So for ten days being inside a Florida Hospital ISOLATION WARD for explosive pneumonia and flu ( extreme flu where they come in wearing hazmat suits ) was fun. Christmas in Federal Prison was better. I was screaming from the pulmonary pain with each a cough so they gave my Tyrol. It was intense. This is the first day in ten I feel 65%. So to my Holiday readers, I apologize though as you know markets are SLOW and trading is tepid as the big guns are like TIM at Apple having their nephew just peak in on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE as he did while on vacation in New York City. HE did say Apple had a great holiday season without any indicator on numbers.

Today it was reported Apple again lost new start cell phone MARKET SHARE and SAMSUNG gained in new activations of overall market share. This was and is troubling in the market because Samsung lost their case against Apple, showing crime DOES PAY – and they had a year of SAMSUNG GALAXY 7 NIGHTMARE EXPLOSIONS AND RECALLS and they still beat Apple on new start market share? They did NOT loose ground? This means the market for gadgets cares about only features and could care less how ethical or moral the feature market thief might be in the world. This is NEW FOLKS.

Now to be sure new activations is NOT SALES. Apple is:

  1. Sold OUT of iPhone 7’s
  2. Sold OUT of IWATCH’s ( mine is on back order )
  3. Sold OUT Of ear pods

So we await those all important numbers. We told you in the dip BUY APPLE STOCK as much as you could a rare breach of our move to all cash and get out of the markets altogether.

We have reported and reported the TRUMP RALLY is a FOOLS RALLY built on nothing at all. NOTHING. Now we have data we reported as predictions coming in:

  1. Interest is now a head wind for existing home sales which surprisingly pulled back as we suggested would take place.
  2. Oil inventory today surprised expert market watchers as US inventory ROSE In the middle of storms and winter demand. Upward price for oil has the breaks on it.
  3. Shale oil is now the winner of OPEC phony price jaw boning – where NO ONE IS CUTTING BACK and the glut is expanding – but NOW market share will shift even more to THE AMERICA”s as CHINA seeks to deal away from OPEC and court TRUMP favors. For self-survival.
  4. The Chinese currency broke the 7000 yuan barrier – the Chinese lashed out globally this was not true – which means it is true as the YUAN is down to an 8 year low against the dollar and about to plunge even more.
  5. China now doubled its currency basket ( its panic way to further confuse the market on Yuan market price globally ) which is not fooling anyone.  A nation borrowing 300% of its earnings each year is not healthy and the international bodies give China a CRASH due to DEBT over the coming 36 months – which is economic – historic and nothing personal. Just failed communist economics as seen over 300 years of failed socialism economics – a theory that can not work and does not work or self-correct. Nothing personal or political just economics.

More people rise up in other systems. The best seems to be the UAE. The boss gets the advice. Decision’s get made. Things get done. Democracy appears to be to slow in the world today and communism is like going in reverse. A system of public support for Kings and Dictators seems more effective. More a CORPORATE accountability for nations than a political extension of older models. Perhaps we can evolve a better form for everyone without the rigged system models?

The major players in the market are going to see that:


  1. The market is hideous over priced.
  2. The multiples are insane.
  3. Trump is going to have serious head winds for a long time in 2017.
  4. The market is going to self-correct sharply as I noted it would following the full run of the FOOLS RALLY.
  5. The ETF markets and the world debt instabilities will become the seeds of a future SUPER CRASH.

Until then the party goes on. Consumer confidence is a record high. Business confidence is high but pulled back a bit at year end.

The fear index has peaked at the low and is slowly rising again. Watch the VIX. You’ll see a record shift without warning.

The market will correct before Jan 20th.

The TRUMP ICHAN team furious with China hacking, legal theft, the rip-off of American jobs and economics has HAD IT. They now are discussing TRADE WAR WITH CHINA – just take the lump and get er done – better whack than wham. So with that model in mind if deals can’t be made, by the DEAL MAKER OF DEAL MAKERS – the TRADE WAR IS ON and China already in the toilet is going to LOSE. We are the buyer, not the seller. If we stop buying CHINA is out of any options as communist economics fails and Russia will BENEFIT as RUSSIA is not China’s friend. The USA is China’s friend IF China will play fair and by rule of law and stop their unfair trade wars – which having won so many economic battles are about to lose the economic war itself. TRUMPED.

The markets will be in disarray as this unfolds.

This is the climate your investing into.

Which is WHY we suggested going into 2017 you SELL HIGH ( now into all cash from bonds and stocks ) and you wait for the new LOW then buy back IN and make a fortune. Those who stay in and believe will be deceived. IT is all so historic.

Now you have the history book.

Hope this helps you look at your nation with fresh eyes. I’ll be in California at PSI WORLD SEMINARS head quarters Jan 3rd to 10th at WORLD FAMOUS HIGH VALLEY RANCH. One of my great healing spots. I will be in Romania speaking, in India speaking,  hoping for Israel on Peace plan consulting and speaking, and the GULF UAE this Spring if my buddy John Thorp’s meetings with Prince Mohamed all go well.

Plus New York on MODERN DAY MILLIONAIRE ( your all invited to that ) Jan 14th  – brrr.

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Wishing all my readers the most prosperous NEW YEAR with my thanks for your prayers healing me up.

Prayer works.

Berny Dohrmann CHAIRMAN – FORBES & INC MAG # 1 ranked business conference world wide in 2017 – just published