The markets, all of them, where hideously overpriced when this so called TRUMP RALLY which you read here we call a FOOLS RALLY sucked in grandma’s all over. Computer software betting against computer software is the occasion makes taking place today. Everyone is at the table paying no attention to fundamental economics or financial market history. Both would be wise to consider.

So as in all SILLY RALLY”s the herd the crowd stampedes for greed. Newton is disacknowledged and some bulls in the front of the heard suggest that new gravity now exists and what goes up will go up and then continue to go up. When the apple hits that cow on the head all you see behind him is bull shit.

As an investment banker economist,  it remains out opinion that following the REAGAN RALLY the market went down 20% his first time in office, is a pattern you should look to.

Another factor we see is China Debt exploding in 2017. The US Dollar rising places Communist Planners under XI in a financial prison cell block. They now see their loss of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of precious government cash, in the failed support of their currency, which has been crashing for two years.

Friday the YAUN crashed again – biggest one-day crash ever really and it only stopped because the markets CLOSED.

Then China grabs a military asset in the SOUTH CHINA SEA from the USA. This blast across the TRUMP BOW says – see what we can do – and let Obama show you the right way to respond because the wrong way is going to do more than rattle your chain pal. One day after Obama said Russia is a small puny little country, with 1.3 trillion dollars in GNP against our 20 trillion dollars in GNP fully adjusted ( China is only around 5 fully adjusted ). There is only one ROME today and America IS Rome.

So the Chinese Communist see their currency worth so much less today in the world, and the interest rising in the USA means a nation, financed entirely by 300% debt over $ 1.00 of income now has the soaring cost of debt with a phony money plunging in real value. So their options are: de-couple their currency and free float its exchange will devalue the currency, or they can massively devalue their currency, or they can keep supporting their currency. Next week is a big week in 4 X Markets and the world is watching China. Being on the wrong side of THAT bet is a serious miscalculation. Betting CHINA will come back is a serious miscalculation. Capital flight is accelerating and with FED policy that acceleration will VAM – velocity acceleration and momentum. The Communist will try to control it with increasingly tough crackdowns which itself will further accelerate RELOCATION of trade to other Asia communities with China being the serious loser.

Truly there is no way forward for Chian due to missed opportunities in the policy that are economically sound.

I have reported to you the one truth that matters: IF POLITICS LEAD ECONOMICS ALL PEOPLES LOSE IF ECONOMICS LEAD POLITICS ALL PEOPLES WIN. How sad knowing this leadership is insane.

So if you want to invest in the SUPER RALLY and bet that what goes up will always go up and you wish to bet it is SAFE and it is profitable to buy at all time market peaks and the market will reward YOU with ever new market peaks. It is not true and you will discover what is true. Be insane. It’s your money after all.

Me. I’m all cash waiting for the DIP ( the huge plunge of this roller coaster ). It is not far off now. In investmenting timelines it is all UP and over SO FAST looking back. Those that lack patience and discipline.

Just let me know – how do you like your blood in your bath – warm or chilly.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH on just for you