product through the weekend we were ranked Number 1 by INC MAG in their top 7 Business Conferences for 2017 – so Forbes and INC and leading in the world YEAR after YEAR on quality and customer results.

We begin our Holidays with our Children next week and send you all such affection for your year end Holiday.

China has had a solid November within a real estate tilt that is never ending. More and more currency controls to stop the run out of the BANK OF CHINA are taking place. Currency reserves have gone DOWN 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS this year – like the money was burned. No value economically. CHINESE COMMUNIST PLANNERS bet – and they lost. One third of their wealth estate that took 25 years to build – lost in less than 25 months. Those leaders are who everyone is following blindly off an economic cliff.

China has two options:

  1. Seriously devalue their currency against the world – which may and MAY is in all caps, stop the run of capital out of China accelerating with solid dollar values and US INTEREST rates rising like a rocket. Safe real and higher returns.
  2. Free float their currency – another way they can devalue.

Either way my note earlier this year it was political and criminal economically for the head of the IMF now on TRIAL IN FRANCE – to include the communist phony money in global trade settlements at the IMF. They are already so red faced being suckered in that they can’t see the wall any more and the next devaluation will make them seem ridiculous and marginal in framing GLOBAL POLICY economically.

As SUPER CRASH hits the IMF will become a chicken running around the world with its head cut off holding CHINESE MONEY for any taker to see as if it had value.

So China is in a communist ( as 100% of communist nations progress into ) ECONOMIC DEATH SPIRAL. The Debt Bubble in China will destroy the nation. All the XI men’s and all of XI’s soldiers will NOT BE ABLE to put china’s economy back together again. The land and water are polluted there is no money to clean it up. GNP is falling . There is a run on the nation ..out at every level.

XI is removing freedom, going backward on state controls of speech, law, locking up dissent, at any level, money controls, market controls, putting folks in jail who don’t do what their told, and locking up those that suggest that policy is not the best. Reform? That all stopped when XI came in.

The problem as in Saudi with McKinesey, 100 million spend in bad advice. They leaders DO NOT KNOW “WHAT” to do economically. NONE HAVE INTEGRATED PLANS that have a prayer to work. Bad advice is delaying solutions and bad advice is making everything worse.

Watching such predictable waste of time and money is painful.

Meanwhile, we have had teams from CEO SPACE on two sides of the TRUMP Transition TEAM this week. One side is working with URBAN RENEWAL agendas at the top. The other is working with ENTREPRENEUR Fast track agenda’s at the top to get those details done.

We have also had folks working with FINRA on portal regulations, and the SEC on rule 147 A and Crowd Funding evolutionary regulatory frame work in the USA. We just taught the most advanced education class on the new rules in 2016 for capital raisers in the venture space.

So it has been a busy week. Have to go back to it and we’ll keep a light on just for you.

Berny Dohrmann



CHINA 2017


After a four-year absolute deflation cycle with Chinese currency at an eight-year nonstop plunge in world value, and still failing, inflation has returned this year. Can it remain, though?

China is fueled by debt. 300% of income annually. This is not sustainable.

A housing bubble is not sustainable to show GNP at 6.7% which adjusted to real economics is actually down to 5%.

China has lost 1 trillion dollars of its reserves going backward trying to support unprofitable state-run organizations for stability at all cost.

Nonperforming loans at Chinese banks are soaring. The state wants to swap these bad never to repaid loans for stock. This is not a fix. They must be written off which will shock the world.

As the currency plunges with no end in sight and China fuels stability with massive debt the model is no longer sustainable. This creating a RUN out of CHINA at an alarming pace. As the factories come back into higher production the smog is now rising to record pollution toxic levels beating world setting records of the past.

XI is consolidating absolute power and returning to old tried and failed currency controls and other military tactics to stop the run of capital out of the nation which never works for any nation.

China past all the propaganda is in the final stage of a failed economy what we economists call an absolute DEATH SPIRAL.

The world is very nervous as last gasp economics typically distract the people with war and violence.

We will have to see but XI fighting to keep China’s head above water has a long way to go in his ten year head of everything as China’s dictator in effect.

Communism is a failed economic model.

Which in the end is the core issue?

Berny Dohrmann – Praying for My Many Chinese friends and business owners


PS: If the Chinese hiccup the global rally becomes a crash.



So cash-starved nations will cut back – if the political propaganda from OPEC the new global SITCOM becomes reality. Some points to keep in your mind as markets soar on OPEC weekend news their five of 14 as the rest did not even show up to the meeting – agree to marginal cutbacks:

  1. The cutbacks are from highs that when the cutbacks take place the world remains at the new SUPER HIGH output for everyone in OPEC over the top of FALLING DEMAND. There is too much oil. The world is drowning in oil folks.
  2. Those not part of OPEC over 50% of world production in and out of THE agreement ( if no one cheats and they always cheat for 50 years ) will now race – just race – to take market share from those cutting back.
  3. Production in Canada the USA and SOUTH AMERICA will soar now as they race to take MARKET SHARE away from the SITCOM of OPEC. They fired blanks this weekend which the market will figure out by Friday. UP then back down again.
  4. The world is in a long-term MARKET SHARE war and OPEC is an entertainment now versus a real force for influence and control on a supply demand marketplace.
  5. Cartels and Speculators have lost – and the new market is abundant oversupplied oil and who can get and keep MARKET SHARE today.

It’s funny to watch OPEC try to push oil uphill against gravity nature and supply demand economics.

It is funny to watch them try, though. But in securing MARKET SHARE coming into TRUMP are you KIDDING ME. Seriously? Really?

What an opportunity for all of the AMERICA’s and everyone knows it while they watch this OPEC installment of their sitcom. Opec is becoming a market JOKE folks.

And in 2017 Russia and others are not about to lose market share – they just will not. OPEC has been suckered in and the big loser is going to BE SAUDI who just can’t afford those losses. This is the last bluff and all the chips are moving to the MARKET SHARE big boys right now.

Here comes the belly laugh.

Economically speaking.

When POLITICS ( Opec ) attempts to push oil uphill with phony economics the reality of economics always wins. There is no going back to yesterday in oil markets.

It is a NEW MARKET SHARE DAY folks in the oil markets.

Buy into the dips sell into  the peaks.

That is my economics – you do it any old way you wish.

Berny Dohrmann – Fixed to the OPEC CHANNEL for the sheer laughter it causes me





Or they should be. We have reported why the FED is dead as serious policy influencer on markets and why over this year. The market has already factored in the FED RATE increase. It is a non-event. Without a policy change of magnitude which could always surprise us all ( real Fed Leadership we have not seen once from Chairwoman Yellin ) we do not see it.

One of my faculty is a lead highly paid the consultant to the FED. They don’t see it either.

The Yield Curve is the highest it’s been since last DEC again factoring by the market the FED as it is. Nothing new. Good for the market not being so affected by the FED WEDS meeting next week.

We see the FED year-end meeting as POLITICALLY SAFE the play Yellin selects as a totally SAFE Fed Leader versus a policy engineering inspired FED LEADER.

At 4.6% unemployment did the FED wait FAR too long to raise interest rates super heating the labor markets.

We think and growing bodies of experts join us in a resounding YES. The FED has missed the market windows since 2008 and caused more pain not less pain. It has been brutal to watch the botched options. Economically speaking.

WE are NOT FED FANS and believe the FED should be MERGED into US TREASURY and public firms should be reporting every six months in a digital age, not every month as in the pony express period. This would remove so much RISK and SPECULATION from the markets and provide FED transparency and Treasury oversight missing today.

One a high note our multi-year lobbying to install 100 Year SUPER BONDS to insert the asset of TIME into resetting sovereign nation debt is gaining traction. As the FATHER OF SUPER BOND THEORY the idea is to have all national debt in a NEW BOND CLASS – SUPER BONDS – limited to sovereign nations exclusively – couped to new infrastructure investment into restoring debt overall once and for all.

TIME as a missing asset mechanism, if engineered correctly, provides demographics and economics in 100 yaars to pay off:

  1. 100% of our national debt in 100 years with forward ease
  2. New infrastructure resources for nation building into the future – roads damns modernizing WIFI communication power grids and forward assets on terms and schedule that self-amortizes in taxes and 100-year repayment with ease.

All impossible without TIME inserted into those mixes. Then economically SUPER BONDS rebalance accounts world wide and resolve the debt bubble that destroys without SUPER BOND THEORY.

The US incoming TREASURER has it from some of our advice and advisors and now SUPER BONDS are becoming POLICY discussion. The WAY to change it all.

So with the Jobs ACT CEO, SPACE helped change the world. With SUPER BONDS we again have helped to change the world.

It all started here folks. It all started here.





Electronic Traded Funds are software controlled investments. They are structured assets. They are largely unregulated. There is none of the normal market clearing and regulated market controls in this space. It has been the largest runup of wealth in modern times. Electronic Traded funds are liquidity crises in the making under this new test category in word markets.

The 100’s of billions flowing in are a world systemic test. The WORLD BANK and IMF have said unregulated ETF new markets – structured assets like SUB PRIME MARKETS – seek to take money from higher priced MANAGED FUNDS with people and regulations over your money. They caution the market could SUPER CRASH because of ETF market abuse.  A premium for the core asset when investing everyone forgets about – LIQUIDITY.

In 2008 and the crash years the then tiny ETF market broke down and zero LIQUIDITY. Sellers could not find buyers. Software is not going to help. In 2017 the LIQUDITY GAP has risen to a level the world has never seen and the smart short selling super funds know this. They are pouncing next year. Another reason to be cautious.

This is all new. Untested in crises. No one has the answers only untested theories. The smarty pants creating these theories reach management who say always – alrighty then that sounds good. Because THEY are making SO much MONEY. In SUBPRIME everyone said – how could this have happened. Why didn’t management know the risk mountain they climbed? They did know. They just blame danced out of it for greed. Trust me.

They know now.

The short seller market is now entering ETF. Fortunes will be made as ETF liquidy explodes and there is none. Save for the SHORT SELLING buying LOW and selling HIGH. Smart plan for super bucks. The BIG ONE larger in opportunity than SUBPRIME in our opinion and growing at a crazy unregulated pace. THE SEC has rung alarm bells but in the new digital global markets local regulators simply can not police the cloud trades where all the action takes place without new laws. Regulations are local the real trading is now outside regulation in the cloud. BLACKROCK and CARLYLE with some 50% of trillions in ETF – look again folks – balance your trades with your own short moves. NOW. I should think. Before your on the wrong side. Again

So we tell you watch ETF markets closely. WE are.
Berny Dohrmann – Telling you first and telling you hear – duck !